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									Facebook For Your Small Business

Are you aware that one of the most effective marketing tools today is the internet? It cannot be denied that the internet has become the
major source for practically all types of products and services.

Almost all businesses whether big or small, are promoted in the internet. Aside from the fact that internet marketing is sign ificantly cheap compared to
other forms of advertisements, it also reaches a wider range of clients. As such, it is not surprising why most businesses include this type of business
promotion in their plans.

Amazingly, the worldwide web provides great avenues for promoting individuals, services, or products. In fact, the phenomenal Facebook is even a great
avenue for small businesses. You may not be aware of this but Facebook has already reached more than 500 million subscribers. Just imagine if only
about 1% of these subscribers would know about your small business. This is definitely a lot that any marketing tool can offer. Small businesses can
absolutely retain customers and make more sales by using Facebook. Moreover, this social network also provides a great way of increasing awareness of
brands, products, and services. It is therefore beyond doubt that Facebook can help in the promotion of small businesses.

How then could you promote your business on Facebook?

One very effective way that is employed by small companies with employees fewer than 100 is free product samples. Correspondingly, certificates for
free services also promote small businesses. This strategy actually uses Facebook by offering free products and services to selected Facebook fans. Thus,
running this type of promotion does not only make other people aware of your business, but pays dividends as well since it engages more potential
customers to subscribe to this popular social network.

Another way is offering coupons and discounts using Facebook page. Coupons are a great way of ensuring that you will make sales at a reduced price but
the number of purchases you'll get through with social networking will definitely make up or even exceed the difference in sales volume. In this manner,
even though you offer your products at a discounted price, you can still make up for the sales since most likely, more people will patronize your product.

Finally, you can easily post photos and videos of your business on Facebook. More than anything else, customers will appreciate the virtual tour of your
business products and services. This can be conveniently done by posting videos and photos, which surprisingly play a very important role in search
engine optimization. Usually, search engines look for new web based contents, and videos and photographs can be effective mat erials. In effect, when
your business is search engine optimized, it will most likely land on top page rankings.

Therefore, if you are planning to promote your business in the internet , make sure that you consider Facebook as part of your marketing strategy.

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