USB Security Threats by djsgjg0045


									Almost everyone is using USB for carrying confidential information and that's why
the security of portable devices has become extremely essential. There are number of
options available in market to secure USB Drives and one can use those options
according to their requirement and level of USB protection they require.Level of USB
protection can depend on sensitivity of data that drive carries. USB Encryption is
advisable if you are carrying highly important and confidential data.For instance, if
you are carrying important official data that is highly confidential then it is advisable
that you encrypt your files.
  Thanks to digital technology, USB related issues have started exploding and
expanding slowly to the realm of informational system. Confidential information
proliferation and unauthorized access are just the beginning of threats made to
informational systems. A comprehensive security system must address external as
well as internal threats as other approaches would be inadequate. Previously, those
working within the firm had nice time accessing information that they weren't allowed
to. Hence, an effective USB program needs to include both outsiders and insiders.
  A good USB program ensures retail firms are better placed to protect their
customers' financial information, halting misuse of bank account information and
credit card theft. Customers, who were theft victims due to insufficient USB protocol,
are highly unlikely to work with firms unable to protect their sensitive data.
Encryption technology, as part of USB system, prevents retail firms from such data
  An optimal USB program includes authentication programs that are impossible to
by-pass, thanks to the 8-character password. These software are available with all
major hard disk and USB manufacturing firms.
  Certain passwords are found on a system's hard-drive, where they could be
compromised. In such situations, USB systems also incorporate encryption
technology, so that even if the authentication process gets bypassed, data-access
doesn't occur. In case even that happens, then the central server can terminate the
flash drives of the respective USB system. Another way to prevent data leak is
through data lock-up that prevents access to the host operating system or data.
  Offering adequate USB system to utilize sensitive or confidential data and beefing
up IT system is a long term investment. Having adequate USB security not just stops
access to the host operating system, but also prevents unauthorized access to flash
drives, which, otherwise, can be a pathway for complete system corruption. USB
programs not only involve "prevention" of data theft, but also its destruction and
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