Types Of Boat Storage Facilities

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					Simply buying a boat is not enough - there are certain factors you need to consider
when buying one, among which is the issue of boat storage. You should first identify a
place to store your boat when you are not using it. Analyze the following options
before selecting the ideal location for boat storage: location convenience, cleanliness,
round-the-clock security, additional pick-up services, wash down, regular
maintenance facilities, battery charging, gas station advantages, boat covers, cleaning
and waxing facilities prior to long storage. You can hunt for the companies that
provide furniture storage because these are generally self-storage units which are
climate controlled.
  Types Of Boat Storage:
  * Dry Storage: This facility is offered by several resorts and marinas where boats are
parked in a spacious parking lot. These are sometimes provided with security cover
and the grounds are usually paved or dirt. Though this storage is cost-effective, boats
may be open to damage. The boat cover is not enough to save the upholstery from
wearing out when the boat is stored outside. * Marina Boat Slips: The demand is so
high that getting a slip may take longer than you can imagine. This kind of boat
storage cuts down on launching and hauling time and it is very convenient. But the
problems faced in dry storage are present here too because of the exposure to water.
The boat hull also needs to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid fungal growths. * Private
Docks: Like garage storage for cars, private docks are separately enclosed docks for
boat storage which can protect your boat from the elements. Many of these come with
devices to pull the boat from the water when not being used. However, these cannot
be easily found in every waterway, and many times they are only covered without any
such lifts for convenience. This boat storage is quite costly and may not even contain
a boat house. * Storage Units: You can store your boats in the garage or below
awnings or even alongside your houses, but these self-storage units are not permitted
everywhere. During these times, you can either rent storage condos or units that are
similar to car storage facilities. These help to keep your boats safe from the
environmental hazards. * Concierge Storage: Dry and covered storages are offered by
professional facilities that may even give concierge services. These services help to
load your boat when you wish to use it, or return it to the storage area when not being
used. Additional services include maintenance facilities, watercraft repairs and boat
washing. RV storage is common in such places because they are usually found
alongside recreational waterways. * Trailer: Perhaps the least costly form of boat
storage is by keeping the boat on a trailer in your driveway. With this you can enjoy
the benefits of boating on different types of water whenever you want to and you can
also save on money that you would have to spend for winter storage! * Rack Storage:
This stores your boat in dry stacks which are basically trailer-like cradles kept in a
covered shed like a warehouse. You can contact the facility before taking the boat out
and they can arrange for the boat to be launched accordingly.
  No matter which location you have picked out for boat storage, you must remember
to refer to the manual that comes with your new boat for storage instructions. This
way you can be certain that no damage is caused to your boat when you are not using
it. Visit to look for self-storage facilities for your boat
storage. They offer some of the most clean and secure storage units in many
accessible towns that boast of round-the-clock security facilities and excellent
customer services.