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									Microsoft Fix it Center is a a small but useful plug-in which designed by Microsoft.
You can use it finds and fixes many common PC and device problems automatically.
It also helps prevent new problems by proactively checking for known issues and
installing updates. Fix it Center helps to consolidate the many steps of diagnosing and
repairing a problem into an automated tool that does the work for you.
  It personalizes solutions for your device, showing you only what pertains to your
hardware and software.
  Install Microsoft Fix it Center
  Download the Fix it Center installer (link below), and install as normal.
  Note: The Fix it Center is currently in beta, so only run if you are comfortable
running beta software.

 The Fix it Center uses PowerShell to automate its fixes, but if it is not installed yet
the installer will automatically download and install it.

 In Windows XP, if you have not yet installed .NET 2.0, you may see the following
prompt. Click Yes to go to the download site, and once you’ve installed .NET 2.0, run
the Fix it Center setup again.

  Personalize Microsoft Fix it Center
  Once installed you need to perform some additional setup before you can use the
software. Microsoft Fix It analyzes your computer and offers to download additional
fixes depending upon your computer’s configuration.
  It will scan your computer for problems with known solutions, and will offer to go
ahead and install these troubleshooters. If you choose to not install them, you can
always download them from within the Fix it Center at a later time.
  While those troubleshooters are downloading, you can create a Fix it account. A Fix
It Center account helps to keep all the information about all your devices you use with
Fix It Center in one place. Microsoft claims that this helps Fix It Center offer
personalized solutions based upon your configuration, Your data is secure and the
account helps you view all your devices in one place easily and also lets you see all
the repairs and updates that were applied to your computer.
  Also, choose whether or not to send information to Microsoft about your hardware
and software problems.

  How dose Microsoft Fix it Center work
  Now that the Fix it Center is installed and has identified issues on your computer, it’s
time to get the problems fixed. Here’s the default front screen in Windows 7, showing
all of the available fixes.
  Fix it Center is not all about fixing problems though, it also helps you prevent them
as well. It keeps track of all the changes on your computer and downloads solutions to
the issues that can turn into potential problems in the future. If none of the
troubleshooters can solve your problem you can always visit the Fix it Center online.
Log in with your Fix It Center account you configured above and you will be able to
look for solutions to common problems, grouped by categories and also by products.
  And here’s the Fix it Center running in Windows XP.
  Select one of the Troubleshooters to see more information about it, and click Run to
start it.
  You can choose to either detect problems and have them fixed automatically, or you
can choose for the Fix it Center to show you the solutions and let you choose whether
to apply them or not. The defaults usually work good, and only take a couple minutes
to apply the fixes, but you can select your own fixes if you’d rather be in control.
  It will scan your computer for known problems in this area, and then will show you
the results. Here, Fix it determined that startup programs may be causing performance
issues. Select Start System Configuration,
  and uncheck any of the programs you do not usually use.
  Once you’ve run a troubleshooter, and if you created the online account, you can
choose to view the details online. This will show all of your computers with Fix it
Center and the fixes you’ve run on them.

 You can also see the issues it checked for and any problems it discovered.

 Note: This free tool works great on all editions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows
 All in all Microsoft Fix It Center is an excellent piece of software that streamlines
the process of troubleshooting your computer. It can mantain a history of all the
updates and repairs applied to your computer as well. It does however raise an
important question, just how much caretaker software would you install to keep your
computer running and in good shape?
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