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									Your two choices; to push the play button or write and embed code?
  In the constant battle for a fluid web experience, the overlords of the Hypersphere,
WM3, WHATWG and others made up of Windows, Mozilla and other execs, have
introduced yet another iteration of the all encompassing HTML code, called HTML5.
  New Video Tag
  As the business world runs across the globe primarily on various forms of coffee and
tea, (and in some countries vodka), the Web operates on HTML, but more so. It's
probably closer akin to oxygen than coffee, (maybe excepting those vodka countries).
  The folks who tirelessly govern the concrete embedding of HTML reigning code,
were pretty much the same folks who made it easier for all of us behind the scenes as
well as end users to use photographs and tunes in emails and blogs early on, and even
cell phones and iPods. Most of this happened in the background as images and music
popularity grew in pop culture and serious money got behind the initiatives.
  The <IMG SRC= > code is so old that it is difficult to find when it first showed up,
making it possibly the oldest media handling tag on the web. But it is absolutely
necessary code in order to share a .jpg photograph. The effort of the WHATWG
consortium to add another all important tag that will look like this, <VIDEO> is akin
to Columbus discovering another continent thirty years after America, but has
happened without as much fanfare.
  Video has taken longer to address I think because of the inverse rule. There are
simply too many monetary concerns with which to be dealt to roll out a relatively
simple set of codes to make THE standard for playing video. This new HTML5 is
already out and the only major change that has occurred is the rush of middle I.T.
managers to make sure their environment of programmers knows the leading edge
difference of learning a new language. On the roll out of HTML5 nobody bit anyone,
the stock market didn't crash, and You-Tube didn't go bankrupt over night. Why is this?
Because of the truth of my earlier statement. It's all about button pushers.
  Redefining technology would be more like the change from analogue cassette
Walkmans to digital I-Pods and film cameras to digitals than what the new HTML5
has offered. To utilize the new <VIDEO> tag, one must be at the very least, a little bit
of a programmer. The ability to right click on any given web page and click on VIEW
SOURCE, and understand at what one is looking is pretty much a requirement to
utilizing the new video tag.
  The Real Governing Body; The End User
  Folks who are the biggest concern in the world of video, the end user, by far do not
know how to manipulate code, and don't care. Record the video, view the video, listen
to the video, store the video, share the video. Those functions are as far as the buying
public wants to venture. Thus the third party provider, Like EZWebPlayer and
  Regardless of current and future standards of technical mechanics regarding how the
world at large uses the web, there will always be basically two types of web users;
those who are button pushers and those who build the buttons to be pushed. In an
attempt to keep myself out of that now infamous category of folks like the IBM
executives who said "no thanks" to the early offer of being involved in the new
personal computer because it was thought a ludicrous idea that everyone would want
one or two of those in their home, let me say that things might someday change. There
might come a day where all technology is uniformly manufactured. Just don't hold
your breath for that.
  Until that day arrives that all software and firmware, like that embedded code in
video cameras and cell phones that allow us to operate video ubiquitously in our
day-to-day lives, there will always be third party providers of important tasks and
  Can you imagine life without You-Tube? Or remember how you did things before
your cell phone replaced your pack of cigarettes in importance? There are people
living today who do not remember life without cell phones. It's true, do the math.
  And there is coming a day when everyone will use You-Tube and EZWebPlayer.
  The Ultimate in Video Management
  You-Tube provides pretty ubiquitous proliferation of most videos with several
drawbacks which many can overlook, but many more choose not to. Using You-Tube
might be analogized as riding my first bicycle.
  As an eleven-year-old youngster, my mom surprised me one Christmas with a brand
new Schwinn coaster bike. It was shiny, green, chromy and big. I cried (we were poor
and the bike was a complete surprise).
  After riding that bike all year, mostly the following summer, I started wishing for the
five and ten-speeders that most of my friends were riding. I was really surprised to
find that most of these kids actually learned to ride on these fancier bikes that had
more gadgets than I could know what to do with, instead of graduating up to them like
I wanted. I wondered what my mom was thinking.
  My first exposure to a new 10-speed was years later when I sold a Ludwig drum set
to buy a Schwinn LaTour that I rode well past high school. The 10-speed was the
status quo for many reasons, but certainly I would never go back to the single speed
cruiser and never have. I'm not even sure where it is.
  Those who wish for sophisticated custom control of their video assets like they do on
their cell phone, or on their DVRs at home, will continue to gravitate to the
EZWebPlayer environment. There is no new HTML video tag to learn about, or new
way of thinking or worry about whether or not your web site will be viewable on the
major browsers.
  Want to upload a video, simply click on ADD NEW VIDEO. Wide or standard
screen? Click the box. Want to share a video via email link or point to where you
posted it? Click and send. You don't even need to have your own web site. Share via
our SHARE link. Click/send.
  No competition of other videos or advertisements. No offending graphics or words.
Just YOUR stuff.
  Using our cell phones, televisions and toasters is simple and pretty much self
explanatory, why should playing videos on your site, or sharing all of your videos
with others be any different?
  The Bottom Line; HTML5 and you
  After reading this article, you might be left wondering if third party services like
EZWebPlayer and You-Tube will be completely ignoring HTML5. Oh contraire Pierre.
Like we've always done, EZWebPlayer is incorporating HTML5 into its standard code
just like all other important formats. So, it will continue to do the heavy lifting for
which it is famous; the clear interface, the high quality reproduction of uploaded
videos, the broadest choices of facility for web hosting, self hosting, streaming or pass
through to You-Tube and others, the category or single video featuring, the
customized, embedded advertising that you can create and still be compatible with all
major environment upgrades like Windows 7 and HTML5.
 The shortest distance between your video and the viewers is EZWebPlayer. Sign up
now. You could be wowing yourself and your customers in 5 minutes or less.
 Here's a little known tip; you don't need to setup a video page on a custom web site
to play videos. Simply upload your videos to EZWebPlayer's server and email out the
SHARE POINT links. Once again, EZWebPlayer does all of the heavy lifting.
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