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item 7f app 1 open updates


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									                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

                            Open Session

                       Police Authority Meeting

                         30th September 2010

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session


Response Policing, working in the main with Neighbourhood Policing, deals with the
majority of incidents reported to Gwent Police. Response Policing handles the
telephone calls coming into the Force through Switchboard, 101 and 999. We deploy
resources to incidents through the Force Control room (FCR) and attend 90%+ of
emergency and priority calls and half of the scheduled calls, including all diarised
appointments. In addition, we manage nearly all the critical incidents, including
firearms incidents, through the Silver Cadre.

To give you an idea of what this demand entails, in the two months since the last
report to the Police Authority (July and August) we have handled:

In the Communication Suite:

83 234 call to the Switchboard
39 172 incident related calls to our Call Handlers
17 292 „999‟ calls to the FCR

In Neighbourhood Response we have attended:

9 077 emergency calls
8 788 priority calls
6955 scheduled calls of which 2780 have been by diary appointment

In so doing we have:

Arrested 2 078 people
Investigated 2 361 crimes, having detected 522 of these
Had reported and found 684 missing people

Through Silver Command we have managed:

99 Taser deployments, and
27 incidents where firearms were deployed

Our aim on each occasion is to respond quickly and safely, in time to make a
difference. Deliver the best quality service to the satisfaction of those needing our

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

                             LOCAL POLICING UNITS

                              BLAENAU GWENT LPU


Streets in Ebbw Vale and Abertillery that had been recognised as „hotspot‟ areas
were targeted during this campaign. Officers and cadets visited streets in Blaenau
Gwent to promote the campaign and offer advice to residents. The campaign is to
complement existing police operations against domestic and other burglary by driving
home the secure your home message. Abertillery and Ebbw Vale conducted
personal visits with marketing and merchandise to streets identified as „Hotspot


On Thursday 29th July, Police Cadets along with some Air Cadets attended Plymouth
Port, and were taken out to sea onboard the HMS Monmouth Warship. They had a
very comprehensive tour of the ship and accessed all areas in order to see how the
various departments worked together during peacetime and when on high alert. This
visit was organised as part of the Young Dragons initiative with the intention being to
have as many of the young persons voluntary groups involved as possible.


During the week of July 31st to August 7th, Police Cadets attended the Eisteddfod
event to help in the Criminal Justice tent. Members of the public attended the event in
their thousands and the Cadets engaged with many of them and positively
contributed to the smooth running of many of the initiatives that were taking place
throughout the tent. In addition to this, regular patrols were conducted in order to
distribute the Criminal Justice programme of events. Again many members of the
public were engaged with.


On Friday 13th August a road safety initiative was conducted at the Bus station area
of Tredegar. Representatives from Red Cross, South Wales Fire and Rescue
Service, Safety Camera partnership, Communities First and local police (including
Police Cadets) helped towards the smooth running of the initiative, which was to
raise awareness regarding speed of vehicles and safe driving in general.
Members of the public who attended in addition to the displays present were also
interested in the Cadets and what their duties and responsibilities were.


We have re-launched the police slot with our local radio station. Each week we now
use the one hour slot to promote positive work. So far we have had a slot with PCSO
officers, licensing and trading standards, and also the Police Cadets. Work will

                          Operational Updates             Appendix 1
                             Open Session
continue to keep this slot refreshed, as well as constantly promoting the positive
partnership work in Blaenau Gwent


Brynmawr Police officers are now patrolling the streets on two wheels thanks to the
help of the award winning ,youth led ,„Buzz‟ cycling project.

The Blaina Neighbourhood Policing Team has been working closely with the „Buzz‟
project and its members since the project began 18 months ago. „Buzz‟ has now
loaned three mountain bikes to the Blaina and Nantyglo Neighbourhood Policing
Teams with PC Richard Lewis, PC Martyn Sanders and PCSO Whistance utilising
the bikes daily to conduct patrols on their wards. A fourth bike is now being loaned to
new recruit - PC Ross Turner.


Young drivers in Blaenau Gwent who commit minor road offences can now buckle up
alongside a traffic officer and learn how to avoid a fatal or serious road collision.
Officers in Blaenau Gwent have introduced a new Diversionary Options Scheme to
give „high-risk‟ young drivers aged between 17 and 25 the opportunity to decide
between being prosecuted with a hefty fine and points on their license or a chance to
attend a new Driver Behaviour Workshop at the Youth Cafe in Tredegar. The
workshop consists of a presentation to raise awareness of what causes fatal and
serious road collisions - including showing drivers dramatic scenes of a local car
accident caused by speeding caught on CCTV. After the presentation drivers are
asked to sit as passengers alongside Roads Policing officers to raise their awareness
of hazard perception in built up areas.


Speeding drivers in Blaenau Gwent now face having their speeds flashed up on new
boards in an effort to slow them down. Gwent Police and Blaenau Gwent Council are
now using new roadside speed boards to raise awareness of drivers‟ speeds in local
communities. The new speed boards will be used where local people have raised
concerns about the speed of vehicles - with the first speed board now fully
operational on Intermediate Road in Brynmawr. A number of wards in Blaenau
Gwent have identified "speeding" as one of their three priorities at their regular PACT


Tredegar officers have taken part in a series of operations at Trefil Quarry to sop the
illegal and anti-social use of off-road motorbikes and quad bikes. As part of the
operation Gwent Police along with several partners, including: Brecon Beacons
National Park, The Duke Of Beaufort's Estate and the Tread Lightly charity have
been working closely for several months to instigate the close of an existing barrier to
stop access to the private road by unauthorised vehicles.

The operation continued over a series of weekends throughout the summer to
educate off roaders and inform them which areas can and cannot be used. Where

                           Operational Updates            Appendix 1
                              Open Session
necessary, legislation was enforced, with more than 50 stops conducted and a total
of eight Section 59 warnings issued.



We have continued to target the park and surrounding area to deal with and deter
youths from using the area to drink and therefore cause problems to users of the
facility and local residents. We have seen a significant drop in calls and most patrols
have shown no signs of youth activity or littering on the grounds. The youth workers
have also been in the area talking to youths and engaging them in our activities.

Anti-Social Behaviour throughout the Cwmtillery ward has been targeted during the
month of July. Regular evening patrols have targeted anti-social behaviour wheret
any youths in the area are moved along, and any alcohol in their possession is
confiscated. On one evening alone, 16 cans of alcohol were seized from a group of
youths due to a call recorded from a member of the public. Following reports from
the public, test purchases have been made around shops in the Abertillery area, with
an aim to identify any shops that may be selling alcohol to under 18‟s. Anti-Social
behaviour Operations have been planned for the month of August and, with the help
of the public, we hope to continue to identify, and deal with the problem areas for
Anti-Social behaviour.


The neighbourhood team conducted over 500 speed surveys last month and found
that less than 10 were exceeding the speed limit and one was arrested for drink
driving. The team are investigating the installation of an automatic speed sensor
device on Commercial Road. This will give us a more accurate picture of traffic
On July 10th, dozens of dog fouling bags and educational leaflets were handed out at
community events in the area of Brynithel and Swffryd. Also in your area we have
arrested two people for possession of drugs, issued one with a fixed penalty notice
for parking and conducted searches on six persons for drugs. We recently undertook
a series of test purchases in licence premises which resulted in one store being fined
£80. Eleven children have been spoken to in relation to anti-social behaviour and
one ASBO referral has been submitted.
On Saturday 10th, July we attended the Swfrryd School Fun day and our colleagues
from the traffic department and dog unit also joined in the fun. The children were
delighted to be able to sit in the traffic car and on the police motor cycle, no to
mention getting up close to the dogs.

Six Bells

Regular evening patrols around the Six Bells Colliery Site have targeted anti-social
behaviour. Repeat patrols around the Colliery Site during the evenings have ensured
                            Operational Updates                 Appendix 1
                               Open Session
that any youths in the area are moved along, and any alcohol in their possession is
confiscated and ASBO referrals given to youths found in possession of alcohol Calls
to the Colliery site have dropped significantly in the last 3 months.


We will be working closely with our partners in the Environmental Health Department
and the Dog Wardens to clamp down on those allowing their dogs to foul in public
areas. Officers can now issue £75 instant fines to owners who do not clean up after
their pets.
Operations will be set up to target the problem areas highlighted. We will work with
our partner agencies and regularly patrol to deal and deter offenders.


In order to tackle criminal damage and anti-social behaviour an operation was held
between the Neighbourhood Team, Trading Standards and Special Constables. The
operation meant all previous problem hotspots were targeted continuously
throughout the night in order to reduce anti-social behaviour, any youths found
congregating were moved along.
Alcohol was confiscated and Anti Social Behaviour Order Referrals were made
where appropriate. At the same time 2 test purchase operations have been made
throughout the Abertillery wards, to prevent the selling of alcohol to underage youths.
Further operations have been planned over the next 4 months to prevent anti-social
behaviour and criminal damage throughout Cwmtillery.


Over the past month the Abertillery Ward team has continued to monitor and enforce
the PACT priority of speeding at Commercial Road, Aberbeeg. As a result, motorists
found exceeding the speed limit have been warned regarding their speed and
suitably advised regarding the consequences and safety implications. The Ward
team will continue to monitor and enforce the speed limit over the next few months.
Over the past month officers have been handing out dog bags and leaflets to local
dog owners seen walking their dogs offering advice both practically and verbally. The
local Neighbourhood Team are working with Blaenau Gwent council to identify areas
within the locality which could benefit from the sighting of dog bins or cleansing by
the councils Rapid Response unit.

Six Bells

High visibility patrols will continue to be made on the colliery site, incorporating Cwm
Nant y Groes playing fields and Windsor Road park into our patrol plans. Patrols will

                         Operational Updates            Appendix 1
                            Open Session
be made at key times to tackle the problem and a positive action policy will be
enforced by Gwent Police with regards to Anti Social Behaviour/underage drinking.
We will also continue to work along side our partner agencies (Trading
standards/Communities First) to alleviate all problems.
Gates/Fencing around the colliery site/Ebbw Fach trail is being looked into by
BGCBC as this is the main problem area for Off Road Vehicles




Neighbourhood Policing Teams have increased high visibility patrols over the past
month, specifically targeting underage drinking and anti-social behaviour. Large
quantities of alcohol have been seized and 6 ASBO referrals have been submitted
this month. The Neighbourhood Policing Teams have also liaised with BGCBC
environmental services and a large quantity of litter and empty beer cans etc have
been removed from the site, thus improving the landscape.
Neighbourhood Policing Teams have also affected 2 arrests upon individuals found
on the fan tip area and subsequently wanted for serious offences. We are continually
liaising with the Cwmcelyn tenants and residents association who are also actively
involved in this particular area, and through intelligence gathering, are further tackling
In the last month we have liaised with school senior staff and the school crossing
patrol staff member with a view to addressing parking/traffic issues outside the
school. We have provided assistance with traffic control up until the end of summer
term and a Neighbourhood Policing Team letter has been drafted which will be
handed to all parents and visitors to the school on the commencement of the
September term.

Continuous patrols have been carried out by both the neighbourhood team and
support group. Warrants/searches have been carried out on several houses within
the Bryn Farm Estate. We have been liaising with the local authority and in particular
the housing dept, to locate problem families within the estate. Several anti-social
behaviour referrals have been issued to persons in the area of the estate carrying out
such behaviour. Patrols have continued throughout the evenings in the area of
Brynmawr town and also KwikSave car park area. A speed sign has been situated at
Intermediate Road. This was a previous PACT priority and has been recording
speeds of vehicles in this area. The information captured on this device will be
downloaded and then results can be collated.


Patrols continue by local Ward Officers in the Waenheulog area. There have been no
major issues over the last month and police are liaising with the staff at Action for

                           Operational Updates            Appendix 1
                             Open Session
Children which is based on the estate and the Communities 1st staff, also based in
Nantyglo, with regards to events going on during the Summer months.
The local officers are making good in-roads with the locals in Waenheulog and a
rapport is being built up with both young and old on the estate.




This month we have continued to pay attention to the ward priorities. We are pleased
to say that no persons have been found drinking in the Badminton Grove area.

Over the past month we have conducted high visibility patrols within our PACT
priority areas. During the month we have seized and confiscated several containers
of alcohol off underage youths. ASBO referral forms have been submitted to those


During July, the Ebbw Vale Neighbourhood Policing Team has conducted team days
and operations on Friday evenings targeting all PACT priorities. Alcohol continues to
be confiscated from youths and adults when found in designated non drinking areas.

These Neighbourhood Team days and team operations have also targeted speeding
vehicles throughout Cwm Village. This area is now also regularly patrolled by the
Neighbourhood Police Team.

EVA‟s (Environmental Visual Audits) continue to be carried out, with details
forwarded to Blaenau Gwent Council. Much of the litter has been cleared from the
village area and part of the pavement in Marine Street has been cleaned.
Ebbw Vale South

A probationer operation was held on a Friday evening. A large number of officers
targeted the area resulting in a number of stop searches, anti-social behaviour
referrals and a quantity of alcohol being confiscated.
The Neighbourhood Team have continued with high visibility patrols in the area
targeting hot spots and ward priorities. As a result of such patrols, again anti-social
referrals have been made, stops searches conducted and alcohol confiscated. A
person has been dealt with for causing criminal damage to the window of Karpet
Forum on the Ebbw Vale town centre. A number of street surgeries have been held
for the ward and we are currently arranging further dates to conduct more in the area.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session
Ebbw Vale North

Throughout July the Ebbw Vale Neighborhood Policing Team have run a number
operations targeting PACT Priorities in the Ebbw Vale North ward. As a result of this
a number of people were stopped, anti social behavioral referrals made and alcohol
confiscated. This good work has continued in the ward by officers carrying out high
visibility patrols targeting hot spot areas, this has resulted in anti social behavioral
referrals being made and alcohol confiscated. Also a person has also been dealt with
for carrying an offensive weapon and drugs in the town centre area of Ebbw Vale. In
the Willow town area a person has been dealt with for carrying an offensive weapon.
Other news, we have been successful in starting police street surgeries in the ward
and have also started work with the police cadets.


During the month we have continued to patrol our hotspot areas. We are pleased to
announce that we have not received any reports or caught any offenders committing
anti-social behaviour. We have continued to conduct patrols regarding off road bikes
on the estate. We have not caught any offenders during the month.


We have continued to carry out high visibility foot patrols in and around the
Badminton Grove area addressing the PACT priority of youths drinking alcohol and
causing Anti-social behaviour in the area. No persons were found and no calls
relating to this have been made this month.
Officers in Blaenau Gwent are reminding residents the danger of animal traps after a
cat in the Ebbw Vale area was found caught and injured in a metal spring trap.


Over the past month we have conducted high visibility patrols within our PACT
priority areas. During the month we have seized and confiscated several containers
of alcohol off underage youths. ASBO referral forms have been submitted to those
responsible. We have had no calls during the month regarding the Greyhound P/H.
We are aware that some residents have called Gwent Police regarding Anti-Social
behaviour around the Beaufort Ballroom. We have targeted the area since the calls
and have not encountered any Anti social behaviour.


ASB between the Happy Shopper and Charlie Powell‟s Garage - Two local
individuals have been prosecuted regarding Public order / Anti-Social behaviour.
Officers are also continuing to apply with the Youth Court for a full Anti Social
Behaviour order and hope these cases will continue to set an example to others that
                            Operational Updates               Appendix 1
                               Open Session
Anti Social Behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated Patrols will continue and issues
found or reported to us will be positively dealt with.

Speeding Vehicles Marine Street - The team has not witnessed offending vehicles
this month but is aware of the issue and will continue to do random speed checks in
the area and deal with any offending vehicles found.

Ebbw Vale Neighbourhood policing Team are currently working with other partners to
achieve mobile Speed awareness signs to warn drivers of their speed in two areas in
Cwm. Additional members of the team are also being trained to use mobile Police
Speed Guns to aid with patrols regarding this matter.

Ebbw Vale South

A number of operations have been run to target the current PACT priorities for the
South ward. Operation Street Safe is running at weekends to target ward hot spots
and disorder calls. A large number of officers targeted the area resulting in a number
of stop searches, anti-social behaviour referrals and a quantity of alcohol confiscated.

Ebbw Vale North.

Throughout August, the Ebbw Vale Neighbourhood Policing Team has continued to
tackle the ward priorities. The Hilltop Shopping Centre has been regularly patrolled
and Anti Social Behaviour referrals have been submitted in relation to a number of
youths. Also youths have been moved from the area if they have been involved in
Anti Social Behaviour. Alcohol has also been seized from persons drinking in the
The Ward Team has continued to patrol the Greenways area of Hilltop and a youth
has had a „bong‟ confiscated, although it did not contain cannabis. The youth was
also searched.
The Ward Team has also targeted Anti Social Behaviour around Brynteg Terrace in
relation to youths drinking alcohol. Youths who have acted in an Anti Social manner
have been dealt with. A number of adults who are known users of controlled
substances have been stopped and searched in the area, to combat dealing of
controlled substances.


During the month we have continued to patrol our hotspot areas. We are pleased to
announce that we have had no reports or caught any offender's committing anti-
social behaviour. We have continued to conduct patrols regarding off road bikes on
the estate.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session



During the month of July, the Tredegar Neighbourhood Team conducted high
visibility patrols in the Georgetown area of Tredegar to cover the priorities that were
agreed at the PACT meeting held on 8th July 2010. A no cold calling zone for
Peacehaven is currently under review in order to help combat rogue traders. Youths
were spoken to regarding wildlife crime and the Comprehensive school and parents
were informed. The Streetgames programme is ongoing weather permitting in
Southend Park where youths can play a variety of ball games free of charge.


In July, the Tredegar Sirhowy Ward Team have targeted anti social behaviour in the
area. Steps are in hand with partnership agencies such as United Welsh Housing
Association to combat the stone throwing that some residents are experiencing. The
Ward Team will continue to work alongside Partners and residents alike to tackle this

In Trefil and Waundeg, a joint operation in conjunction with Dyfed Powys and Traffic
Officers is underway to address the off-road vehicles. A new barrier has been placed
across the entrance to the quarry to limit access to the area and to dissuade those
from attending the quarry. New signage has been put in place to notify those
travelling to the area of the restricted access and barrier.


In July, the Tredegar Central and West Team actively targeted anti social behaviour
in the Town Centre. An operation is currently running throughout the weekdays and
summer holidays to tackle such calls .One of the main instigators for such behaviour
is currently in the Court process of having an ASBO applied. The seizure of alcohol
has reduced due to the amount of patrols. Officers continue to actively patrol these
areas and enforce legislation. In Charles Street, speed checks have been conducted
using equipment showing the speed of vehicles. A plain Traffic car has also been
used, whereby fixed penalty tickets were issued.



Throughout August the Tredegar Neighbourhood Team conducted high visibility
patrols to meet the PACT priorities of anti-social behaviour in the Central and East
area of Georgetown, by means of an anti-social behaviour operation. Youths have
had alcohol seized and antisocial referrals received by their parents. As a result of
                          Operational Updates              Appendix 1
                             Open Session
this an environmental visual audit was also completed to combat the litter left by the
youths. Youths who have continued to commit antisocial behaviour have been
positively dealt with.

The Streetgame project continues in Southend Park – weather permitting! This has
proved a success and has involved children and youths of all ages interacting with
each other and with the volunteers, which included members of the community
The ward team are continuing to work with the local trading standards team to
implement a no cold calling zone in Peacehaven. A site visit was completed in
Peacehaven to assess where the no cold calling signage would be displayed. Shortly
a survey will be completed by officers, police cadets and trading standards with all
residents in this area.


An increased number of high-visibility patrols have been carried out in the Sirhowy,
Dukestown and Ystrad Deri areas in order to tackle Antisocial behaviour in the area.
Police have received a decrease in calls regarding antisocial behaviour. Letters, in
conjunction with Tai Calon housing, victim support, United Welsh housing and Gwent
Police, have been distributed in the Sirhowy area in an appeal to receive information
on youths responsible for antisocial behaviour.

The ward team have continued to carry out patrols to tackle the issue of anti-social
behaviour in the Sirhowy area of the ward. This has led to a reduction of approx 17%
of calls of an anti-social nature.
The ward team also carried out an operation, together with partner agencies, in
regards to the issue of off-road vehicles in the Trefil Quarry area. This has
significantly reduced the number of calls in regards to the number of off-road vehicles
in the area.


With regards to the issues of illegal parking in the town centre area specially on
Commercial Street , Tredegar Neighbourhood officers have issued a total of 24 Fixed
Penalty tickets to the drivers parking their vehicles illegally on Loading Only and
Disabled Bays since the beginning of August 2010.

Neighbourhood officers have also tackled the anti social behaviour in and around the
town centre area of Tredegar where alcohol has been seized, “Direction to leave”
served and ASBO referrals have been made. The latest figure shows that there is
38.6% down on anti-social calls this year compared to 2009.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

Crime Day

A one-day operation in the Caerphilly County Borough resulted in 22 arrests for a
number of offences. Officers carried out a number of search warrants in properties
across the area to target criminal activity on 1st September.

Officers from each of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams in Caerphilly, as well as the
Neighbourhood Support Team, Response, Roads Policing, Dogs Unit and Armed
Response took part in the operation.

During the day, numerous arrests were made including:
    Four arrests for burglary
    Four arrests for criminal damage
    Three arrests for theft
    Two arrests for breach of bail
    Two arrests for Section 39 Assault
    Two arrests for court warrants
    One arrest for breach of a probation order
    One arrest for Actual Bodily Harm
    One arrest for theft from a motor vehicle
    One arrest for possession with intent to supply
    One arrest for possession of a bladed article

3 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued for road traffic offences, such as driving whilst
using a mobile phone.

Student Officers team up with Neighbourhood Officers

Gwent Police Neighbourhood Officers in the Caerphilly county borough held a day of
action against illegal parking recently, together with 22 new student police officers.

Officers targeted areas right across the county borough, which were identified as
suffering problems with motorists ignoring parking restrictions, including local town

Illegal parking is currently a PACT priority in a number of wards across the area,
including Llanbradach, Bargoed, Pontlottyn, Crumlin and Nelson.

On the day, 21 Non-Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notices (£30 fines) were issued for a
variety of parking offences, such as parking on double yellow lines, parking in a
disabled bay with no disabled badge displayed and parking in loading bays.

One Non-Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notice (£60 Fine) was issued to a motorist for
not wearing a seatbelt, whilst another Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notice was issued
(£60 Fine and three points) to a motorist for driving whilst using a mobile phone.

                      Operational Updates       Appendix 1
                        Open Session
Scrap Metal Operation

Police officers across the Caerphilly county borough took part in a day of action
recently to target the theft, illegal carrying and sale of scrap metal. Local
Neighbourhood Policing Teams together with the Gwent Police ANPR (Automatic
Number Plate Recognition) Unit and Roads Policing Team worked with the DVLA
and Environment Agency Wales to hold a multi-agency operation at the end of July.

Officers visited local scrap metal dealers and details of the vehicles and drivers were
recorded and verified to ensure that the vehicles were roadworthy. Breaches of
trader licensing regulations were also identified and any criminal activity detected.
The operation was held right across the county borough.

On the day (Friday 30th July 2010):
    Eight vehicles were seized under Section 165 for not having insurance, and
      one person was reported for not having insurance
    One person was arrested for possession of drugs
    Two people were arrested for being wanted on warrant

Officers also seized three quarters of a tonne of copper from premises in the Risca
area that was believed to be stolen. Environment Agency Wales also issued 18
tickets to people without waste carrier licences. They have ten days to adhere to the
tickets and register as a waste carrier or they will be taken to court.


Drugs Warrants Executed

A number of warrants and operations have been held in the Bargoed area during July
and August. A drugs warrant was executed on one house, where 17 cannabis plants
and hydroponics equipment were seized. One male was arrested and charged with
the cultivation of cannabis.

Bargoed School Pupils to collect cop cards

Bargoed primary school children will soon be collecting cop cards to encourage them
to get to know their local bobby. Each member of the Bargoed Neighbourhood
Policing Team will be getting their own „Know Your Bobby‟ card showing their name
and picture, together with a safety tip, such as how to stay safe when out and about.

The telephone number and e-mail address for the team is also on the back of the
card, in case they or their parents ever need to get in contact with their local
neighbourhood officer.
The scheme will be launching for certain age groups in local primary schools next
term, and pupils will receive a collectors board with three cards already printed on
them to get them started.

Throughout the term, they will need to collect the remaining 13 cards from officers
when they see them patrolling in the area. The scheme has been made possible

                         Operational Updates           Appendix 1
                            Open Session
thanks to funding that has been received from the Greater Bargoed Communities
First Partnership.

Parking on double yellow lines

The Aberbargoed ward officers have been working to address issues with motorists
parking on double yellow lines along Highfield Crescent. A meeting has been held
with the local councillor, residents and the Highways department to look at solutions
to the problem.


Scrap Metal Operation – Bedwas and Caerphilly

Officers from Bedwas and Caerphilly Neighbourhood Policing Teams worked with the
Gwent Police ANPR Unit and Roads Policing Team to target scrap metal thefts and
illegal traders in these areas during a one-day operation.

On the day (Tuesday 10th August 2010):
    Four people were arrested for court warrants, including non-payment of fines
    One person was arrested for TADA (Taking And Driving Away) and for not
      having driving documents
    One vehicle was seized under Section 165 for not having insurance
    One stolen vehicle was recovered

Caerphilly License Holder Prosecuted

A Caerphilly county borough license holder has been prosecuted for allowing the
underage sale of alcohol on their premises. The owner of The New Wingfield Hotel in
Llanbradach was taken to court after allowing the sale of two bottles of Blue WKD
alcopops to a 14-year old female and a 16-year-old male during a test purchase by
Caerphilly County Borough Council‟s Trading Standards team.

The defendant appeared at Caerphilly Magistrates on 9th August 2010. They
pleaded guilty and were ordered to pay a £500 fine, together with £439.02
investigative costs and a £15 victim surcharge. The employee who served the
youngsters with the alcohol was issued with an £80 Penalty Notice for Disorder

Summer engagement success in Trethomas, Bedwas

Two PCSOs in Bedwas held a youth engagement project this summer, which helped
to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour. The PCSOs approached the local leisure
centre in Trethomas who agreed to allow them to use the astroturf for two hours, 6-
8pm every Thursday evening. The two officers altered their rotas to accommodate
this for the five weeks of the project, which attracted over 100 predominantly male
youths in the target age group, 11-17 year olds, during the five weeks. Each week
they took part in sporting activities with the young people, some of whom were
already known to them for taking part in anti-social behaviour.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session
Operation Park

The Bedwas Neighbourhood Policing Team held an operation in Lansbury Park to
tackle incidents of anti-social behaviour, supported by other officers from across the
LPU. The operation ran from 5th August to 22nd August 2010. During that time the
area experienced a reduction in the number of calls about anti-social behaviour. In
July, there were 75 calls for anti-social behaviour, and in August there were 45 calls
– a reduction of around 40%. The area also experienced a reduction in crime by
approximately 25% between July and August.

During the operation, officers arrested one individual for section four and resisting
arrest and two individuals were arrested for breach of bail. Officers also stopped and
searched two individuals and stopped 15 other individuals on their patrols of the
area. Three people were issued with anti-social behaviour referrals.


Know Your Bobby Cards

All of the children that successfully collected the full set of Know Your Bobby cards
were treated to a reward day at the end of the summer term. The scheme was run
with Cefn Fforest Primary School and Markham Primary School.

The ward officers for Cefn Fforest arranged a disco for all of the children that
collected the cards together with the primary school. A local shop provided a tuck
shop for the children and they were given goody bags. Two officers from the Dog
Section also attended to show them the different dogs that Gwent Police uses and
what they are used for.

The ward officers for Argoed also arranged a fun day for the local primary school
children who collected the full set of cards. Pupils from Markham Primary School were
treated to a disco at the end of term in July and everyone was given a medal, goody
bag and a neon wrist band to help motorists see them in the dark.

Big Lunch

The Argoed ward officers attended the Big Lunch in Markham on 18th July. Due to
the bad weather the event was moved inside Markham Leisure Centre, although it
was still well attended. They gave out crime prevention advice to the residents that

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders – Blackwood

Two brothers from Caerphilly county borough are the latest to receive Anti-Social
Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) after a catalogue of anti-social behaviour in and around
their community. Each received a two year ASBO from Caerphilly Magistrates (2nd
September 2010) after a series of anti-social incidents in the Pontllanfraith and
surrounding areas of Caerphilly county borough.

                          Operational Updates   Appendix 1
                            Open Session
Execution of drugs warrant

On 13th August, the Blackwood Neighbourhood Policing Team executed a search
warrant in the Argoed area under the misuse of drugs act and seized a large quantity
of cannabis plants. A local male was arrested and charged to appear in Caerphilly
Magistrates Court.

Bedwellty Show, Blackwood

Local officers and staff attended the Bedwellty Show on 21st and 22nd August in the
Blackwood Showfields, together with the Blackwood Crime Prevention Panel. The
police trailer was present, and officers used the opportunity the provide crime
prevention advice to local residents. They also held a shed „items on view‟
competition, and made badges and keyrings for children. Despite the weather on the
first day the event was well attended.


Scrap Metal Operation – Bedwas and Caerphilly

Officers from Bedwas and Caerphilly Neighbourhood Policing Teams worked with the
Gwent Police ANPR Unit and Roads Policing Team to target scrap metal thefts and
illegal traders in these areas during a one-day operation.

On the day (Tuesday 10th August 2010):
    Four people were arrested for court warrants, including non-payment of fines
    One person was arrested for TADA (Taking And Driving Away) and for not
      having driving documents
    One vehicle was seized under Section 165 for not having insurance
    One stolen vehicle was recovered

Summer Youth Scheme Success

A summer scheme kept young people in Caerphilly busy over the summer holidays,
providing them with free activities to take part in. Local PCSO Iwan Adams worked
with the Caerphilly Leisure Centre Manager to set up the scheme at St Martin‟s
Comprehensive School. The scheme attracted young people between the ages of 11
and 16 in July and August.

Big Cheese, Caerphilly

Local officers and staff attended the Big Cheese in Caerphilly on 24 th and 25th July,
together with the Caerphilly Crime Prevention Panel. The police trailer was present,
and officers used the opportunity the provide crime prevention advice to local
residents. They also held a shed „items on view‟ competition, and made badges and
keyrings for children.


TREADS Project
                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

A unique project in Rhymney has been educating young people about the dangers of
off-road riding as well as giving them opportunities to learn new skills. The Treads
project, believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, was launched earlier this summer
in response to concerns about anti-social and illegal off-road riding.

In addition to regular enforcement in the area, the project aimed to educate young
people about the dangers of illegal off-road riding as well as to encourage them to
ride on legal tracks.

Local teenagers were invited to apply for the project, and five of those who were
initially interviewed have just successfully completed the intensive eleven week
course. In order to successfully complete the course, they had to pass each element,
including keeping out of trouble with the police.

Over the eleven weeks the young people took part in a diverse range of activities.
This included a visit to Ystrad Mynach College where they had the opportunity to
speak to the college students about the importance of education and gain inspiration
from the students‟ own stories and experiences.

They also spent time working with qualified mechanics at Thunder Road Motorcycles
where they were taught how to identify and fix faults on motorcycles and gain
valuable insight about the protective equipment needed to ride motorcycles safely.

An emphasis was also put on First Aid and injuries associated with motorcycles use
– each of the five successfully gained a First Aid qualification. They also had to face
a hard hitting presentation by the Gwent Police Collision Investigation Unit, which
highlighted the dangers associated with irresponsible motorcycling.

Countryside Rangers with the Forestry Commission took the group out in 4x4
vehicles to show them first hand the environmental impact of illegal off-road riding.
The young people had to learn the skill of dry stone walling under the guidance of
Groundwork and built a five metre section of dry stone wall to earn an OCN

They also visited the Newport Speedway as VIP guests of the Newport Wasps
Motorcycle Speedway team and gained inspiration from their life stories.

At the end of the course, each participant had to prepare and deliver a presentation
to their friends, family and other VIP guests at a special event hosted by the Deputy
Mayor, Councillor Vera Davies.

The five participants, who successfully completed the course, were rewarded with a
day of intensive off-road motorcycle training at the Yamaha Off-Road Experience in
Llanidloes. This is one of the UK‟s leading off road schools and operated by ten times
British Motorcycle Enduro champion, Geraint Jones.

Work is now underway on phase two of the Treads Project, to try and secure a
number of local legal riding facilities where young people who have completed the
Treads Project will be able to regularly attend and ride motorcycles. The young
people will have to earn the right to take part in the ongoing opportunities to ride

                             Operational Updates       Appendix 1
                                Open Session
motorcycles by completing an agreed number of community work hours and keeping
out of trouble with the police.

Alcohol seized in New Tredegar

Over 110 items of alcohol have been seized from under-18s in New Tredegar this
summer, as part of an operation to tackle underage drinking and associated anti-
social behaviour. Officers from the Rhymney Neighbourhood Policing Team seized
the alcohol on four Friday nights in July and August, together with Caerphilly County
Borough Council‟s Community Safety Wardens.

The British Transport Police were also involved in the operation and were patrolling
Tirphil train station and confiscating alcohol from any under-18s. The alcohol was
mainly seized from teenagers in Grove Park.

In total 35 individuals were stopped and searched. Three people were issued with
anti-social behaviour referrals during the operation and three people were arrested
for public order and drugs related offences.

Phillipstown Fun Day

A fun day was held in Phillipstown at the beginning of August. The local ward officers
attended the event to interact with the local community.

Public Order Event

Public order trained officers invited residents to an open training event in Rhymney in
July, to explain their role and show how they diffuse potential confrontational
situations. Officers from the Gwent Police Support Group held the event at Rhymney
Comprehensive School in response to NPIA Recommendations that more training
should be held in the public domain.

Members of the public as well as local councillors came along to watch the live
training event, try on the protective equipment they use, and learn more about how
difficult it can be to deal with confrontational situations.

The Support Group ran through a number of training scenarios, including the „angry
man‟ scenario, dealing with traffic blockades as well as demonstrating the use of a


Drugs Warrants

The Risca Neighbourhood Policing Team has conducted several drug warrants in the
area over the last couple of months. This has resulted in drugs being seized and
individuals being arrested for possession, possession with intent to supply and for the
cultivation of cannabis. A number of these individuals are currently on police bail and
some were given formal warnings.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session
Vehicle Damage

On 20th July a call was received reporting an intoxicated male walking along the
street scratching vehicles. In total he caused damage to 17 vehicles parked between
Crosskeys College and Crosskeys Traffic Lights and was arrested.

Arrest for Burglary

A known offender in the Risca area was arrested on suspicion of burglary after he
was captured on CCTV using bank cards that were stolen from the burglary. The
male is currently remanded for court.

Scrap Metal

Officers received a report of scrap metal being stolen from the Wattsville area and
loaded into a vehicle. The vehicle was stop checked and found to contain a large
amount of scrap metal. Two people were arrested.

Cycling Project

The PCSO for the Abercarn area has acquired the use of three acres of woodland
from a local landowner to use as a cycle track. The introduction of a cycle track will
hopefully help to alleviate anti-social behaviour in the area. This venture, which is
currently in its infancy, will be organised by local businesses who are donating
money into the project.

Summer Events

July and August has been a busy time in the Risca area with Neighbourhood Officers
being involved with local Fetes and Carnivals including the Risca Carnival, Rugby
Club Fete, Pontymister Fete and an Ynysddu five-a-side football match to name a
few. At a number of the events the officers organised stalls and provided crime
prevention advice to local residents.


ASBO – Cefn Hengoed area

On 23rd August 2010 at Caerphilly Magistrates Court, ASBO proceedings
commenced against a prolific male youth from the Cefn Hengoed area. This
application is being progressed by the local CADRO, PC 1014 Jones and the local
ward officer, PC 583 Lang. Through joint working with CCBC tenancy enforcement
possession of the family home is also being sort.

Breach of ASBO – Hengoed

A female from the Hengoed area who was recently made subject of an ASBO was
arrested for breaching the order on 21st July 2010. As a result the female was
charged and has received a suspended prison sentence.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

                                  NEWPORT LPU


Results Operation Prudent & Dynamic

110 Stop Searches        (running total now 1087 from Aug „09 – Aug 10)
138 Intelligence Logs   (running total now 1528 from Aug „09 –Aug 10)
Action Days 13

Significant Arrests

Possession of Class A with intent to supply x 7
Possession of Class B&C x 5
*Violent Disorder x 2
Burglary x 2
Attempt Robbery x 2
35 further arrests including: Theft, Assaults, (1x Pc) Racial Harassment, Bladed
Article, Neglect and Public Order offences.

Annual Pill Carnival policed by 10 Local Neighbour Officers and 6 Pcso‟s . Urgent
Assistance requested by officers as a result of 100 plus persons throwing bottles and
other missiles at officers.
RS units, K units, HF units, HG unit in attendance.
Tazer was authorised resulting in persons being 'red, dotted'.
The majority of the group now dispersed from the area.
One officer received a broken hand, however no other injuries were reported.
A total of 11 persons were arrested.
A debrief is planned for organisers to review the event.

Update from Report ending June 2010,

Warrant at 24 A Potter Street, 2 firearms and 99 grams of heroin and cocaine, male
found guilty of possession with intent and possession of firearm, sentenced to three
years at Cardiff Crown Court.


Duffryn, Newport
£4,500 worth of Cannabis Bush, in 400 x £10 deals & 415 x £50 deals. One male
arrested for possession with intent to supply, pending forensic results.

7 bags of Cannabis Bush, £115 cash and associated paraphernalia seized. One
male arrested for possession with intent to supply, pending forensic results.


                          Operational Updates           Appendix 1
                            Open Session
Third warrant in recent months at address, Small amount of Heroin, no further
evidence of dealing, One male cautioned for possession.

6 Wraps of Amphetamine located, one male arrested for possession with intent to
supply, pending forensic results.

Bettws, Newport
As a result of a vehicle stop check in the West Mercia area, where a substantial
amount of counterfeit currency was located in a vehicle, together with two illegal
immigrants, two house searches were completed in the Gwent Area. A cannabis
factory was located at Darent Walk, resulting in 50 cannabis plants seized and two
person arrested for possession with intent, pending forensic results and two males

Operation ‘Clean Up’

Operation carried out over four days, together with Newport County Council, Housing
Benefits Officers, DVLA and RSL‟s.


64 Commercial vehicles suspected of carrying commercial waste were stopped and
Notices issued pursuant with Section 34 of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act.
3 notices to produce waste certificates
3 notices to purchase waste carriage licences.

One vehicle seized.

Pride In Newport Team

420Kg of fly tipped waste removed by the Council‟s PINT Team


Graffiti Removal – Newport City Council

Benches along Alexandra Road
Library and Community Centre
Commercial Road Signs
Bus Stops sited outside Poundland
Electric box sited outside Ann Barton‟s Florist Shop
Electric Boxes sited in front of Jamia Mosque
All Bus Shelters along Commercial Road were cleansed and washed.
Commercial Road – mechanically swept and litter picked

Newport City Homes

The Caretakers Alan and Ken carried out a general litter pick and removed any „white
goods‟ and fly tipping in the following areas

                             Operational Updates         Appendix 1
                                Open Session
Williams Close
Knight Close
Charlotte Green
Charlotte Walk
New Street
James Street
The cost of tipping this at the Landfill Site was £38.65

Commercial Waste

20 Commercial Premises, who do have a contract with Newport City Council, were
visited to review their contracts.

14- Non-Newport City Council Commercial Premises were contacted and provided
with information on managing Commercial Waste.

3 Non-Commercial Premises signed contracts with Newport City Council.
21 Residential Flats – Landlords contacted re: domestic waste management

Letter Drop/Contact Advice

106 Domestic waste advice letters delivered to ALL residential properties at
Commercial Road.
40 Advice letters sent to Commercial Retail premises with the matter of dealing with
„Street Litter‟

Investigations/fraud officers at Housing Benefits

45 people interviewed.
13 live outside our area so e-mails have been sent to the relevant Authorities.

7 Cases being investigated into fraudulent claims, including
1 living together, 2 for undeclared work & 1 non dependant living with his parent, 2
addresses identified with Single Persons Discount
1 address awarded an empty exemption, but used as current address

Off Road Bikes

Operations carried out over several weekends in the highlighted areas by Local
Neighbourhood Policing Teams.
23 Off road bikes seized.
32 x Sec 59 warnings have been issued.
(total figures during June, July & Aug)

Calls for off road bikes were showing more than 23 during the month of June,
dropping in July and showing less than 6 during August.

Dispersal Order

                          Operational Updates               Appendix 1
                             Open Session
Since the authorisation of the Dispersal Orders in the Rogerstone and Thornbury
Park, there has been a reduction in Anti social Behaviour and Crime.

The Graig showed a reduction of 23.5% in crime and 36.1% in anti social behaviour

Rogerstone showed a reduction of 18.2% in crime and 15.1% in anti social behaviour


Anti Social Behaviour – Cot Farm Circle, Ringland Ward.

Following the PACT meeting that was held in May 2010, the public identified that
there was a persistent issue of anti social behaviour at this location.
The Ringland NPT has instigated a multi agency approach to the ongoing issue and
has requested that other agencies engage with a view to identifying a long term
solution to the issue.

Some of the problems identified were youths urinating in the stairwells, drinking
alcohol and smoking cannabis. Other youths were seen to be regularly climbing on
garages and throwing stones at residents‟ houses.

The NPT requested that a crime prevention survey was conducted at the location by
a Crime Prevention Officer. The recommendations within the report were shared with
the partners, including the social landlord, Newport City Homes.

To date, Newport City Homes have surveyed all residents and encouraged the
residents to bid for money from a regeneration fund. Money from this fund will be
used to aesthetically improve the flats in Cot Farm Circle.

PCSO‟s have been tasked with creating a Neighbourhood Watch / residents‟
Association and this is has just commenced with all residents actively involved.
Targeted patrols by the local ward managers and PCSO‟s have been required, and
NSU and Response officers have been advised of the ongoing problem and
additional patrols requested via BATS. Alcohol has been seized from youths found
drinking in the stairwell. Cannabis has been seized from young offenders.

The ward managers have conducted joint visits with Newport City Homes on the
parents of children identified to be frequenting the location. Parents have been
advised that their children will face potential injunctions if they continue to blight the
lives of Newport City Homes‟ tenants. In addition, Newport City Homes‟ tenants
whose children are identified as being involved have been advised that their tenancy
agreements will be reviewed should their children continue to cause ASB in the area.

Children as young as 9 years up to 15 years that have been identified as causing
ASB and of throwing stones have been referred to the Youth Offending Service. YOS
are now working with the young people in an attempt to divert them from a life of
crime and ASB.

                         Operational Updates               Appendix 1
                           Open Session
The Community Safety Wardens, a key partner in the multi agency problem solving
process have also conducted targeted patrols in the Cot Farm Circle area.

Newport Youth Service who are based in the Ringland area have completed
outreach work and are engaging with young people who to date have not used their
services. It is anticipated that a lot of the young people will be diverted from their anti
social activities by the Youth Service.

The long turn prognosis for the area of Cot farm Circle is promising. All partners are
working together well, and it is anticipated that in the spring, a „Clean Up‟ operation
similar to one that was completed in Somerton will take place in the Cot Farm Circle
area. It is anticipated that offenders who are on probation will be required to assist in
cleaning up the area in a bid to improve the visual impact of the area.

The work undertaken in the 3.5 months since the PACT meeting will be presented to
the Ringland community at the PACT meeting on the 16th September at Ringland
Labour Club.

Off Road Bikes – Glebelands, St. Julians Ward .

During this summer the Glebelands area of the St Julians ward has suffered with an
issue of persons riding off road scrambler type motorbikes. This issue has been
extremely problematical to deal with due to the very nature of this type of anti social
behaviour, as well as the location this has occured.

The St Julians team having recognised that there was an issue of these off road
bikes have concentrated their efforts throughout the summer to deal with this
problem. We have liaised with numerous groups of the local community who have
been adversely affected by this behaviour in order to gather the necessary
intelligence and evidence in order to provide identification of those responsible, which
is a small number of persons responsible.

Due to the excellent links we have forged with the local community we have been
able to obtain witness statements, identify on several occasions those responsible,
who have been subsequently reported for the offences involved. Where applicable
those responsible have been issued with a warning notice, which explains that if they
continue the police will have the power to confiscate the motorbike being used. We
are awaiting the results of 5 current court cases in relation to this issue which will
make a significant positive difference.

We have also looked at preventative measures and we have liaised with our multi
agency colleagues to readdress areas of insecurity of the area, with a view to
installing 'kissing gates' at key locations thereby restricting the accessibility of the
area to offenders. One location point has already been altered which has reduced
the overall problem greatly.


Allt-yr-Yn Ward

                         Operational Updates               Appendix 1
                            Open Session
Drugs warrant was executed at Coriander Close, resulting in the recovery of related
items and a male was arrested at the scene for unrelated matters.

Operation Trixie, Car crime initiative. The initial idea is to cover all the effected wards.
The operation is running for the summer and will continue into the autumn. The
operation is primarily at night and officers have been coming on duty at 4am at the
core times to deter and detect related offences. This is linked in with the deployment
of the capture car and distribution of promotional items highlighting vehicles that have
items on display.

Gaer Ward

Operation Clean up is in the stages of being planned and is a multi agency approach
to cleaning up the area. This will involve Police, Fire brigade, Newport homes,
wardens, environmental health. Purpose of the operation is to improve the
environment, as well as dealing with issues and any offences disclosed.

Drugs warrant was executed at Bassaleg Road, Newport, following community
concerns over activities at the address. Large quantity of drugs found and male
arrested. Drugs had been packaged ready for supply to other unknown persons and
male has attempted to flush the property down the toilet. Fortunately the property
floated and was recovered.

Shaftesbury Ward

Speeding operation linked with PACT priorities, Ward officers have been deployed in
the area with speed Guns. The purpose of this ongoing operation is to enforce the
speed limits, inform, educate and deal with a PACT priority. It is anticipated the
operation will continue for the foreseeable future.

Cannabis factory was located in the Shaftesbury Ward area. This resulted in the
seizure of a substantial number of plants and equipment. One male was arrested for
the cannabis and two other persons have been identified from marks found on the

Stow Hill Ward

The officers on the stow hill ward have again been involved in Operation Dipper at
the start of the summer period, this involved officers in plain clothes, and PCSO‟s
patrolling the city centre. The objective was to look at and target Crime and ASB
within the day time economy. A number of Lanyards have been distributed, along
with safer Newport literature and other branded items.

Operation Clean Up;

Purpose of the operation was to deal with begging and anti social behaviour on the
city. The operation resulted in 15 people having Alcohol seized, 5 moved on for
begging, 1 arrested for public order, 2 for shoplifting, 2 for possessing drugs and an
arrest for Hate crime. 231 items seized from unlicensed traders.

                             Operational Updates             Appendix 1
                                 Open Session
The Dispersal order is still in force and has shown a dramatic drop in the level of ASB
in the area, and continues to be enforced.

The team has been dealing with some specific ASB linked to brothels within the
ward, centred on Oakfield road, Newport. As a result the team has been targeting
local taxi firms and spoken to people connected with the brothel about the ASB.
Closer examination of the events surrounding the area has revealed that the ASB is
not wholly attributable to premises in the locality. This continues to be a team priority
in dealing with the ASB.

Newport Transport Team

Operation Bust, an ASB operation by the team targeting ASB and resulting in a
number of stop searches and a reduction in ASB on the bus routes.

They have also been involved in operation Emlyn. This operation was run to target
vehicles causing road traffic offences through Emlyn Street, by driving through
designated bus lanes and no right turns from Lower Dock Street into Emlyn Street.
Over a course of 3 days the operation ran for 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the
evening resulting in 168 fixed penalties being issued.

Operation Coral is the enforcement of obstructions in bus lanes and disruption to
Newport Transport. This operation is still running and will continue to do so for the
remainder of September.

The anti bullying DVD is in its final stages of completion and is currently in the post
production phase. A formal viewing will be in Newport at the cinema and details will
be disclosed once the video has been finalised. The video focuses on ASB on the
buses and the after effects of such incidents. This is targeted at youths on school
routes, but also other bus users and drivers.

The team as a whole have contributed to the Policing of the following events;

 The Big Splash - a festival of arts along the riverfront.
 Hope Revolution – A partnership approach with The Kings Church to clean up
  local parks.
 St John‟s Investiture, blessing of a new Ambulance.
 Cage Fighting, Boxing, Concerts, Tattoo Convention and other events at the
  Leisure centre.
 Licensing operations with NCC, trading standards and the fire brigade.
 TJ‟s in the square – John Sicolo tribute concert and engagement opportunity.
 Newport City Festival – A number of dance events in and around the city centre.

All four areas have held a PACT meeting, with objectives set on the database.

Figures for the team;

 Arrests         72
 Stops/Dispersals          174
 FPN                       434
                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                        Open Session
 Alcohol Seizures    14
 Accidents           10
 S59                 2

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

                                    TORFAEN LPU


Drugs Operation

Pontypool Neighbourhood Team have continued their efforts in tackling the issue of
drug supply within the section. The team has been active in obtaining high quality,
reliable intelligence using their excellent links with the local community. As a result of
community intelligence received the team co-ordinated a force wide operation and
lead a series of drugs warrants executed across local authority borders into
Monmouthshire. During these warrants, 4 persons were arrested at two separate
addresses, resulting in 1.5KG of amphetamine and £8000 in cash being seized.

Off Road Bikes

Pontypool team have been involved in proactive operations to continue to combat off
road vehicle nuisance in the local area, in partnership with Countryside Wardens.
The efforts have been recognised by local residents who have sent messages of
appreciation to the team and have resulted in improved links and confidence with
these communities affected. Neighbourhood Teams in Torfaen will be maintaining
the pressure on those involved in illegal off road biking/riding with a number of
planned partnership operations continuing into the autumn and winter.

Anti Social Behaviour

Officers from Blaenavon Neighbourhood team have been active in targeting anti
social behaviour hotspots throughout the school holiday period as a result of public
concern. An operation at the Astro Turf Pitch in Blaenavon resulted in 92 alcoholic
drinks being seized by officers from under age drinkers. Further work to enhance the
education of young people and engaging them in more productive activity is in the
final stages of planning and will be reported upon during the next report.


Residents of Torfaen raised their concerns regarding speeding vehicles at the recent
PACT meetings in the borough. As a result teams from both Pontypool and Cwmbran
organised with the Camera Safety Partnership high profile operations to deal with
speed enforcement and education, which resulted in positive partnership action to
tackle the issue and providing reassurance to the communities in that we are dealing
with the issues that concern them most. Persons were prosecuted for offences and
one vehicle was seized during the operation.

Metal Thefts

Theft of scrap and other metals is an ever increasing problem throughout the County.
One particular area within the New Inn and Panteg wards has been targeted on
several occasions. Officers have carried out good work recently in responding to this
issue and have recently arrested several persons suspected of being involved in

                          Operational Updates             Appendix 1
                             Open Session
such offences, this has included members of security staff working on some of the

Arson Arrest

An incident occurred in the Pontypool area where a male had gone to his ex partners
address and had set fire to the premises. Police responded to the incident and began
to investigate and co-ordinate a search for the suspect. Following some excellent
work by officers and community support officers from both the local Neighbourhood
Team and the Neighbourhood Support Unit the male was pursued, restrained and
arrested during which he made attempts to reach for a knife that was concealed on
his body. All officers and staff involved were safe and uninjured as a result and the
male was arrested, charged with the offence of „Arson with intent to endanger life‟
and was later remanded in custody.

Community Engagement

Pontypool neighbourhood team in partnership with the Gwent Police community
cohesion team; have been furthering already established networks with members of
the local gypsy traveller communities. Recent national concerns had raised the fear
of crime amongst these communities, which locally were reduced by the effective
dialogue between the local policing teams and gypsy traveller groups, who were
provided with crime prevention and safety advice along with the issue of personal
alarms to help provide reassurance and to reduce their concerns.


Crime and Disorder.

In July and August 2010 Cwmbran Neighbourhood team have executed a total of six
drugs warrants at premises across the section. The team have been proactive in
relation to intelligence gathering on known offenders within the wards. Five out of the
six warrants executed were positive results, four offenders are currently on bail for
possession with intent to supply controlled drugs. During the execution of the search
warrants the neighbourhood team were supported by colleagues from the Support
Group, Dog Section and the armed response unit. During the recent PACT meetings
held across Cwmbran during July, positive feedback has been received from
residents who support the positive action taken by the team.

During August 2010 Cwmbran Neighbourhood team together with Torfaen Trading
Standards Dept have conducted test purchasing operations targeting off-licences and
proxy sales. The operation was conducted as a result of community concerns
involving alcohol related offences involving youths predominantly at the weekends. A
total of ten premises were checked with two £80 fixed penalty notices being issued to
licensee‟s for selling alcohol to children.

Anti-social behaviour

                          Operational Updates              Appendix 1
                             Open Session
During the months of July and August 2010 Cwmbran Neighbourhood team have
continued to target the consistent problem in relation to off-road bikes. Operations
have been conducted within the Upper Cwmbran, St Dials, Fairwater and
Greenmeadow wards as part of the on going operation Cassowary. The team have
been successful in obtaining extra funding with a business case and have worked
together with residents, detached youth workers, roads policing unit and Support
group in identifying and dealing with offenders. The success of this work has
received positive feedback from residents at the PACT meetings held in July across
Cwmbran. Residents and the wider community have reported a reduction in offences
at Greenmeadow and Upper Cwmbran wards.

In July and August 2010 Cwmbran Neighbourhood team together with the support
from Cwmbran Shopping security have conducted high visibility patrols within the
town centre and associated car parks to reduce recent reports of anti-social
behaviour. The increased patrols were also implemented to deal with the school
holidays which historically have seen increases in reported anti-social behaviour

The volume of anti-social behaviour calls have remained low compared to the same
period in 2009, this has been supported by feedback received from Cwmbran
Shopping CCTV operators and vendors within the shopping centre.

A full statistical breakdown will be prepared in Sept 2010

Community Initiatives

On the 13th and 20th August 2010 Cwmbran Neighbourhood team together with
Thornhill Communities First Team held a community skips day at Trannon Court

The initiative involved builders‟ skips being placed in Trannon Court and a
consultation process being conducted with residents within the area which had
previously been identified as hard to reach. Partners from Thornhill Communities
first, Bronafon housing association and Cwmbran Neighbourhood team met with
residents to discuss local issues.

The initiative proved a success with positive engagement being conducted which has
now identified some local residents who are keen to set up their own Neighbourhood
watch schemes. The initiative was also successful in residents linking in with both
teams to promote community intelligence.
On the 10 of July 2010 Cwmbran Neighbourhood team assisted Henllys Community
Council with their annual fete. Neighbourhood officers used this opportunity to
conduct engagement surveys and also promote Neighbourhood watch initiatives,
which is also being supported by Sgt Colin Thomas from the Community Cohesion

During the month of July 2010 Cwmbran Neighbourhood officers conducted the
quarterly PACT meeting across al of the wards within Cwmbran. The attendance
                              Operational Updates          Appendix 1
                                   Open Session
level was increased from the previous quarter with a good deal of positive feedback
being provided especially in relation to the reduced levels of anti-social behaviour
across most of the wards. Another piece of positive feedback was the increased
levels of high visibility patrolling by officers.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

                              MONMOUTHSHIRE LPU

Two day anti-social behaviour operation in Abergavenny

On Thursday 15th and Friday 16th July, the Abergavenny Neighbourhood Policing
Team targeted the two main anti-social behaviour issues in Abergavenny; off road
bikes and underage drinking.

On Thursday, officers focussed on off road bikes and anti-social driving throughout
Abergavenny. Officers patrolled areas where reports of off road bikes have been high
and stopped drivers and spoke to young people.

The aim of the operation was to seize any illegal bikes but also to speak to young
people and drivers about the impact that their behaviour has on the community.

During the day long operation, a total of 5 bikes were seized and one young person
was given a final warning for driving without a helmet. Other drivers stopped have
been summoned to appear in court for a variety of driving offences.

On the second day of the operation, officers focussed on anti-social behaviour on
Castle Meadows and the Cattle Market, areas which have seen incidents of youth
disorder in the past, especially during the summer months.

Forty young people were stopped and spoken to and the following alcohol was

      18 cans of cider
      15 cans of lager
      4 bottles of wine
      5 flagons of cider
      2 bottles of lager
      1 bottle of spirits

Student officer operation

A team of Gwent Police officers have taken to the streets of Monmouthshire
alongside 22 new student police officers and Monmouthshire Council‟s Trading
Standards in a joint operation to tackle anti - social behaviour.

The operation took place between 6pm and 10pm on Friday, 23 rd July 2010 in the
areas of Abergavenny, Monmouth, Usk, Caldicot and Chepstow. Officers seized 37
cans and 34 bottles of alcohol. A number of warnings were given to drivers for minor
road traffic offences and one person was arrested for criminal damage.

Officers were aiming to minimise the impact of anti-social behaviour on individuals
and communities in Monmouthshire by targeting individuals under the age of 18 who
were drinking unsupervised in public places.

Monmouth Show

                            Operational Updates               Appendix 1
                                Open Session
Despite the rain and mud, officers from Gwent police were kept busy taking
fingerprints and helping direct traffic at a very muddy Monmouth show.
As the rain fell pretty much all day, the Neighbourhood Policing team joined their
colleagues from the Roads Policing Unit and Crime Scene Investigation Unit in the
police trailer at the Monmouth Show grounds.

Children were given balloons and colouring sheets and pencils while officers spoke
to passers by about crime prevention and our „Be Aware‟ campaign which reminds
people to make sure the windows and doors on their houses are locked.

Children and adults also had the chance to have see how finger prints are taken and
their own fingerprints were turned into badges and keyrings.

Cycle marking

Local officers from the Abergavenny Neighbourhood Policing Team went along to the
Celebration of Summer youth event at Bryn-y-Cwm Youth and Community Centre
last Wednesday 25th August. PCSO‟s Craig Gadd and Ruth Moyse were there to
security mark bikes.

The way it works is that bikes are marked with an ultraviolet pen with the post code
and house number of the owner. A unique reference number is also marked onto the
bike and a record of the number is kept at the local police station. The aim of bike
marking is to easily identify lost or stolen bikes when recovered and so they can be
traced back to their owners.

Multi-agency centre opening in Abergavenny

A new Multi Agency Centre (MAC) aimed at supporting people suffering from
domestic abuse throughout Monmouthshire will officially open next Wednesday 15
September. Monmouthshire Multi Agency Centre is a One Stop Shop offering advice
and support for people suffering from or at risk of domestic abuse. It is located at 26a
Monk Street, Abergavenny, just off the main shopping street, opposite St Mary's
Parish Church.

Jointly run by Women's Aid Monmouthshire (WAIMON) and Llamau, the MAC
houses several agencies all under one roof, enabling those looking for help to find it
as quickly and easily as possible.

The other agencies which will hold surgeries include the Independent Domestic
Violence Advisor, Victim Support, a specialist Domestic Violence Officer with Gwent
Police, Monmouthshire Supporting People Team, Charter Housing Association,
Monmouthshire Housing Association, and Watkins & Gunn Solicitors.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

                              OPERATIONAL SUPPORT


Road Safety Operations and Campaigns

Operation Tourist (4th July to 2 August)

During this period 238 vehicles stopped by RPU Officers
This resulted in
3 prohibitions
17 delayed prohibitions
16 insurance offences
25 Fixed penalty notices issued
16 vehicles seized

RPU Day of action countering anti-social use of motor cycles 11th July

Officers attended B4235 Usk to Chepstow Rd and B4598 at Llancayo re anti-social
riding of Motorcycles.

This operation was high visibility to reassure residents and demonstrate a strong
police presence to potential offenders thereby reducing road casualties.

21 motorcycles stop/checked.
8 reported for excess speed,
2 number plate offences,
1 van for obstructing the highway,
2 mobile phone offences
One car driver reported for contravene double whites.
Two drivers reported for minor traffic offences.

Operation Trucksafe (various dates during July and August).

Offences detected included:
13 UK HGV drivers on Mobile Phone;
1 UK HGV overweight also prohibited for C&U offences;
1 UK 3.5t towing trailer without licence, trailer also prohibited defective brakes;
1 UK driver failing to keep Tacho records, prohibited for 11 hours;
1 Hungarian HGV defective tyre £60 deposit at roadside;
1 UK HGV no seatbelt
1 Bulgarian HGV no seatbelt, £60 deposit at roadside;
1 UK HGV not in proper control.

In addition 11 other non-HGV offences were detected by officers taking part in the

Operation UTAH.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

ANPR led operation with resources from RPU, Newport GPV in partnership with
Customs, DVLA, VOSA, Environment agency, Trading Standards.

51 vehicle stops
156 PNCs
2 Arrests, possession of offensive weapon, fine warrant.
1 firearm seizure (22 rifle)
10 Endorsable fixed penalty notices
3 vehicles seized for no insurance
4 £200 penalty notices issued
3 persons reported for summons offences
2 warnings
2 cars seized by customs for red diesel and instant fine of £500 imposed
2 outstanding court warrants executed
1 outstanding £40 fines warrant paid
1 prosecution for waste carriage offences
11 vehicles prohibited for vehicle offences
8 Prohibited for weight/drivers hour‟s offences
Intel logs to be submitted

Operation Mermaid

A joint Operation with Partner agencies at the Coldra Weighbridge...
24 vehicles were stopped

2 vehicles were prohibited regarding Hours offences.
1 vehicle was prohibited in relation to Tachograph offences.
1 vehicle was prohibited with regards mechanical defects.
3 FPN were issued for Ex MOT Mobile Phone and Excessive smoke
2 carriage of Dangerous Goods vehicles checked and forms submitted.
2 Notice of warnings were issued for a cracked windscreen and minor Tacho offence.
.Operation Senator.

ANPR led with resources from RPU together with Caravan registration officer.

31 caravans checked. None found to be stolen but 5 prohibited until repairs
completed to make legal. Warnings also given re weight.
14 other vehicles prohibited for con and use offences
3 overweight vehicles £180 penalty fines
3 HGV tacho offences.
3 cars seized for no insurance.
5 Fixed penalty notices issued
3 reported for summons.

Operation Pebble (3 August 20100

In total

                            Operational Updates Appendix 1
                                Open Session
2 vehicles seized for No Ins and Lic offences,
9 fixed penalty tickets issued.

Operation Stammtisch

Operation Stammtisch is a high profile, police initiative led by ACPO‟s Commercial
Vehicle Enforcement Group (CVEG). It is primarily focused on providing access to
the police, for the UK haulage industry and international truck drivers.

During July officers conducted a secure parking survey at various service areas
along the A40 / A449 / M4 motorway.
The initiative involved over 50 drivers of HGV's who were surveyed in respect of
secure parking whilst also providing the opportunity for engagement with the trucking
community in a non-enforcement arena.
42 feedback forms and 4 items of intelligence submitted

RPU/ANPR/ IPLDP Student operation.

An operation was conducted at the VOSA site, Coldra Newport lead by ANPR with
RPU officers in conjunction with 22 IPLDP Students on course 01/10. This is the first
such joint operation and targeted scrap metal offences. Partner agencies also
attended; HMRC, DVLA, Environment Officers, VOSA. Officers involved were;
 ANPR/RPU Ps 64, P.C.s 1283, 642, 672, 1404, 163, 1341, 1456, 53, 432. The
covering RPU shift also participated in the Operation. A01 Ps 670, P.C.s 862,
1301,239. URN 75

Three arrests; possession of offensive weapons
102 PNC checks completed.
1 stolen car recovered from a burglary in Cardiff
4 Drugs searches
1 Cannabis warning
2 vehicles seized for no insurance
22 Stops/VDRS
7 Fixed penalty notices
3 Summons offences (No insurance and obstruction)
Environment Officers issued 9 notices re waste offences
VOSA prohibited 8 vehicles
DVLA seized one car and dealt with a fraudulent use offence.

Other Operations with VOSA

During July and August there were a total of 16 mini operations during which 334
vehicles were stop / checked which resulted in the following

17 Tachograph records offences
42 construction and use offences
22 excess weight offences
32 Prohibitions
5 driver‟s hour‟s offences
6 Mobile Phones offences
17 165 seizures

                          Operational Updates   Appendix 1
                            Open Session
2 vehicles in dangerous condition/use
4 seatbelt offences
5 MOT Offences

TISPOL all European Speed Campaign (23rd to 29th August)

1217 offences of exceeding the speed limit were detected in the Gwent Police area
during this campaign
436 by Officer Intervention
781 by automated means

RPU Activity Summary

                              JULY      AUGUST
Arrests                        36         22

Fixed penalties                424         195

Reports for summons            92           87

Sect                   59      13           7

Sect 165 Seizures              101          74

VDRS                           74           84

Motorway        incidents      333         297
Total incidents attended      1308        1250

Vehicle Seizures/Impact on Road Safety

During July and August 215 vehicles were seized by Operational Support Officers for
Sect 59 and Section 165 (to date in 2010 over 1000 vehicles have been taken off the



Due to leave this reporting period the Unit has continued to exceed Partnership
bench marks of 60% TOS (Time on site) and 75% RST (Road side time). The Gwent
Camera Unit continues to be the highest performing within the Partnership. There
has been a nil return in days lost to sickness over this reporting period within the unit.

               TOS          RST
                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                        Open Session
    Target  60%      75%
     JULY 65.8%     84.6%
 AUGUST 71.5%       86.5%

With the continued drop in thresholds across all speed limits on 16 th August 2010
offences have expectantly increased, as yet the full impact can not be felt, but it is
envisaged that file numbers and officer court warnings will increase within the coming
few months.

An additional four sites in Gwent have been brought on line this month, bringing the
total number of live enforcement sites to 74 (94 sites in total).

From July to August the unit recorded 2996 mobile offences, 3,688 automated Red
light/Gatso offences, 1,869 SPECs offences.

M4 Toll Plaza has been re-instated as an enforcement site; it has been decided to
enforce this site twice a month.

The offender figures for the two visits were high with a total of 486 vehicles speeding
in the area. This will eventually have an affect on the unit with an increase in files.


The unit during the reporting period have taken part in two high profile shows in
Wales, namely the Royal Welsh Show in support of our partners in Dyfed Powys and
the Eisteddfod.

Ebbw Vale - The unit was represented everyday at the Eisteddfod. The feed-back
from the public was positive with the operators fielding enquiries into all aspects of
speed enforcement and education.

The unit was also represented, in a road safety initiative, organised by Community‟s
First in the Tredegar area.

A speed enforcement operation organised by the unit was held in the Torfaen area.
This was resourced by 2 SRO‟S (speed reduction officers) the Sgt and the unit
Analyst. A total of 84 vehicles were reported for prosecution. The unit loaned out the
LTI handheld devices to the Local Policing Unit officers, a total of 3545 motor
vehicles were surveyed. This operation has also allowed us to address all the speed
complaints currently held by Torfaen Neighbourhood. Press release has gone to all
local papers.

Running for one week was the Euro Wide Speed Campaign in which the unit took an
active role and presented their results.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

Over the reporting period the unit has undergone an administration change due the
implementation of Windows 7, this led to 9 lost days of file preparation, and the unit
has now caught up with this backlog.

We have also undertaken training in the new Concept 2 cameras. We have
negotiated an extension on the warranty which will now take us up to April 2011.

LTI training has now been taken from the unit and the responsibility for this has now
fallen to the Neighbourhood co-ordinator. Advice has and still is being offered by the
unit to aid the transition.


The ANPR unit were involved in the following operations

Operation UTAH multi agency operation with Customs, DVLA, Environment,
Immigration, Fines officers. 156 PNC person and vehicle checks were completed.
Scrap metal theft operations. Involved targeted areas throughout the Gwent area
where there have been a high level of scrap crime.
Op Senator in conjunction with the national caravan registration officer. Volume
checks of caravans travelling within Gwent to identify stolen vans.

During times where no specific operations had been planned ANPR officers deployed
to the motorway fixed site cameras and performed static ANPR checks and within
LPU areas force wide


16 Arrests
44 vehicles recovered Sec 165 (No insurance/licence)
27 persons reported for document offences
49 Fixed penalty notices issued for Insurance/MOT and other motoring offences.


The ANPR unit were involved in the following operations:

Operation Pebble, targeting travelling criminals in the Abergavenny area.
Multi agency crime operation in conjunction with the Armed response unit in the
Newport area
Scrap metal theft operations throughout the Gwent area on three occasions.
Operation Patch. Team deployed on two separate operations to monitor the potential
gathering of rival motorcycle gangs at a wedding in the Abergavenny/Crumlin areas
and at a separate funeral in West Wales.
Drugs operations. Unit deployed twice to intercept known drug dealers travelling from
the Bristol area.

                           Operational Updates                  Appendix 1
                              Open Session
Multi Agency operation at the Coldra which involved for the first time a complete
course of 22 student officers currently within their training phase

During times where no specific operations had been planned ANPR officers deployed
to the motorway fixed site cameras and performed static ANPR checks within LPU
areas force wide.


20 arrests
22 vehicles recovered Section 165
20 persons reported for document offences
81 Fixed penalty notices for Insurance/MOT and other motoring offences

The team were also attempting to stop a car which resulted in a pursuit lasting over
30 minutes. The car was eventually stung resulting in two tyres deflating but the
vehicle continued to fail to stop. The helicopter monitored the pursuit and the car
eventually came to a halt along a steep lane in the Cwmbran area. All four occupants
arrested. The driver is now awaiting Crown court trial for dangerous driving and other
motoring offences.


The Armed Response Unit continue to support Local Policing Units in protecting and
reassuraing our communities.

Perforamnce statistics are summarised as follows:-

Arrests 208
Stop/Search 183
Minor traffic process submissions 349
Vehicles seizures for Insurance/Driving document offences 57
Firearms Incidents 27
Taser Incidents 99
Total number of incidents attended during reporting period 3565

The perfomance of the unit and support provided to Local Polciing Units is worhty of
recognition giving consideration to abstractions incurred by the team through
mandatory firearms training reuqirements,

Below are some examples of the work undertaken by the unit on a daily basis:-

On 22/8/10 persons were attacked in Newport City Center with C.S. Spray.
3 Armed Response Units were deployed. Offender arrested for firearm offences and
a can of what is believed to be C.S. Spray recovered.

In the early hours of 16/08/10 Armed Response units assisted Response units to
stop a Ford Transit van in Cwmbran. The vehicle had been seen near the scene of a
commercial burglary. Occupants made off on foot. Occupants detained through
combined team effort. Large quantity of construction materials located in the rear of
the vehicle. Occupants arrested.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

On 14/08/10 units attended a report of an abandoned vehicle in the Abergavenny
area containing blood stained clothing. Area search with K9 unit and enquiries to
trace and confirm current owner in Pontypool, Abergavenny and Monmouth.
Extensive enquiries confirmed owner safe and well.

On 30/07/10 the Armed Response Unit conducted a pro-active intelligence led ANPR
operation in the Caerphilly area. The operation provided high visibility policing
enhancing public confidence.

On 29/07/10 Armed Response Units deployed as Taser Support to a Court eviction in
Newport. Male occupant initially refused to leave and made threats of physical
violence including the use of his Rottweiler dog. Male left property with the dog on a
lead but continued with threats and obscene language, with the presence of the dog,
frustrating a safe arrest.

Dog tasered when male continued to use it as a threat. During arrest male was also
tasered when he attacked officers. Dog submissive and taken by family member.
Offender arrested for public order offences and found in possession of knife and
controlled drugs.

On 27/07/10 Armed Response Units assisted Response Units in attending a report of
a suicidal female in New Tredegar. Recognising the critical nature of the call the
officers self tasked to the incident to support LPU colleagues. Officers attending
were advanced medic and method of entry trained.

Both skills were essential during this incident. Entry was forced to the premises and
a female was found hanging and unconscious. The quick actions of both LPU and
ARU officers are worthy of recognition in what was a potentially life threatening and
traumatic situation. The female was taken down and first aid administered until arrival
of a first responder unit. These actions resulted in the saving of the female‟s life.


The Armed Response Unit led an Operational Support Day of Action on Thursday
25th August 2010.

A total of 33 Gwent officers, including those from the Armed Response Unit,
Automatic Number Plate Recognition team, Roads Policing Unit, Support Group and
the Dog Section were out in force targeting criminals using the M4, A449, A48 and
the Southern Distributor Road. Officers utilised Automatic Number Plate Recognition
technology during the operation, which took place between 3pm and 1am.

The results are summarised as follows:-

91 Vehicles stopped and checked
50 Persons checked of which 14 were searched
10 Vehicles were seized under Section 165 RTA (No Insurance)
3 Vehicles were seized by DVLA for Tax offences
3 Persons were arrested on suspicion of Disqualified driving, Criminal Damage and
Possession of a controlled drug.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

6 FPN were issued for No Insurance
1 Person reported for No Insurance
1 Person reported for Driving otherwise in accordance with a licence
4 FPN issued for No MOT
3 FPN issued for using a mobile phone whilst driving
4 FPN issued for No Seat belt

The Armed response Unit continues to provide support to a number of ongoing force
wide operations including:-

Operation Drafted
Operation Mermaid
Operation Conifer – multiple warrants in the Newport area
Operation Prudent
Operation Quintet
Ryder Cup


Three instructors supported armed operations within LPU‟s to supplement the Armed
Response Unit.

Three day unscheduled Initial Taser Course delivered.

Planning support provided to Ryder Cup planning team.

Numerous meetings attended in relation to collaboration with SWP.

Memorandum of understanding sanctioned enabling SWP to provide Chief Firearms
Instructor support.

Preparation complete regarding impending NPIA re licensing.


                                         July   Aug
   Detains                                67     46
   Stop Searches                          35     49
   Minor Process                           2      2
   Intelligence Logs                       8      9
   1Listen Checks                          0      2
   Use of Force Forms                      9     11
   PDR‟s                                100%    100%

   Drugs Warrants                        19       14
   GP Dogs Trained                        9
   Drugs Dogs Trained                             10
                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

Notable Incidents, Deployment and Operations Involved In

On 1st July PS 998 Henry and PC 745 Jones together with PD‟s Joey and Lou gave
a talk to the special needs children at Maes Ebbw School in Newport.

On 3rd July PC 635 Thorne attended and gave a talk at Blenheim Primary School
Fete in Newport.

On 4th July PC 518 Cole and PD‟s Zorro and Sam attended at Summerhill Vets
Open Day where they spoke to members of the public.

On 7th July PC 799 Griffiths and PD‟s Gino and Rocky were part of Operation Marsh
in Newport.

On 9th July PC 415 Davies and PD Kato attended at a Safer Communities Showcase
in Ystrad Mynach.

On 10th July PC 745 Jones and PD‟s Joey and Lou attended Swffryd School Fun

On 13th July PC 473 and PD Holly were part of Operation Utah and PD Holly located
a small amount of cannabis bush and a grinder from a vehicle stopped.

On 12th July PC 473 Pearse and PD Holly attended at Cwmavon Nursery and gave
a talk to the parents and children.

On 16th July PC 728 Watkins and PD‟s Jack and Dave and PC 900 Rabbitt and PD‟s
Nelli and Bracken visited Cefn Fforest Primary School where they gave a talk to the
children which was very well received and appreciated.

On 20th July PC 235 Gwynne and PD Jack attended Operation Demon Beacon
where PD Jack was successful in all his scenarios.

On 24th July PC 2001 North and PC 293 Price showed John Rumble, supplier of
some of our Police Malinois Dogs around the kennels and gave a display PD Kenny.
Two of the dogs supplied were being kennelled at this time and he was very
impressed with how they had developed.

On 25th July PC 2001 North and PD Kenny assisted with high visibility patrols at
Monmouth Festival.

On 27th July PC 635 Thorne and PD‟s Ziggy and Bewt attended Police HQ as part of
the Mayoral Visits.

On 29th July PC 730 Wood and PD‟s Roy and Jess and PC 1169 Porter and PD
Benny attended Henllys School as part of the Summer Play scheme Initiative.
                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

PC‟s 473 Pearse, 1169 Porter, 415 Davies, 235 Gwynne, 2001 North, 900 Rabbitt
and 730 Wood and their respective General Purpose dogs attended at the vehicle
tactics training at Centrex with the firearms training unit in July as part of an ongoing
programme to promote the units working closer together.

 On 4th and 11th August PC 235 Gwynne attended Police Headquarters and gave an
input for the mayoral visits with his Police Dogs Jack and Rooney.

On 9th August PC 2001 North took part in the Multi Agency Enforcement Day for

On 11th August PCs 635 Thorne and 425 Allen attended Oakfield School in
Cwmbran as part of the Summer Play scheme Initiative.

On 16th August PCs 799 Griffiths and 2001 North attended Woodlands School in
Thornhill, Cwmbran as part of the Summer Play scheme Initiative.

On 20th August PC 425 Allen took part in the Multi Agency Enforcement Day for

On 22nd August PCs 900 Rabbitt and 730 Wood gave a presentation and
demonstration with their Police Dogs at Wilkinson‟s, Magor.

On 26th August PC 293 Price took part in the ANPR Operation at Newport.

On 31st August PCs 799 Griffiths and 728 Watkins gave an input with their dogs at
Milton Junior School in Ringland, Newport.

On 31st August PCs 235 Gwynne and 1129 Booth took part in refresher training for
their explosive dogs at Dyfed Powys.

In August PD Rooney was newly licensed and will begin patrol with PC 235 Gwynne
from 1st September.

Dog Section Report – July 2010

PC 966 Nicholls and PD Monty
On 2nd July a search warrant was executed and PD Monty recovered £1200 cash as
well as a quantity of cannabis leaf and resin. (Log 622).

PC 2001 North and PD Kenny
On 2nd July there was a large potential public order situation involving up to 100
people. Persons were asked to leave the area but would not so PD Kenny was
deployed to direct dispersal by barking which had the desired effect. (Log 774).

Pc 415 Davies and PD Kato
On 3rd July following report of intruders at a civic amenities site PD Kato tracked and
located 2 males hiding who had stolen property on them. (Log 26).
                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

PC 966 Nicholls and PD Monty
On 9th July a drugs warrant was executed at an address and PD Monty located
£2700 cash hidden behind false bottoms in the kitchen units. (Log 457).

PC 728 Watkins and PD Jack
On 10th July a vehicle was broken into by 2 males who had run off. PD Jack made
an area search and located 2 males hiding in a house doorway a few streets away.
The males admitted being responsible and showed where the stolen property was.
(Log 144).

PC 518 Cole and PD Zorro
On 12th July a dwelling burglary was reported and upon arrival PD Zorro was tasked
and located a male who ran off but stopped when challenged with the dog, a second
male was then located by PD Zorro in a nearby garden. (Log 490).

PC 1169 Porter and PD Benny
On 14th July following report of suspicious males in area early hours of morning PD
Benny tracked and located empty jewellery boxes. Later that day a number of
burglaries were reported in that area and two males arrested. (Log 34).

PC 1169 Porter and PD Benny
On 14th July following reports of 2 males having dumped a stolen vehicle PD Benny
tracked and located 2 males hiding in the gardens of a house in another part of the
village. Males were arrested and have been remanded. (Log 39).

PC 900 Rabbitt
On 17th July PC Rabbitt was alerted by a staff member that 2 males had caused
damage to a window. She detained both males but they ran off and were caught by
PC Rabbitt and the staff member. Male resisted PC Rabbitt but she was able to
arrest and detain him until assistance arrived. (Log 84).

PC 2001 North and PD Kenny
On 18th July following arrest of male for drink/drive the keys for his vehicle could not
be found so PD Kenny was tasked and located the keys in the middle of a large
bramble bush in a nearby wooded area where they had been thrown. (Log 80).

PC 745 Jones and PD Joey
Following a serious unprovoked attack and sexual assault upon a male PD Joey was
tasked with making an area search for property and located a belt and socks which
were recovered for SOC examination. (Log 186).

Pc 966 Nicholls and PC 745 Jones
On 20th July a report was made of a break in progress however, when officers
attended they discovered a cannabis factory and made sure that the area was
contained and took control of a developing situation. Two males arrested and over
400 cannabis plants recovered in one property and a similar amount in another
premises nearby. (Log 8).

PC 900 Rabbitt and PD Bracken
                        Operational Updates             Appendix 1
                          Open Session
On 24th July a male was arrested for possession of cocaine and his vehicle was
searched by PD Bracken who located 3 more bags of cocaine inside. (Log 118).

PC 728 Watkins and PD‟s Jack and Dave
On 26th July following the detention of a male who was acting suspiciously PD Jack
made an area search and located a training bag containing 11 bags of white powder.
A house search was made and PD Dave located 3 more bags of similar size. (Log

Dog Section Report - August 2010

PC 1169 Porter and PD Benny
On 1st August PC Porter attended Response assistance call and saw group of males
and females being threatened by male running at them with raised fists. Male was
chased and apprehended for public order and assault police offences. (Log 26)

PC 966 Nicholls and PC 2001 North
On 1st August following 2 officers having had a pit bull dog set upon them on two
occasions by a male who they were attempting to arrest PC Nicholls attended and
identified the dog as being of a pit bull type. The dog was then seized by PC North
and taken away where it was destroyed. (Log 117)

PC 730 Wood and PD Roy
On 1st August PC Wood attended a call of a burglary at an industrial unit and made a
track with PD Roy who located items of property that had been taken by the
offenders. These items included a ladder, wheelbarrow, copper piping and large iron
bar. (Log 184).

PC 293 Price and PD Ido
On 4th August PC Price attended a report of racially aggravated criminal damage to
a shop being run by an Asian family who were repeat victims damage problems. PD
Ido tracked from the shop down an alleyway and located a male hiding underneath a
parked car. (Log 35)

 PC 293 Price and PD Rufus
On 5th August PC Price and PD Rufus were tasked with a house search in the
Cwmbran area and PD Rufus located a large amount of cash rolled in cling film and
hidden in a living room drawer.

PC 745 Jones and PD Lou
On 5th August Pc Jones attended at a park in Newport after Response officers had a
male run off and return being suspected of hiding drugs. PD Lou was tasked and
located a quantity of cannabis that had been secreted in the park nearby.

PC 1169 Porter and PD Benny
On 8th August the window of a chemist shop was smashed and PD Benny tracked
from the scene onto a cycle path and up a hill into an estate where the track ended at
a house where there were several people inside. Details were taken for forensics as
blood also found at scene and forensics results pending. (Log 165)

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

PC 900 Rabbitt
On 9th August PC Rabbitt attended a call of two males acting suspiciously at the rear
of premises. PC Rabbitt detained the males who were found to be in possession of a
quantity of amphetamine and a fixed blade. (Log 69)

PC 425 Allen and PD Caffrey
On 11th August during the execution of a warrant PD Caffrey indicated on a bag of
rubbish in the garden shed. When the bags were removed a small safe was found in
the floor which when opened was found to contain scales, 6.5kg of amphetamine and
£7,000.00 cash. (Log 54)

PC 2001 North and PD Kenny
On 12th August following a report of intruders on an Industrial Site PD Kenny picked
up a track that led away from the scene and across wasteland and onto a housing
estate to the door of a house where two males were inside who were subsequently
arrested. (Log 58)

PC 293 Price and PD Rufus
On 12th August PC Price was called to search an address in Newport with PD Rufus
who recovered various amounts of cash from the upstairs bedroom drawers, handle
of a suitcase and a wallet in a bag on the bedroom floor totalling approx £3,500.

PC 473 Pearse and PD Tizer
On 15th August a suspicious male was reported at Tredegar House, Newport. PD
Tizer was tasked and indicated on a wall 7ft high. Access was gained by divisional
officers who located a male wanted on warrant. (Log 89)

PC 1169 Porter and PD Benny
On 15th August a burglary took place at an empty property whereby all the copper
piping was stripped from the premises. PD Benny tracked from the scene to a block
of flats and located a bag full of copper piping concealed in a thick hedgerow. (Log

PC 473 Pearse and PD Tizer
On 16th August a report was received of persons trying to gain entry to vehicles and
a garage. One male was detained by local officers at the scene and PD Tizer
tracked to a male hiding under a vehicle with numerous items of property scattered
around him. (Log 54)

PC 745 Jones and PD Lou
On 18th August a warrant was executed in the Cwmbran and PD Lou located 2
separate cannabis hides, one in the kitchen of approx 4 deals and another buried in
the garden of approx 20 deals. (Log 88)

PC 293 Price and PD Rufus
On 18th August a search warrant was executed at an address in Brynmawr and PD
Rufus located approx £1,000.00 cash in some trousers on the bedroom floor, cash
and heroin underneath the bed and a small amount of cannabis bush in a pot on the

                          Operational Updates               Appendix 1
                            Open Session
side in the bedroom, approx 1oz cannabis bush in a Raybans sunglasses case
behind the microwave in the kitchen, an amount of cash in a pot on the side in the
living room and a large amount of cannabis bush in a recycling bin the garden.

PC 745 Jones and PD Lou
On 18th August a warrant was executed at a commercial premises address in
Maindee and PD Lou located 4 hides of a considerable quantity including one of
skunk cannabis approx 2/3 kilos.

PC 745 Jones and PD Lou
On 19th August a warrant was executed at a house and garage workshops where
PD Lou located amphetamine at the address which was also a cannabis factory and
at the garage a motorcycle was found which PC Jones was able to identify as
recently stolen from the Abergavenny area. (Log 90)

PC 745 Jones and PD Lou
On 20th August a warrant was executed in Cwmbran and PD Lou found a quantity of
white powder in several bags hidden inside a pair of slippers. (Log 577)

PC 293 Price and PD Ido
On 21st August several vehicles were broken into including the capture car in the
Blackwood area. PD Ido was tasked with searching the area for property that may
have been discarded and recovered several items from the brambles that were
seized for SOCO exam having been identified as from one of the broken into

PC 518 Cole and PD Zorro
On 22nd August following alarm activation at Focus DIY PD Zorro was deployed into
the building and located a male hiding high up between pallets a girder and the back
wall. He was then detained and handed over to local officers. (Log 736)

PC 293 Price and PD Rufus
On 25th August a warrant was executed in Newport and PD Rufus located approx
£2,000.00 in drawers in the bedroom, in a safe behind drawers in the bedroom and in
clothing in a wardrobe. (Log 75)

PC 293 Price and PD Rufus
On 26th August a warrant was executed at an address in Abergavenny and PD
Rufus located £250 and several small amounts of cannabis resin from a sock drawer
and underneath the wardrobe in the bedroom and behind the television in the living
room. He also found 2 replica glock pistols in the bedroom. (Log 111)

PC 799 Griffiths and PD Gino
On 26th August 4 males had been disturbed cutting copper wire from a site. PD
Gino tracked 2 of the males and a third ran into the river. The 4th male was then

                          Operational Updates               Appendix 1
                              Open Session
located nearby and all were arrested. A meritorous conduct mention was made for
PC Griffiths by CI Budden for his work at this scene. (Log 537)


                                         July   Aug
   Arrests                                17      14
   Stop Searches                          37      10
   Minor Process                           2       1
   Intelligence Logs                      18      15
   Crimes Detected                        10       4
   Incidents Attended                    232     285
   Incidents Crimed                       10       4
   Listen Checks                           2       0
   PDR‟s                                100%    100%

   Search Operations                     26       17
   M.o.E Reccies                          5        6
   M.o.E Entries                          4       11
   Training Days                          1        1


Operation Texas- Support Group, TFU, Dog Section and several other Departments
were held on standby in Holiday Inn, Chepstow Road, Newport to assist Regional
Crime Team with two warrants in the Newport area. After entries and searches by
TFU, Support Group worked with Regional Crime Team on evidential searches.

Officers from the Support Group assisted Cwmbran neighbourhood team with foot
patrols in the Coed Eva and Fairwater areas targeting the use of off road motorbikes
on the estates. One Gas Gas trails bike seized under S.59 Crime and disorder Act.

Officers from the Support Group assisted Pill Neighbourhood team with an operation
targeting the use of off road motorbikes in the Duffryn and Pill areas. Support Group
mountain bikes were used as part of the deployment as well as a team of evidence

Operation CHANGE – Officers from the Support Group were deployed to the
Phillipstown area of New Tredegar to target anti social behaviour. One male arrested
in Phillipstown for possession of heroin following a search by Pc 69 Roberts.

Operation PRUDENT – The Support Group assisted Op Prudent officers with the
execution of four Misuse of drugs act warrants in The Newport area.

Officers from the Support Group assisted Newport Neighbourhood team along with
Newport city council with the eviction of travellers from Tredegar House.

Operation QUINTET – Officers from both teams travelled to Nuneaton and Corley
West Mids. to carry out searches in relation to blackmail and corruption offences.
                        Operational Updates          Appendix 1
                           Open Session
Three vehicles were also seized and searched by the Support Group officers in

Operation DRAFTED – Three searches carried out in relation to burglary and theft
offences in the Pontypool and Llanyravon areas.

Officers from the Support Group assisted Abergavenny officers with a plain clothes
operation in the town centre targeting shop lifting and the use of drugs in public

Officers from the Support Group took part in Op GALLANT 2; this was a Mutual Aid
deployment involving officers from South Wales, Dyfed Powys and Gwent Police.
The operation in question was organised to police the potential demonstrations by
persons attending the Welsh climate Camp. These were expected at various sites
within South Wales. Gwent officers were assigned to police Fos-y-Fran Opencast

Officers from the Support Group carried out a European Arrest Warrant, this involved
taking the defendant to Westminster Magistrates Court for the initial hearing,
following this the same officers collected the defendant from prison and escorted
them to the Airport for deportation.

Public Order Patrols

The Support Group have also conducted foot and mobile patrols in the Bryn Farm
area of Brynmawr due to an increasing disorder and crime issue linked to a number
of individuals from the Estate. Local officers have experienced abuse and damage to
vehicles when attempting to deal with matters on the Estate. Positive feedback with
regard to the presence of the SG officers from local residents has been received by
the local Inspector.

Support Group has supported the Chepstow LPU in a policing presence in the town
during the Thunder Rally in support of the Armed Forces in Afghanistan. There were
several other Events in the town over the weekend that were expected to greatly
increase the amount of people in the area. The weekend passed without incident,
although numbers at the Rally were far less than expected.

Operation BIG CHEESE – Assisted Caerphilly LPU with the policing of this large
event throughout the weekend. Three arrests made by HG10 officers.

Officers attended “TJ‟s in the Square”, Newport city centre, to assist local officers
with public order duties and crowd control at a small music festival.

Officers conducted high visibility patrols at anti-social behaviour hot spots around
Trethomas, Morgan Jones Park and Virginia Park following complaints from local
residents of general nuisance behaviour.

On 26th July officers executed a European Arrest Warrant in the Caerphilly area. The
subject was conveyed to Westminster Magistrates Court in the City of London and
remanded into Custody until deportation.

                            Operational Updates              Appendix 1
                               Open Session
Over the month of August officers participated in overt public order foot patrols in the
Lansbury Park area of Caerphilly (Operation Park 3), due to the large rise in reported
anti-social behaviour. This is an ongoing Operation.


02/07- Officers effected a rapid entry and subsequent search at a premises in the
Swffryd area a small amount of bush cannabis was located and seized along with
approximately £1000 cash.

02/07- As a part of „Op Prudent‟ the Support Group effected a rapid entry and search
in the Pill area of Newport. X3 Cannabis plants an imitation firearm and 9mm live
rounds were located and seized.

05/07- A combination of both the Support Group and Divisional search officers
attended two address‟s in the Coventry area and conducted two systematic searches
on behalf of „Op Quintet‟ a large amount of documentation was seized.

13/07 Officers carried out a rapid entry and search in the Abergavenny area during
which Cannabis Bush and a small amount of white powder were seized. HG20
carried out a search in the Newport area a small cannabis factory was dismantled, a
small amount of white powder was located along with a quantity of cash and an
imitation firearm.

20/07 Officers carried out rapid entries and subsequent searches in the Pontypool
and Cwmbran areas („Op Drafted‟). As a result a large amount of electrical goods,
white powder and other paraphernalia were seized.

28/07 Officers, as part of the Pill „Day of Action‟ carried out a rapid entry and search
in the Duffryn area of Newport. A large amount of bush cannabis prepared in deals
(approx 400) was located and seized along with a small amount of white tablets and
drug paraphernalia

03/08 Officers carried out a rapid entry and search in Brynmawr, as a result a
quantity of bush cannabis; white powder and data storage devices were located and

11/08 Officers carried out x2 rapid entries and searches within Pontypool and Usk, as
a result a small amount of cannabis bush and amphetamine were located and seized
in the Pontypool address. A large amount of amphetamine and approx £7000 cash
were located and seized from the Usk address. Both addresses are linked with the
supply of controlled drugs within the Pontypool and surrounding areas.

18/08 Officers carried out a search of a small commercial garage in the Newport
area; following this search over 2 kilos of bush cannabis were located and seized as
well as Cannabis resin located in a separate area.

18/08 Officers carried out a rapid entry and search in Brynmawr; as a result a
quantity of Heroin was located and seized.

                           Operational Updates              Appendix 1
                              Open Session
19/08 Officers carried out a rapid entry and search in Brynmawr following the search
a small amount of cannabis bush was found and seized.

19/08 Officers carried out an advanced „method of entry‟ into a lockup in the Nantyglo
area inside a medium sized cannabis factory was located and dismantled. A smaller
cannabis factory was also dismantled in the attic of a nearby house the occupant of
which was the owner of the lock up.

20/08 Officers carried out an open area search in Ty Coch woods in Cwmbran
following an allegation of a serious sexual offence. Officers located a used condom at
within the scene area which was forensically recovered.

25/08 Officers carried out a rapid entry and search at an address in the Newport
area, as a result bush cannabis, approx £2000 cash and data storage devices were
located and seized.


Support Group took part in a community involvement at Rhymney Comprehensive
School on 22nd July. The main idea of the day was to give members of the public a
demonstration on Public order tactics and the use of Taser, but it also allowed
Support Group officers the chance to run through tactics which have not been used
in previous training days.


During the month of July 2010 the Air Support Unit flew a total of 23 hours and 30
minutes in support of operations in the Gwent Police Force area.

Intruders - Griffithstown

At 00:30hrs on 1st July, aircraft attends the Griffithstown area of Pontypool and
assists the Dog Section to search the St Dustan‟s Close area following the report of
intruders on the building site. Containment put in place and offender arrested on site.

Laser Offence – Cwmbran

Whilst returning from the above call aircraft was subjected to a sustained laser
attack. Location of its source identified and 21yr old male offender arrested by local

Firearms offence - Gelligaer

At 20:30 on 5th July aircraft attends at Gelligaer Cemetery following the report of
person with a firearm being seen entering it. Male located on camera and firearms
unit talked in to deal. Evidential video provided.

Theft - Newport

                           Operational Updates              Appendix 1
                               Open Session
At 21:30 on 5th July aircraft attends at Mary Dunn Club on Jenkins Street Newport to
search for persons stealing lead from the roof. Persons sighted and local units talked
in to deal.

Threats to kill - Newport

At 02:30 on 11th July aircraft attends the Duffryn area of Newport to search for a
male who had made threats to a resident with a knife. Upon arrival search
commenced and male gave himself up to officers.

Suicidal male - Usk

At 15:25 on 16th July reports were received of a male having taken overdose and
made off into fields at Usk. Aircraft attends and locates male. Crew lands on and
renders first aid until local units and ambulance arrives.

Search for persons – Severn Bridge

At 18:30 on 26th July independent reports of an upturned dinghy with persons
waving their arms underneath the Second Severn Crossing. Crew attend and
provides support to Coastguard and SARA. Area cleared with no dinghy being

Search for missing person - Abertridwr

At 22:50 on 29th July vulnerable person reported missing on mountain near to home
address. Aircraft attends and conducts search of the mountainside adjacent to the
individuals‟ home address. Missing person identifies her location to ground units and
is detained.

Aerial Photography/ Video – Various Locations.

05/07/10 Aerial images at Sirhowy ref fatal RTC.
06/07/10 Thermal checks for cannabis cultivation at Blackwood
12/07/10 Thermal checks for cannabis cultivation at six Newport addresses.
29/07/10 Thermal checks for cannabis at two Brynmawr locations.

During the month of August 2010 the Air Support Unit flew a total of 24 hours and
40 minutes in support of operations in the Gwent Police Force area.

Firearms Incident – Cwmbran

At 19:50 on 1st August reports of an ongoing serious fire arms incident, crew asked
to monitor the developments, believed that the wanted person who had been making
various threats to use explosives and shoot police officers was at an address in
Cwmbran. Due to the nature of the incident, duty crew decided to forward deploy to
be in a position to respond if required. Aircraft lands on at Llanwern. Aircraft lifted and
assisted with the operation. Person was located at the target address and arrested.
                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

Firearms Incident – Newport

At 02:00 on 3rd August aircraft lifts for a pre-planned firearms operation in Newport.
Assistance given to contain the rear of the premises whilst armed entry gained.
Person was located in upstairs room and arrested.

Search for missing person - Chepstow

At 10:30 on 3rd August aircraft attends reports of missing person since 02:00. Search
of wooded area and river banks in Bulwark with negative. Female spotted by member
of the public and officer detain her on the ground. Aircraft assists in location of

RTC male made off – Monmouth

At 18:30 on 4th August reports of an RTC on the road from Rockfield to Maypole, the
vehicle had overturned and the driver had made off, believed to be carrying a bag of
drugs. He was also bleeding from an injury to his head. Crew attend and searched
the area in conjunction with dog unit, no relevant heat sources detected. Land on and
confer with dog unit.

Theft search for persons - Pontypool

At 18:05 on 5th August reports of people stealing copper from Gwent Medical
Products, Usk Road, Pontypool. 2 persons are detained but it is believed the other
has made off into a field wearing a boiler suit. We have the area contained. Crew
attends and conducts search. Member of the public identifies possible suspect
walking along Usk Road. Aircraft and units attend and male is detained.

Search for suicidal male - Pontypool

At 21:45 on 12th August aircraft attends a report of a male having threatened to harm
himself near the Talywain Driving Range. Crew attend the area. Liaise with Local
Units and Silver who was in contact with Misper via mobile phone. Camp fire and
torch light located and Nitesun used to direct ground units into persons who were
found safe and well.

Vehicle pursuit – New Inn Pontypool

At 20:40 on 13th August reports of a vehicle failing to stop for traffic. Vehicle had
been pinged on an ANPR and made off. Aircraft came overhead at Malthouse Road
and took over commentary. Units and FCR updated on movements. Further stinger
deployment made and vehicle continued until Pentre Lane near the Castle Y Bwch
PH where the occupants decamped. All 4 arrested by ground units.
Driver disqualified and no insurance etc.

Public Order - Newport

                            Operational Updates              Appendix 1
                               Open Session
At 21:50 on 30th August support given in relation to large public order disturbance at
Pill in Newport, assistance to ground units to monitor and provide reassurance.

Aerial Photography/ Video – Various Locations.

07/08/10 Aerial images at Risca ref fatal RTC.
13/08/10 Aerial images at Ebbw Vale ref RTC/Assault

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

Force-wide Operations

During the months of May and June Special Constables took part in the following
Force-wide activities:

The THINK Campaign (Misuse of mobile phones)

5 FPN s issued

The THINK Anti Drink/Drugs Driving Campaign 26th July to 1st August

37 drivers tested
2 positive breath tests

.Local Operations

The Newport and Blaenau Gwent Specials conducted a Taxi/Private hire and
licensing Operations in Newport City Centre
51 vehicles were stopped
3 VDRS were issued of tyre offences
4 VDRS were issued for Con and Use offences
One notice of warning was issued (No water in washers)
I5 drivers reported for illegally plying for hire
38 licensed premises visited and checked

Assistance to LPUs


Officers supported police public order patrols in Caerphilly and Blackwood town


Saturday 3rd Sunday 4th July Specials supported off-roads motorcycle operations

Specials also supported policing for the Pill carnival and Public order patrols in
Newport Town Centre.

Newport Specials assisted Blaenau Gwent in the policing of the Eisteddfod at Ebbw


July 31st, 1st August and 8th August performed duties at Eisteddfod including
staffing the recruitment stand and patrolling the site and the park and ride areas.(
Assisted by Newport specials).

August 13th assist Abertillery officers with anti-social behaviour patrols.

                     Operational Updates        Appendix 1
                       Open Session

During July and August officers have assisted with patrols on town centres
throughout the LPU.

Officers supported police patrols for Operation Street Safe


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