Unlocked Cell Phones in the USA

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					Unlocked cell phones are steadily becoming the primary choice for cell phone buyers.
Unlocked phones provide a vast variety of benefits for users. Cell phone contracts are
binding and usually restrict users for a minimum of 18 to 24 months. In these cases
users cannot shift from their network and have to bear the brunt of the bills from the
network provider. Users also have to pay an expensive cancellation fee if they do wish
to change their network. This process can be quite cumbersome and users prefer to
have a phone that is unlocked to facilitate ease of use. Users have a wide variety of
options to choose from if they want to go for a phone that is unlocked. Unlocked
Verizon cell phones and Unlocked AT&T cell phones are some of the top players in
the market.
 Users often stick to their contract because they do not wish to compromise on the
model. Unlocked Verizon cell phones have all the top models under their banner and
users can find their favorite phone in an unlocked version. Now there is no need to
compromise on the model to get a phone with benefits. Unlocked AT&T cell phones
are much cheaper than their locked counterparts. These phones are not only affordable
but they help you avoid the hassles of exorbitant bills. There two different types of
networks namely GSM and CDMA. GSM unlocked cell phones work with GSM
network providers and vice versa.
 It is advisable to check out your local network providers before choosing a
phone.Travelers find unlocked cell phones to be a boon. While travelling to a foreign
country can end up resulting in large phone bills if you are on a contract phone. Using
an unlocked Verizon cell phone you can pop in a local pay as you go sim card and use
the phone at a nominal cost. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that unlocked
AT&T cell phones are so popular amongst users.