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									   Organisation                            Buildings                                             Activities/ Services

SON COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (School   Emergency Planning Rest   Older Peoples Provision
                                    Centre                    Arthritis Care Group, Luncheon Clubs, Beechdale Over 50’s Centre, Indoor Bowling, So
                                                                   Services Luncheon Clubs, crafts for the elderly, Computers

e Lifelong Learning Centre                School Site              Adult Education Courses
 on Skills Site                                                    Beginners Computing, ECDL L 1&2, New CLAIT, Bookkeeping/Accounting, Sage, Payr
 lds Youth Club                           Stand Alone Building     Management, Adult Literacy/Numercy, RLSS National Pool Lifeguard
 ealth & Fitness Centre                                            Work based training for companies –Train to Gain NVQ Level1,2,3, Retails Skills, Custo
Moto X Track                              Stand Alone Building     Service
Day Nursery
                                          Venue Hire               Adult Leisure & Recreational
                                          Conference facilities    Computers, Hair Dressing, Indoor Bowls, Spanish, play guitar, sew Easy, beginners IT,
                                          Meeting Rooms            (manicure/pedicure)
 , 9.00am -10.00 pm                       Large Hall
m                                         Sports Hall              Construction Centre Courses
0pm                                       Swimming Pool            CAA 1 & 2 Plastering Wall/floor tiling for
                                          Health & Fitness Suite   CAA Level 1&2 Brickwork
Health & Fitness Centre                   Training Rooms           C&G Multi Skills in Construction
                                          Catering                 NEET 2 Build 16-19 C&G Construction Multi Skills
 iday 5.00 pm-9.30 pm
                                                                   Plumbing, plastering, brickwork for beginners
 .00 am-1.00 pm
00 am-2.00 pm                                                      Children’s Provision
                                                                   Parent & toddler group, full time nursery provision,
g Pool                                                             Multimedia performance group Swimming lessons,
 iday 6.00-10.00                                                   Holiday play scheme, Scrambling Club
 .00-1.00                                                          Gymnastics, ballet, football
                                                                   Harrison off-road challenge for young people, key working with 20 young people referre
 ng Learning Centre                                                Connexions identified at risk,
Friday 8.30-6.00 pm                                                Harrison Scrambling Track
 y Lunch Club 12.00-2.00                                           Partnership working with Frank F Harrison School
afé – Tue-~Thur 9.30 am-4.00 pm                                    football, fitness suite, swimming, rookie lifeguards, dance, ballet, Martial arts – Chong s
 ting 10.00-12.00                                                  Kwon do
wling Monday/Thursday 10.00-12.00
                                                                   Youth Club Provision
 Track                                                             Dudley Fields Youth Club, Beechdale Youth Club,
– 3.00-5.30                                                        Beechdale Youth Internet Cafe
  9.00 – 12.30 PAYP 8-19 Referral based
                                                                   Sports Provision
 12.30-3.30 Bike Club 8-16                                         Sports & Fitness Centre (Harrison Health & Fitness)
PAYP 10.00-12.30                                                   Fully equipped Gym, Step Class, swimming, body tone, gymnastics, Football training, b
.30 -3.30 general public
                                                                   Harrison Scrambling Track
 rsery                                                             Bike Club, Harrison Office Road Challenge, Full Throttle Motor Bike Scrambling
 iday 7.00-6.00
                                                                   Specialist Projects
 dvice Centre for Young People                                     Arthritis Care Group
 eck                                                               Committee and Local Partnership Working
                                                                   Broadening Curriculum ASDAN youth award in partnership with Frank F Harrison Schoo
 e                                                                 Community Capacity Building
0 8-12 yrs (A place to Be)                                         Beechdale Regeneration Partnership
8.00 pm 13-19 Youth Club                                           Bloxwich Carnival
 0 – internet café
00 – Drama 8-15)
                                                                   Partner in
                                                                   Walsall Federation of Community Organisations (WFCO)
 0                                                                 Walsall Adult & Community College

 day 5.00-7.30 YS

ay 9.00-3.30
 , Wed, Thurs 6.00-9.00 pm
 0 pm

0 – YELPs Traveller children 14-18
12.30 – 14-16 Elmwood Special School
00 - 14-16 New Leaf Centre

 3.00 NEET to Build 6-18
 MUNITY PARTNERSHIP –incorporating            Emergency Planning Rest            Older Peoples Provision
                                              Centre                             Luncheon Clubs, Adult Physically Disabled Projects (Horticulture & Allotments, Carpent
Young Peoples Centre)                                                            Joinery, Art, Craft & Floristry, Elderly Support Groups, Stan Ball Dance, Luncheon Club
00 – 8.30                                                                        Services Luncheon Clubs, Sport & fitness over 50’s fitness, NHS Expert Patient, Over 5
                                              Stand Alone
 tre                                                                             Adult Education- Vocational
m-5.00pm – 7.00-9.00 pm                                                          Childcare Level 2/3, Support teaching & learning in schools, IAG Level 2/3, Basic Skills
pm                                            Stand Alone                        numeracy/literacy, MIDAS Training, First Aid, Health & Safety. ICT, Computing, Walsall
 le Sat/Sun
                                              Stand Alone                        Adult Leisure & Recreational
unity Centre                                                                     Sugarcraft, dressmaking & crafts, Digital Camera, Flower arranging, cookery, trace fam
ay - 9.00am - 8.30pm                          Stand Alone                        Indoor bowls, keepfit, tai chi, football, family Fit, Ballroom Dancing, quiz, Poetry Worksh
 00pm - 6.00pm – 8.30pm
 - 4.00 pm                                    New Build Under construction       Sports & Fitness
                                                                                 Healthy Lifestyles Fitness Suite, Keepfit, Ladies, Keepfit, Tai Chi, Badminton, Line Danc
                                                                                 Football, Family Fit, Body Blitz, various Football Club Training sessions, Basketball, Un
 Thursday                                     Venue hire facilities              Netball,
                                              Meeting rooms
 (new site under construction) opening June   Sports Hall                        Children & Young Peoples Provision
                                              Health Lifestyle Fitness Suite     A wide range of provision from the Electric Palace Information Centre for Young People
                                              IT Suite                           Blakenall Community Centre
                                                                                 Soccer Coaching, Judo,
                                                                                 Walsall independent church WS3 Junior/Senior youth club, Kids Club, Homework Club,
                                                                                 skipping, dodgeball,
n of Community Organisations (WFCO)                                              Sure Start Toddler Exercise
ommunity College                                                                 Bloxwich Blakenall Youth Forum
                                                                                 Children’s Provision u ‘12’
                                                                                 Junior clubs
                                                                                 Elmwood School – Disaffective young persons programme through sports activities
                                                                                 Employment training/provision for young people, Formal Programme, E2E Programme
                                                                                 Employment Training for unemployed young people 16-18
                                                                                 Kick Start pre E2E 8 week introductory course
                                                                                 Health Information Worker available to support young people around issues which may
                                                                                 impact on their health
                                                                                 Cyber Café
                                                                                 Baby Café – drop peer support group for teenage parents
                                                                                 Addaction (drug & alcohol abuse rehabilitation)
                                                                                 Multi gym, table tennis
                                                                                 Youth Club Provision 13-19

NITY ASSOCIATION                              Based in School Site               Older Persons Provision
                                                                                 Indoor Bowls, Healthy Lifestyles Luncheon Club
ult courses at                                Venue Hire Facilities              Recreational, dog training, Railway Club, Yoga, Swimming
y Children’s Centre,
Primary School                                Function room with bar             Adult Education Vocational
ones Primary School,                                                             Literacy/Numeracy, computers, British Sign Languages, RLSS Pool Lifeguard
 ck’s Primary School                          Swimming pool
 Primary School                               astro turf pitch                   Adult Leisure and Recreational
                                              6 badminton courts                 Sport & Fitness, Yoga & Relaxation Martial Arts, Running Club, swimming, Dance, Divin
                                              2 Squash Courts                    Dance Tap, Modern, Street Dancing, Spanish, British Sign Language, Indoor Football
-10.00 pm                                     Half or Full Sports Hall (Indoor
m 9.00 pm                                     Football)                          Children’s Provision
                                              Children’s Party Room              football, swimming, art & crafts, , games, karate, cookery, ICT, computing, Children’s P
timetable to work with school use

n of Community Organisations (WFCO)
ommunity College
                                                                                 Older Persons Provision
UNITY ASSOCIATION                             Share building with Walsall        Indoor Bowling, Over 60’s Club, Walsall Swing Band, Line Dancing, Social Evenings, S
                                              Adult & Community College          Dancing
 y 9.00-10.00
pm                                            Venue Hire Facilities              Adult Learning & /Recreation
ngs                                           Main Hall, Dance Studio,           Painting & Drawing, Walsall Symphony Orchestra, Dress Making, Slimming Club, Peop
                                              Rehearsal Rooms, Training
                                              Rooms, Community Cinema            Children’s Provision
                                                                                 Football, Music workshops, Dance workshops
                                                                                 Sports Provision Football Cricket, netball, basketball
                                                                                 Dance, Music Media Provision, Walsall musical youth theatre, Digital media, dances.

                                                                                 Youth Club Provision 13-19

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