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Using MyiLibrary

                                                      MyiLibrary via the Library
What is MyiLibrary?                                   Catalogue:
MyiLibrary is a collection of e-books purchased by    1     The Library Catalogue can be accessed
Library and Learning Resources, covering a broad            from the Library and Learning Resources
range of subject areas. This is continuously                Homepage at
updated as new titles are purchased and added to
the collection.                                       2     If you are searching for e-books via the
                                                            Library Catalogue, follow the Click here to
What is an e-book?                                          simplify access resources (Athens) from
                                                            the catalogue homepage before you carry
An e-book is an electronic version of a book which          out your search. Enter your search.
is available 24/7. Our MyiLibrary e-books can be            (Figure 1).
viewed online from any computer connected to
the internet. To be able to view e-books you will
need to have Adobe Reader installed on the
computer you are using. Most computers will
have this software installed, but if yours hasn’t,
you can get a free download of the Adobe Reader
software from the Adobe website at

How do I access MyiLibrary?
You can access Birmingham City University’s
MyiLibrary collection via the library catalogue or
by going directly to the MyiLibrary website via the
A-Z of Electronic Resources.                                             Figure 1.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the Birmingham          3     If an electronic version of a book exists,
City University Library and Learning Resources
                                                            you will see an icon     (Figure 2) and the
cookie installed before attempting to access our e-
                                                            says Link: Connect to e-book. When you
books otherwise the log in processes described
                                                            click on this, a message box will tell you
below will not work. To get the cookie, go to the
                                                            that you are about to leave Talis Prism.
home page of the A –Z of Electronic Resources
                                                            Select OK. Follow the link and the e-book and
                                                            will open.
see the section entitled what is Athens and how do
I login?
                                                     5        You will then be able to search the
                                                              Birmingham City University ‘Tailored
                                                              Content’ page for books that Library and
                                                              Learning Resources have subscribed to
                                                              (Figure 3).

                                                     Browsing the Birmingham City
                                                     University MyiLibrary collection
                                                     Once you have logged in, MyiLibrary allows you to
                                                     browse all the e-Books in the Birmingham City
                                                     University collection either alphabetically, by
                                                     subject or by publisher. Click on the Browse all e-
                        Figure 2.                    books link to view the entire collection.

4       Off-campus access. When you click on         Searching the MyiLibrary collection
        Link Connect to e-book you will be
        directed to the Go to the Birmingham City    Quick Search
        University login page » and then
        prompted to enter your Birmingham City       To run a quick search, enter search word(s) in the
        University network username and              Quick Search box at the top left of the screen and
        password. (Athens). You should then be       click Go. You can also choose to search by full text,
        taken to the MyiLibrary reader, and your     keyword, title, ISBN or author from the dropdown
        selected book will open. You can also use    menu.
        the Quick and Advanced search function
        in MyiLibrary to search for other titles
        (Figures 3 and 4).

Access via A-Z of Electronic
1       From the Library Homepage, go to the A-Z
        of Electronic Resources page at

2       At the Athens Login page, click on the Go
        to the Birmingham City University login
        page » From the alphabetical list of
        resources, click on M.

3       Select MyiLibrary from the list and select
        On campus. This will take you to the
        ‘Tailored Content’ page for Birmingham
        City University (Figure 3).

4       For Off-campus access you will need to
        log in via Athens (as in 2 and 3 above).

                                                                           Figure 3.
Advanced Search                                      Reading a MyiLibrary e-Book
The Advanced Search option in MyiLibrary allows      To read an e-Book online, click on Open now>>
you to construct a more detailed search enquiry.     beside its entry in your results list.
To perform an advanced search, click on the
Advanced Search link under the Quick Search box      MyiLibrary e-Books are made available in PDF
at the top left of the screen.                       format, though a few are presented in html. PCs in
                                                     BCU Libraries should already have the Adobe
You can also use the Advanced Search to make a       Reader software installed. The e-Book viewer is
search more precise, by specifying a publisher,      split into two sections. The right hand side
author or date of publication.                       contains the full text of the e-Book. You can use
                                                     the Previous, Next and Go to page links in the blue
Wildcard and truncation searching                    bar at the top of the e-Book viewer to browse
                                                     through the text.
Add an asterisk (*) to the end of a search term to
look for different endings of the term. For
example, nurs* returns e-Books containing nurse,
nurses, and nursing.

You can also use an asterisk as a wildcard to
replace a single character. For example, wom*n
will find both women and woman.

Search Results
The menu to the left of the results list contains
options to sort your results by relevance, by date
published or by title (Figure 4).

                                                                                   Figure 5.

                                                     Alternatively, you can use the left-hand menu
                                                     section to navigate through the e–Book. Clicking
                                                     on the TOC tab displays the table of contents for
                                                     the e-Book you have chosen. Click on a chapter
                                                     heading to go directly to that chapter.

                                                     Clicking in the Search tab opens up a search box in
                     Figure 4.                       the left-hand menu section of the screen. This
enables you to carry out a keyword search              in the Save this search box on the left hand side of
throughout the full text of the e-Book.                the search results screen.

The free online dictionary in the Dictionary tab       To rerun a saved search, select Saved Searches
allows you to look up any words you are unsure of      from the My account option on the MyiLibrary
without having to leave MyiLibrary. The Citation       home page toolbar.
tab provides Harvard, Chicago, MLA and APA style
citations that you can use to help you when            Making notes
                                                       You can add notes to individual pages from an e-
Printing and downloading                               Book for later reference. To add a note, select the
                                                       Notes tab from the left hand menu section of the
You are permitted to print or download a               e-Book viewer when you are viewing an individual
maximum of 10 pages from each e-Book using the         e-Book. Click on the Create/edit notes link to add
Print Multiple Pages or Download Multiple Pages        new notes, or view or edit existing ones.
links in the blue bar at the top of the e-book
viewer. In order to protect the copyright of the       Customising account preferences
authors and publishers, the MyiLibrary service is
set up to detect and prevent excessive printing or     You can change your preferred PDF and citation
copying so you will not be able to print or copy a     style setting by selecting the Settings link from the
whole work. If the system detects excessive            My Account option on the MyiLibrary home page
activity you will be issued with a warning on          toolbar.
screen. If the activity continues you will be locked
out of the e-book for 12 hours.                        Help

Personalising MyiLibrary                               You will find detailed information on using
                                                       MyiLibrary by selecting the Resources > Help tab at
In order to use the personalisation features in        the top of the screen. There is also a very useful
MyiLibrary you need to create an individual            Virtual Tour of the system available on the
account. Then, once you have logged in, you can        ‘Tailored Content’ from page.
save searches, make notes in individual e-Book
                                                       Please note that MyiLibrary is subject to frequent
titles, and customise your account preferences.
                                                       change as improvements are made to the service.
To create an account, click on the Create an
account now link on the bottom left of the             Logging out
MyiLibrary homepage. Enter your email address in
the Create an Account section and click on Create      If you have logged in via Athens, select Logout of
Account. A confirmation email will be sent to you      MyiLibrary from the top menu bar. Then select
along with your password.                              Logout of Athens unless you wish to continue
                                                       using other Athens enabled resources.
To log into your account, click on Login from the
My Account menu on the toolbar at the top of the       Further Help
MyiLibrary homepage.
                                                       If you require assistance using MyiLibrary, please
Saving searches                                        don’t hesitate to seek help from your local Library
                                                       and Learning Resources enquiry desk. Contact
Once you have run a search you are able to save it     details can be found at the Ask the Library page
to run again at a later date. This is particularly .
useful if you have constructed a complex search
within the Advanced search option. To save a                                               RevisedPE0310
search, click on save after entering a search name