; Tuckpointing to give the brick masonry work a nice touch
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Tuckpointing to give the brick masonry work a nice touch


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									The idea behind tuckpointing is to give the impression that fine joints have been made
between the bricks. It gives the brick masonry work a nice contrast between mortar
and the bricks themselves. The technique has its roots from the days when cheap and
uneven bricks were used in the brick masonry field. Tuckpointing was done to give
the walls a good finished look. Before the mortar sets either pipe clay, putty or mortar
is used to fill the joints. If a good job is done, then you can make any brick wall look
very good. This process is not only done to newly built brick walls. After a while the
wall is bound show its age. When this happens, you have the option of redoing
pointing and make it look better as well as safer.
  The reason why it is called tuckpointing is because the mortar or clay is literally
tucked in between the bricks. As mentioned before, any brick masonry work will get
damaged over the years and develop cracks and fissures. This is harmful for the wall
as water can enter the cracks. In order to repair it, a layer of damaged mortar is cut
and replaced with fresh mortar. This may sound very simplistic but it will give a brick
wall a new lease of life. Generally the mortar will be cut at a depth of ? inch and
removed. After that has been done masons will put new mortar. The idea is to put as
much mortar as possible in a given area.
  There are 2 basic reasons why mortar in a brick wall will get damaged and
tuckpointing will be needed. The first one is weather related. The wall is exposed to
water, heat and cold. The temperature changes causes the bricks and mortar to expand
and contract, causing cracking. The other reason is because any building over the
years will settle or shift a little on its foundation. This is why it is very important to
have this kind of maintenance done to a building from time to time.
  Brick masonry can be described as the construction of a wall using uniform units, in
this case bricks. These units are light enough to be picked up by one hand and laid on
top of each other, and then using mortar to hold them together. Bricks are made with a
combination of baked clay and shale. The amounts of clay and shale used will depend
on what type of brick is being made. Generally the more clay used, the smoother the
finish of the bricks will be. In order to build a sturdy and even brick wall, skilled brick
masons will be needed to do the brick masonry work required. An excellent place to
find such masons is Bruno construction Company.
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  If a building or house you own has reached a point where tuckpointing is needed or
if you need new brick masonry work done, then giving Bruno Next Generation
Construction Company a call will be a good start.

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