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					University of Greenwich is located in the historic London Borough of Greenwich,
London, England. It has three campuses - Avery hill in south - east London,
Greenwich and Medway in Chatham Maritime, Kent. It is one of the most diverse of
all with students from over 100 countries and many projects in collaboration with
over 20 countries. Courses offered: Traditionally, the University’s areas of focus are
mathematics, computing and natural sciences, but in recent years it has built on
architecture, teacher training, engineering and history with its Business School
emerging as one of the best. The University schools and institutes are - The Business
School - includes accounts and finance, financial services, economics, international
marketing and personnel management Architecture and Consruction - include
landscape architecture, 3D designing, constuction management and estate
management Computing & Mathematical Sciences - for mathematics, statistics,
software engineering, computing and multimedia technologies Education and Teacher
Training Engineering - for product design and civil, mechanical and electronic
engineering and communication etc. Greenwich Maritime Institute - offers
postgraduate programmes in maritime management, policy and history. Health and
Social Care - include courses in nursing, midwifery, public health, social work and
psychology. Humanities and Social Sciences - include English, history, law and
sociology, languages, media studies, philosophy, politics. Medway School of
Pharmacy - is a joint initiative between the University of Greenwich and University of
Kent, offering an MPharm program and foundation degrees. Natural Resources
Institute - is a multi-disciplinary centre for the study of management of natural and
human resources, especially in developing countries. The Science School - includes
biochemistry, biomedical science, chemistry, environmental science, forensic science,
geography, human nutrition, pharmaceutical science and sports science. Urban
Renaissance Centre - dedicated to research programs for studying regeneration and
other challenges specific to London and Kent. Admission Process: Applications for
undergraduate courses are to be made through UCAS (Universities and Colleges
Admission Service) online. Application for postgraduate courses should be made on
University Application Form. There is no closing date and late applications will be
considered subject to availability of seats. Applications for primary and secondary
PGCE programs are to be made through GTTR (Graduate Teacher Training Registry)
except for Primary Flexible Program starting in January for which the University
Application has to be used. International students looking to should apply using
University Application Form and provide proof of proficiency in English. Bursaries
and Scholarships: Some of the proposed bursaries for 2010 - 2011 are - Mandatory
Bursary for financial support depending on household income UCAS scholarship for
academic excellence Merit awards for academic excellence Accommodation:
Accommodation is guaranteed for all freshers including international students in
either halls of residence on campus or university approved individual
accommodations. All accommodation is conveniently located with proximity to
university campus. Jobs and Placements: University of Greenwich has strong links
with many top companies and many of its graduates are employed with them. Many
startup companies have set up base in Thames Valley for technical collaborations
which provide another venue for jobs for students.
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