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Virtual Learning Environment _VLE_ Basics for Students in the


									                 Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
       Basics for Students in the School of English and Drama
QMUL’s current VLE is called CE6, and is supplied and supported by Blackboard. Your lecturers
and seminar leaders will probably use the VLE to run elements of your module online. Please use
this document to get you started with using the system.

Logging In
       •     To log in, go to
       •     Click on Log in to CE6
       •     Enter your College username and password, and click Log in (see below if you’re
             unsure of this information)
       •     You should now see My Homepage with the modules on which you’re enrolled listed
             under ‘Course List’
       •     Click on the module area you require in order to enter it, or access your Mail or
             Calendar using the icons towards the top-right of the screen

Your Username and Password
QMUL students are issued with usernames and passwords by IT Services as part of the initial
registration process at the start of the first year. You should keep this information safe (don’t tell
anyone your password!). Your username is also the first part of your College email address, and is
an alphanumeric string that will look something like this: le0123. You use this username to
access services like Webmail, ATHENS, CE6, and College computers.
If you forget your username and / or password, contact IT Services on the second floor of the
Queens Building, or email

Customising My Homepage
When you log on to the VLE, My Homepage displays your Course List and a range of other
information such as your Calendar and To Do List. You can modify the appearance of this page
using the ‘Layout’ and ‘Channel’ links in the top right-hand corner.
In My Grades you will receive notifications of new grades you have been given, as well as
information about your attendance and other administrative matters.  Do not under any
circumstances hide the My Grades box.
You can rearrange your list of module areas by clicking on the Edit icon next to ‘Course List’ (see
below) to open the Edit Course List page. You can also add useful web links under ‘Personal
Bookmarks’ by clicking on the grey arrow (also shown below).

Unless your module documentation specifies otherwise (e.g. in the case of performance based
assessments, assessed seminar presentations, etc.), you must always submit an identical e-copy
and hard copy of each assignment to the same deadline. To view the assignments that have
been set on a module, go into the module area and click on the Assignments button. On the
Inbox tab, click on the assignment title to view the official assignment instructions.
You make your submission by uploading files.        In the Submission section, click on the
Add Attachment button. Click on the My Computer icon to view the files on your computer
that you can upload. Browse for the file you want and click Open.
You have the opportunity to change the file you’ve uploaded before making your final submission.
To remove the file, click on the remove icon, or add a new one by clicking on the Add
Attachment button (as before). When you are ready to make your submission, click Submit. If
you do not do this, your assignment will not have been submitted.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the e-copy of your assignment is submitted, and
that the correct file is attached.
For further information, please see the Help Sheets under ‘Assignments’ on the support page for
English and Drama students at

Web Browser and Software Issues
If you experience problems using the VLE on your own computer, you should in the first instance
perform a Browser Check. This will often solve the most common problems.

Browser Check
The VLE is designed to work with recent versions of major web browsers. If you are not
using one of these, you may experience problems and would be strongly advised to upgrade.
To see if you are using a supported browser, log into the VLE and click on Check Browser in the
top right-hand corner of My Homepage. A ‘Browser Checker’ pop-up window will open. If any
red crosses appear on the list it contains, please follow the instructions to resolve them. If
Check Browser highlights any issues regarding Java, please also follow the advice given below.

If you have the wrong version of Java installed on your machine, a pop-up window will alert you
to this once you have logged in. To remedy the problem:
1. Uninstall all versions of Java (or J2SE Runtime Environment) running on your computer.
2. Identify a supported version of Java, available via Blackboard’s Browser Tune-Up page at:
3. At the bottom of this screen, click on the text ‘Java - Get It Now’ to download and install the
   recommended software.

Help and Support:
There is a wealth of support available online. For guides specific to students in the School of
English and Drama, go to
For more general guidance about CE6, go to
For technical help not addressed on these pages, fill out the online query form available at


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