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									A UTI can come up from seemingly out of nowhere. This is an infection that is most
commonly caused by the E Coli bacteria, and occurs in your kidneys, bladder, urethra,
or ureter. You can feel great on minute, and then a few hours later can be in an
incredible amount of pain. Anyone with a UTI wants to alleviate their symptoms and
find an effective UTI treatment for their condition as soon as possible. The symptoms
can include pain and burning during urination, blood in the urine, and the
almost-constant feeling of needing to urinate.
  Some people will have just one or two of these infections over the course of their life.
Others may have conditions that make them more prone to getting a UTI, and
possibly even harder to treat. These conditions may include diabetes, brain or nerve
disorders, bowel incontinence, enlarged prostate, kidney stones, and more. Some
people will choose to use antibiotics as a UTI treatment, and these antibiotics may
take a few days to a week or so to work. As with any antibiotics, some are more
effective with certain microorganisms than others, so a second round of antibiotics
may be necessary. As an alternative, there are some natural home remedies that many
people find effective, and these may take less than a day to about a week to work.
Because the treatment options may take some time to work and kill off the entire
infection, many people will also take over the counter anti-inflammatory and pain
relievers to address the painful symptoms of a UTI in addition to the antibiotics or
natural UTIs treatment options.
  While you want your UTI to be cured as soon as possible, avoid haste in selecting a
treatment option and take time to research your options thoroughly. A UTI that is not
properly treated can spread and worsen, causing kidney damage and nephritis.
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