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                                                                                                                    10 September 2010
From the Headmaster
Dear Parents / Guardians,
We are all relieved that after the strike action things are slowly returning to normal and we are grateful that our school managed to proceed
without any interruptions during this period. There are, however, a few aspects which I wish to focus on and where we do need the assistance
from our parents.
Payment of School Fees
Section 40 of the South African Schools Act, state that parents are liable to pay school fees. Our school is a quintile 5 school which means that
we receive a very small financial contribution from the Government (R190 000 for 2010) to run our school. In terms of Section 21 of the
South African Schools Act our Governing Body has been given the responsibility to determine school fees and to draft a budget for every school
year. They are also tasked with the responsibility to ensure that these fees are paid. We are very dependent on our parents paying school fees to
ensure that we provide the best possible teaching and learning experience.
Although we are very grateful to those parents who diligently pay their school fees, we do have a number of parents who are not fulfilling their
responsibility to the payment of school fees. If one considers that school fees should be paid in advance, it is extremely disappointing that ap-
proximately 35% of our parents have not yet fulfilled their commitment as indicated on their tuition agreement. These parents have been con-
tacted on numerous occasions and have received ample warning regarding payment. The Governing Body will have no option but to take very
firm actions to ensure that parents do fulfil their responsibility to pay school fees. I urge parents who have not yet paid school fees, to do so
Additional Funding
As we are a relatively young school, we still have many aspects we must develop and improve upon, especially with regards to infrastructure.
Because our school fees are used for the daily running of the school, we have been exploring alternative sources of funding with some measure
of success. I wish to highlight some of these successes:
    The Optima and Epoch Trusts have provided us with R442 000 in 2009 and R270 00 in 2010 to invest in our Mathematics and Sci-
     ence departments. The bulk of this money was used to install the very latest teaching technology in our Maths and Science classes, train-
     ing of teachers to use this technology as well as subsidising the salary of an additional teacher. We are confident that we will receive a
     similar grant for 2011.
    The Sport Trust have provided us with a grant of approximately R100 000 to install heat pumps for our swimming pool. This will enable
    our swimmers to train trough out winter and to have an additional source of income by renting lanes to clubs and schools during winter.
    The National Lotteries Distribution Fund has approved a grant of R700 000 for the purchasing of sport equipment and to build
     changing rooms for our hockey / cricket fields. We have already received the first R350 000 of this grant.
    Toyota McCarthy Lynnwood has sponsored us a Quantum mini-bus with increased our fleet of buses to 3.
These additional grants to the school are very helpful to improve our facilities as we cannot afford these improvements by only relying on
school fees. Our PTSA have over the years played a major role in raising funds for developments at the school and we are also extremely grate-
ful for their efforts and loyalty to the school.
Governing Body By-Elections
Parents are reminded of the Governing Body by-elections due to take place on Wednesday, 15 September. The Nomination meeting is sched-
uled for 18:30 and is to be followed by the election at 19:00. Two vacancies must be filled and we have already received more than two nomi-
A quorum of 15% is required for the Election meeting. Should we not have a quorum, the election will be postponed to Wednesday, 6 Octo-
ber and for this one no quorum is required.
End of Term 3
With the end of Term 3 rushing closer, the fever of the World Cup we experienced at the end of Term 2 seems very distant. It is important
that we do not slacken the pace now and we need to keep our children focused on maintaining a high level of academic discipline as we only
have October in the 4th Term before we start our final examinations.
Kind regards
Andre du Plessis
Headmaster                                  Willowridge High School - Strive with Integrity
 In a relatively young school like ours it is important to
 build up traditions and Arbor Day has become just that.
 The Grade 11 Geography class plants the tree of the
 year and this then becomes our Matric Tree. Arbor
 Day was incorporated in the Assembly taken by the new
 ECL for 2011 and we hosted a school from Mamelodi-
 Tshegofatsong High.
 We were all encouraged to participate in the assembly
 which culminated in the release of 23(biodegradable)
 balloons filled with seeds, representing the age of our
 school. A baby Fever Tree was also presented to our
 visitors for their school.
 Mrs. Simons.

 Gr12 Excursion to Hartebeespoort Dam
 We did not know about         The was an opportunity      benefit us greatly in our
 it being the “playground      for revisiting all our      final preparations.
 for Gauteng” as our           work before the Prelim      Thank you to Mrs.
 notes said, but it defi-      s and just enjoying all     Simons and Mr Engel-
 nitely became the             things “geographical”.      brecht for a worthwhile
 “playground for the           We all sailed through       trip.
 Willowridge Matrics” as       our portfolio practical      Gr12Geography Class
 Mrs. Simons took us           task based on this area
 there for an excursion.       and know that it will

                                                                       James Ross-Marsh
                                                                      Cycles for charity
One of our top geogra-          Josua could share his experi-
phers, Josua Joubert, was       ence with us and as he was      On the 28th August 2010,      A remarkable achievement
invited to the U.S.A as part    at Rice University in Hous-     The Emmanuel Presbyte-        for a worthwhile cause.
of a People to People Am-       ton Texas, was able to bring    rian Church, which is at-     Well done, James we are
bassador Programme that         us newspapers reporting on      tended by many of our         very proud of you.
promotes leadership and         the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.   learners, held a fete.
international co-operation                                      As part of the fundraising
between learners.                                               activities a cycle marathon
Delegates from U.S.A,                                           took place. James cycled
Canada, Columbia, Baha-                                         for17 hours and did a total
mas, Ghana, United Arab                                         of 370km.
Emirates and South Africa
attend the conference.

                                     Willowridge High School - Strive with Integrity
Willowridge High School     Aldright who was truly     Home Hyper City
Secretaries are to be       hilarious.                 Makro Silver Lakes
commended on the ex-        There were a number of     Vuma
cellent dinner they         sponsors who contrib-      Pet a Pond
hosted for their col-       uted towards the success
leagues from other          of the evening:
schools on the 1 Septem-    Kobus Vermaak - Casa-
ber in the school restau-   blanca Manor
rant. The entertain-        Pick ‘n Pay
ment for the evening        Sanet van Rooyen
included a lovely presen-   Petro Pretorius
tation from Willow-         Rose Paul
ridge's Choir, Mr P Ober-   Premier Foods
holzer and Mrs E            Woolworths The Grove

The Blueprint is proud to present the winners of the annual Photography Competi‐
tion. Congratulations go to Michael Schaapherder (11A) for taking first place, Letitia 
Brummer (10A) for second place and Christopher Erasmus (10A), third place. Prizes 
were sponsored by ITSi Schools. 

                                                                                      Christopher Erasmus (10A)
    Michael Schaapherder (11A)                  Letitia Brummer (10A)

                                                   In Loving Memory of
                                                           Nondumiso Mveke
                                                                 1990– 2010
                                      Nondumiso matriculated from Willowridge High
                                     School in 2008. Our deepest sympathies and prayers
                                       go out to the Mveke Family in this trying time.

                                    Willowridge High School - Strive with Integrity
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