IN Aff to Transfer Real Estate Instructions by welcomegong2


									                                   INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION FOR
                                 AFFIDAVIT TO TRANSFER TO REAL ESTATE
                                   Designed for Permanently Installed Manufactured Homes
                                                           (please read complete form)

**This process is for manufactured homes that are affixed to land that is owned by
the applicant/owner of the manufactured home.** Manufactured homes on leased
property may NOT be converted through the ATRE process.**
SUBMIT to the BMV:
(a) A completed Application for Affidavit to Transfer to Real Estate (State Form 51408) * See next page for line explanations *
(b) An Indiana title; and/or
(c) The proper documentation to obtain title in Indiana, which may include:
            (1) Certificate of Origin – Original Document
            (2) Certificate of Title from another state - Original Document
            (3) ST108MH (State Form 35838)
            (4) Mobile Home Permit (IC 6-1.1-7-10)
            (5) Bill of Sale and or Purchase Agreement, if applicable
            (6) Court Order
            (7) Warranty Deed or Sheriffs Deed
            (8) Parcel Number
            (9) Three Years Paid Taxes on the property
(d)     An Indiana Application for Certificate of Title (State Form 44049).

BMV State Forms availabe on line at on the plates and titles/Transfer to Real Estate page.

FEES: (Check or Money Order ONLY)
      (a) $10.00 Affidavit to Transfer to Real Estate; or
      (b) $10.00 Affidavit to Transfer to Real Estate Fee + $15.00 Title Application Fee = $25.00

MAIL TO: Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
            Attention: ATRE Department
            100 North Senate Avenue, Room N440
            Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

                    Inquires and information may be found
                   By email at:                               OR

                   Telephone inquires may be made to (317) 234-0718, (317) 234-0719 or (317) 234-0720

NOTE: Microfilm records of ATRE transactions will be maintained for 10 years. Copies may be requested through the ATRE
Department of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

•     Indiana titles for manufactured homes attached to real estate may not be applied for at BMV
License Branches and will only be attainable through this process.


The applicant or the company/indiavidal who is granted power of attorney for the applicant must sign the Application for the Affidavit to Transfer to
Real Estate and have it notarized for submission to the county recorder.

                                           LINE INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION FOR
                                                 AFFIDAVIT TO TRANSFER TO REAL ESTATE

NOTE: In completing the application, please let the BMV know in who’s name the title should be issued and where the title and
application should be sent . If this is not noted, the title will be mailed to the listed lienholer and if no lienholder is listed we will mail
to the listed owner. We understand that many Titling companies, financial intuitions, attorneys, etc need the applications, titles and
ATRE’s for the closings. We wish to make sure that you receive the forms as requested.

•          The “Applicant’s Name” is the existing owner of the unit and the land the unit resides on or the applicant is the consumer the
retailer is selling the home to, if applicable.
•          The “Current Address” is that of the existing owners or consumer’s address.
•          The “Address of the Manufactured Home Transferring to Real Estate”, in the case of a new home, is the address of the
consumer’s building lot where the foundation is being constructed. In the case of an existing home, the address is that of the owner.
•          The “Description of Manufactured Home” includes information such as the size, number of stories in the home, number of
bedrooms, model name, model number, etc.
•          The “HUD Certification Number” is the alpha/numeric number from the HUD label, data plate of the home, certificate of
origin, or the bill of sale.
•          The “Manufacturer’s Name” is the name of the manufacturer of the manufactured home on the certificate of origin (C of O)
or bill of sale or existing title.
•          The **“Manufacturer’s Serial Number/VIN” is the serial number designation found upon the data plate, certificate of origin
(C of O), or the bill of sale or existing title
•          The “Legal Description of Real Estate to which the Manufactured Home is Attached” is the legal description of the
consumer’s/owner’s building lot on which the foundation is constructed. (If this portion of the application requires attachments, copies
will be acceptable, a copy of the legal description will accompany documents.)
•          The “Parcel Number” the number assigned by the County Recorder to the consumer’s/owner’s lot where the manufactured
home resides.
•          “Are you the owner of the real estate described above?” Generally, the answer to this question is “Yes”. Typically the
retailer financial institution, instead of the individual(s) purchasing the new manufactured home, will submit the “Application for
  or the
Affidavit to Transfer to Real Estate” form, for processing, to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, on behalf of the individual(s)
purchasing the home. In addition, this applies to a home purchase where no manufacturer or financial institution is involved in the
buyer’s purchase transaction.
•          The statement on the form, “If not please list the name of the owner”, would be completed as part of the sales agreement.
The name(s) of the owner(s) [consumer(s)] should be listed when the consumer purchases the manufactured home from a manufactured
home retailer.
owner/buyer must sign his/her name on the signature line, before a notary public, and provide the date in which he/she signed off
affirming that the manufactured home is permanently attached to the real estate, as described in the legal description of the real estate
on the “Application for Affidavit to Transfer to Real Estate” . The owner/buyer should also clearly print his/her name and provide the
date in which he/she printed her name on the appropriate line.
•          “NOTARY CERTIFICATION” – A notary public must fill out the “NOTARY CERTIFICATION” to verify that the
owner(s)/buyer(s) signed, before the notary public, the “ATTESTATION TO PERMANENT ATTACHMENT TO REAL ESTATE
OF A MANUFACTURED HOME” affirmation clause.
•          The “Return To” – Where the ATRE packet (Affiadavit, Retired Title, Application for Affidavit) should be returned to in
order for the packet to be recoreded properly in the county in which the permenately attached Manufactured Home resides.
•          The “Send Tax Bills To” – Where the tax bills for the property are paid.

* Requirement*
The Affidavit to Transfer to Real Estate when completed by the State of Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
must now be notarized. This is in addition to the required notarization of the ATRE application. This is a
mandatory prerequisite by the County Recorder’s Office.

** On existing units, if the serial number, make or year cannot be found, a Special Motor Vehicle Identification (MVIN)
must be applied for before you may title. The MVIN number can be applied for at any Indiana License Branch with a form
located there or on the BMV Web site: on the plates and titles/Transfer to Real Estate page.
*** Any title that can not be located by the applicant and have been issued by the BMV may have a duplicate title issued,
the duplicate title fee of $ 9.00, will be assessed. Affidavit to Transfer to Real Estate forms will accompany the new
duplicate title. You may call or email the numbers listed in this form for any additional questions you may have.


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