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University Admissions and tuition dilemma for students


									Most college admissions committees view high school academic performance and
standardized test scores as the two most important attributes in a college application
profile. But now these are changing and colleges are putting a renewed weight on
candidate performance outside of high school grades and the standardized tests. More
weight is being placed on other parts of the application profile. Admission consultants
and counsellors using tools like Naviance have long been focusing their students on
the importance of solid intangibles. Generally universities and colleges are looking for
evidence of extracurricular activities, participation in athletics, recognition from the
school and external bodies, demanding course load, work experience, and degree of
  Competition is fierce and University Admissions Offices need to differentiate
themselves from the competition. Each college and university wants to attract and
enrols the best qualified students. Students require a proper planning and have to
consider lots of aspects before making their final selection. The first and the
foremost thing that a student need to consider is the college ranking. The rank of the
college is one of the most important deciding factors. Almost all the renowned
colleges are ranked on the basis of acceptance rate, programs offered, faculty, etc.
These unbiased rankings reveal the reality of the college. The quality of a college or
university can be evaluated by weighing its social environment, academic
environment, extracurricular as well as athletic opportunities, rural or urban location,
faculties, etc. Only a good college or university can offer you with maximum
achievement and personal growth.
  College tuition is burden for many students. Students around the world are suffering
from the tuition dilemma. Many students feel that escaping this tremendous weight is
impossible and simply give up their dreams of getting a college or university
education. But many students does not give up so easily, as many resources exist that
allow them to earn the money necessary to put themselves through college and earn
the college degree as they had always dreamed off. Students are always able to find a
new ways of earning money for college, even when it means taking a part-time job or
internship to make ends meet.

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