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UPS Accessories for the Smooth Running of the Uninterruptible Power Supplies


									The device called Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is commonly found in the
homes and offices. This device is highly used for backing up power in case of the cuts
and the surges. This device has regular use in both the domestic and working sectors.
Hence, UPS accessories are required for the smooth functioning of the device.
 Types of UPS Accessories
 There are numerous accessories of the UPS available in the market. These spares are
required for the various purposes of the device. Adaptors- adaptors are used to
enhance the communication systems of the UPS(s) with the attached devices. These
adaptors are used for producing the current through the batteries from the UPS during
the power cuts. Different capacity adaptors are available in the market for producing
different voltages of the powers through the batteries. Examples of the adaptors
available in the market are Multi I/O, MultiCom 301, MultiCom 302, etc. Bypass-
through this device the complete maintenance of the UPS is done during the normal
working hours without even nominal system downtime. MultiPass 10-H, MultiPass
10-S, etc are the examples of the bypass switches available in the market. These
switches are connected with the device through a series of hardwire connection. These
hardwires allow the UPS to be powered down during the maintenance time. One can
even remove it without any kinds of interruption to the load of the battery. Battery
Packs- the battery packs are not required for exchanging the old batteries, but also for
increasing the power of UPS by attaching more battery packs with the already
existing packs of batteries. BB 096-007S, BB 192-007, etc battery packs are available
in the market. Transfer switches- these switches are exclusively used for improving
the electrical supply continuity. These switches are applicable for single UPS or
several UPS. They are available in several types, namely MultiSwitch N Plus and the
MultiSwitch S Plus, etc. remote panels- these panels are required to check out the
UPS status overview and the interrogation.
 These UPS accessories are easily available through any online UPS dealers. Their
servicemen will come and install the accessories at your homes or offices. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of UPS Accessories
solutions and various ranges of standby power systems. We provide the best UPS
Services for different types of electronics devices.

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