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					The organizations and sole proprietors applying for federal acquisition and assistance
awards need to register in CCR. This is the well known fact. But, there are some
conditions specially mentioned by the federal government that clearly states where the
registration is needed and where not. The small business veterans applying for 8A
certification or other similar federal assistance are not required to register with CCR
unless a particular federal agency asks for the validation by means of CCR
Registration. Again, according to the federal laws the prime contractors are not
required to have their subcontractors register in CCR. Therefore it is wise to get some
knowledge about the Hubzone Certification rules to avoid the procedural hazards.
  Apart from the specific conditions for CCR Registration there are specific ways to
go through the process. First the applicant needs to enter his/her registration online
through the official site. The CCR consultants help to find the site seamlessly. Here
the user needs to go to the 鈥淐 reate New Registration 鈥?section and click on the
鈥淪 tart New Registration 鈥? Here the Data Universal Numbering System or DUNS
Number is needed to start the registration process. A user account is created following
the registration.
  Finally the completed registration form is needed to be submitted. If all the needed
information and testimonies are already on hand the entire CCR registration process
takes not more than one hour to complete, of course, depending upon the size and
complexity of the business or organization. Once the registration is completed, the
further processing takes around three to five days. Therefore it is always been advised
that the applicants need to check with a professional consultant before starting with
the registration process to save time and bypass a big hassle.
  Now being 8A minority business veteran if you find difficulty in completing the
CCR Registration session you can stop the process for the moment and come back
anytime giving user ID and password. All you need to enter the re-registration page is
just click on the 鈥淯 pdate/Renew 鈥?under the Registration column on your
Manage Registrations page. There is a 鈥淰 alidate/Save Data 鈥?option at every
registration page that you need to click to move permanently on to the next page. The
CCR Registration remains under process for up to 120 days for user convenience.
  The most convenient and preferred method to complete CCR Registration is through
the official site This is because here you will find tutorial for the registration
that assist and guide you through the entire registration process. Apart from
explaining the application procedure, this tutorial gives detailed information on what
data needed to have for the registration. The CCR handbook is extremely helpful and
can not be found elsewhere. This will also help you create the user ID and password.
It says, the user ID can be any combination of characters but the password must
include at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 special character and 1 number.
  After the completion of CCR Registration it is essential to make sure that the process
has been done successfully before going forward to 8A Certification. Always mind the
fact that it takes at least 3-5 business days to complete the registration process. So,
keep patience and work carefully throughout. CCR consultants can help you further to
know more details about the process and program.
  Steven Brown is a professional Internet marketer. To avail the SBA eligibility 8A
Business 8A application, Hubzone Certification or CCR Registration visit

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