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									                                                Thomas A. Morrison
            …Specializing in Real-Time Embedded / Systems (Linux/RTOS) Development…
                 Experienced software developer with over 20++ years of S/W development in many different roles/environments for
                 many different types of companies. Specializing in the Real-time Embedded environments (Linux for past 6-9 years).
                  Multiple successful experiences in delivering Audio/Visual technologies and protocols (from video conferencing to
Summary             VoIP test gear) in both an individual contributor to technical lead/architect role (currently at the same time).

Technical       OS Environments:
                      Linux (kernel/BSP/driver development – including internal/system/rootfs) – on WindRiver, MontaVista, RedHat,
Overview              Freescale (LTIB),, and other custom versions. Embedded RTOS environments:
                      vxWorks, VRTX, pSOS, Nucleus, homegrown, and custom micro-kernels. Experience with Win32 environment
                Application Developments:
                       Multi-threaded/process/processor applications using (common & custom) IPC mechanisms for cross platform
                       portability of many different types of data/tele-communication applications (in the audio/visual technologies)
                       using many transport mechanisms (e.g.: TCP/IP or ISDN, …etc). Applications/Protocols include:
                       H.32x/VoIP/RTSP/RTP/RTCP applications, PPP/Tunneling protocols, POP3/SMTP, and Media Server
                       Applications (QuickTime, HTTP, VOD/MPEG2, HTTP, WMS)/Fax/T.30
                Embedded Hardware:
                         PowerPC (currently E500 core), Intel, SH-3, Strong ARM, Audio DSPs, custom ASIC processors. Essentially
                         all of the usual embedded cores (usually 16-bit or better) -
                ITU / IETF / Kernel.Org
                        H.320, H.323, and H.324, VoIP/MGCP experience & contributions, experience with SDP/SIP. T.120,
                        and Q.931 Call Control. Further, submitted patch to (for kernel driver before re-spin of driver)
                        Worked with other contributors testing patches, and participated in multiple discussions in several public forums.
Work            Empirix, Inc                                                                          ___            11/06-present
Experiences     Voice over IP (VoIP) Test equipment and Central Office VoIP Call Analysis Probe
                Principal Software Engineer
                  Architect / Technical Software lead for next generation NEBS compliant hardware platform to deliver Linux ‘prompt’
                  on up-to 9 Single Board Computer (SBC) Blades in a NEBS compliant chassis. Responsible for all startup/staging of
                  chassis from power-on of central (shelf management) blade to a fully running system.
                     Full definition of data flow and IPC mechanisms for Application running on platform – including delivering
                          these mechanisms at the Linux prompt
                     Definition of the boot-up process of the ‘standard’ SBC blade to Linux Prompt.
                     Full implementation of Linux boot-up process, including:
                              U-boot / general system bring up of each blade
                              Linux specific BSP for PowerPC architecture (multiple versions of Linux – from 2.6.10 –
                        Kernel Driver/Module development (and paradigm) for hardware platform
                        System Level (Rootfs) development / delivery of a succinct set (not the kitchen sink) for the applications
                        Define & Develop the development tools required for both kernel & application development.
                Converged Access Inc                                                                                 ___9/05-11/06
                Quality of Service/CPE/Enterprise Access Integrator.
                Principal Software Engineer / Technical Software Lead (next generation platform)
                Developing Low-level Hardware/Kernel Drivers / BSP for CPE access equipment for VoIP Applications
                     Ported new Radvision H.323/SIP & MGCP stacks
                     Defined Complete Embedded Linux BSP for next generation platform
                     T1/E1 / Network Kernel Driver development along with a Soap Client/Server application
                     Linux kernel boot/initrd for ATCA / i386 Blade for Central Office product
                Kronos, Inc_____                                                                                          ___5/04-9/05
                Principal Software Engineer
                Research & Develop embedded (vxWorks/Linux) solution for time clock.
                     Re-design and develop device driver interface to bio verification peripheral.
                     Re-design / re-architect of sub-systems architecture for portions of embedded time clock solution
                     Port peripheral device drivers to embedded Linux environment
            Acopia Networks                                                                                          6/03 – 10/03
            Software Contractor – NTLM Authentication
            Develop IP based Protocol between Linux based switch (client) & Win32 Service (server) for NTLM Authentication.
                 Designed/Developed Custom TCP/IP protocol to marshal RPC requests from embedded Linux to Win32.
                 Developed Win32 Server Application to perform NTLM authentication for connections on the Linux client.
            Starbak/Vividon, Sudbury, MA             __________________                                             11/99-2/03
            Developer of custom video servers for streaming media (WMS, Real, QuickTime, MPEG, & and HTTP)
            Principal Software Engineer - applications
            Research, Design, Prototype, & Develop embedded high speed media streaming server, including:
                 Created high speed MMSH, HTTP, & RTSP (Darwin/QuickTime) Media Streaming Server applications
                 Lead team for development of 2nd generation of high-speed servers, including internal infrastructure, messaging
                     & APIs in this server as well as remote control and communication with external processes/apps.
                 Created Library for Network Attached Storage (NAS) Media Caching
                 Lead team in port of Custom OS Applications to Linux, including high speed async libraries for POSIX
            Software Contractor (2 Contracts)                                                                        6/98-11/99
            1) Octave Communications, Salem, NH                                                                       6/99-11/99
               Developed Win32 Protocol Translation Layer Service from 3rd party Audio Bridge protocols to Octave’s Audio
               Bridge Protocol and associated real-time audio bridge as well as call control of H.323 participants in conferences.
            2) Iperia – Burlington, MA                                                                                6/98 – 6/99
               Developed Win32 application(s) for the store/forward (aka: playback) of H.32x sessions/messages. Developed
               abstract/generic physical store object interface. IVR scripting for Voice, Email, and Web Access.
            Bizfon, Salem, NH                                                                                        8/97 - 5/98
            Principal Software Engineer
            Contributing Architect to the overall hardware/software solution for a small office switch system
            (embedded Hitachi SH-3 processor platform using vxWorks), including the following accomplishments:
                 Communication (I/O) subsystem objects
                 General Infrastructure: Messaging, signaling, and general purpose threading classes
                 Board Support Package (BSP), including the TCP/IP and PPP interfaces and general hardware startup.
                 Multiple applications: FTP Fax, HTTP Server, POP3/SMTP client engine
                 Software Patch utility (1st time ever- done in embedded RTOS solution)
            PictureTel (Polycom), Andover, MA                                                                       10/89 - 8/97
            Principal Software Engineer
            Many successful Embedded/Real-time System design and development efforts, including:
                 Key developer of ITU Videoconferencing standards (H.320, H.323) for many PictureTel Products.
                 Internal ITU standards group contributor (for external proposals and definitions).
                 Bring-up of multiple hardware platforms
                 Developed Embedded RTOS/scheduler for custom ASIC I/O & data communications controller chip
            Wang Laboratories, Lowell, MA                                                                     ___ 2/87 – 10/89
            Senior Software Engineer: BSP/ Embedded software for encrypted LAN device for NSA – Port Banyon TCP/IP Stack
            The Foxboro Company, Foxboro, MA                                                                    3/85 - 2/87
            Diagnostic Engineer Developing Hardware diagnostics for multiple control system hardware platforms.
            IBM, Endicott, NY, Hardware Diagnostic Engineer                                                          7/83 - 2/85

Education   University of California at Davis, Davis, CA……...………Graduated with B.S.E.E – General
            Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY……………………………..Matriculated; MSEE – Control Systems (not complete)

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