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									The importance of alumni associations is generally explained by the opportunity of
these associations to support the interests of the educational communities. In fact,
these associations unite not only those who have graduated, but those who will
graduate, hence, these are the multi structured and multi leveled organizations.
 These associations often arrange various social events, issue newsletters and
magazines for those who are going to enter, graduate or change university. They often
raise funds, or originate their own fund-raising activity in order to help the
educational communities in general, or maintain the university that members of the
association have graduated. Hence, the variety of association activity is not restricted,
as variants are numerous. In fact, most of these associations provide the immense
variety of benefits, nevertheless, some of them are just aimed at maintaining contacts
among alumni.
 General overview of the Types
 The types of alumni associations are various. Some of them have been already
regarded, however, the key aims of these associations depend on the general
principles of association creation. The types of the associations and their activities are
as follows:
 1.Maintenance of the new alumni, and association in finding a job, or continuing
education in other university
 2.Lobbying interests of a university in governmental programs
 3.Creating a financial aid fund in order to help university, alumni, or any particular
person. The aims may be various, ranging from equipment purchase to transplantation
 4.Extending cooperation among universities through national borders
 5.Sharing experience of more effective study or working with students and entrants
 In fact, these associations are mainly arranged on the basis of universities, colleges,
or particular departments of the universities. Hence, they may be active in the
scientific spheres, and help student in fund raising, or getting academic grants for
further education or scientific project development.
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