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OUA Unit Unit Title On Campus Equivalent Monash Equivalent ACF110 by hjkuiw354


									OUA Unit   Unit Title                                               On Campus Equivalent   Monash Equivalent
ACF110     Accounting Fundamentals                                  LBC101
BLW14      Legal Framework                                          LBL100
CIM12      Texts and Contexts                                       LSM100
CIM21      Multimedia Tools and Concepts                            LAM270
CIS11      Information Methods                                      LCI101
CIS13      Information System Fundamentals                          LAI100
CIS210     (Replacement data base unit) to be announced             LAI210
CIS23      Management Supprt Systems                                LAI230
CIS24      Human-Computer Interaction                               LAI260
CIS31      Professional Reading & Writing in Technology & Culture   LAI300
CIS32      eCommerce & Business Computing Appliances                LAI350
CIS34      Database Management Systems                              LAI320
CIS36      IT Statergies & Project Management                       LAS310
CPT121     Programming in Java                                      LAS100
CPT160     Computer Organisation                                    LAC100
CPT230     Software Engineering Fundamentals                        LAS300
CPT250     Data Communication                                       LAI240
ECO11      Economic Principles                                      LBE100
ECO12      Macroeconomics 1                                         LBE200
ECO21      Managerial Economics and Stratergy                       LBE201
ECO22      Environmental Econmics                                   LBE203
ECO30      Economic Policy and Society                              LBE300
ECO31      International Economics                                  LBE301
ECO32      Economic Development                                     LBE302
MAN11      Introduction to Management                               LTE100
MAR110     Marketing Concepts                                       LBM100                 MAR11
MAR210     Marketing Behaviour                                      LBM200                 MAR24
MAR220     Marketing Planning                                       LBM201                 MAR33
MAR230     Marketing Communications                                 LBM202                 MAR23
MAR29      Survey Research Methods                                  LSQ201
MAR30      Product Management                                       LBM300
MAR301     Services Marketing & Management                          LBM301
STA15      Statistics & Research Methods                            LCR100
TOU210     Regional Issues in Tourism (Asia Pacific)                LTT204
TOU24      Tourist Destination Management                           LTT200
TOU25   Tourism Services                       LTT302
TOU26   Tourism Enterprise Development         LTT202
TOU31   Planning & Management in Ecotourism    LTT302
TOU32   Tourism Channels & Travel Management   LTTE300

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