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January ?, 2011

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RE: Smokefree Environments (Controls and Enforcement) Amendment Bill

                                      Huna i te huna a te Moa
                     A pepeha to show contempt for a poor effort at concealment
(Feel free to use any pepeha, whakataukī, whakatauākī that is appropriate to you and the kaupapa, or
                                   feel free to use none at all  )

The current laws and restrictions governing tobacco retail displays are like the efforts of the Moa to
hide from hunters in days when they were plentiful. Due to their size, elaborate colouring and sheer
numbers, they are easily seen. Let us hope tobacco retail displays future mirrors the fate of the Moa.
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Tēnā koutou:

Firstly to acknowledge the Honourable Associate Minister of Health Tariana Turia and the Health
Select Committee, for initiating this kōrero to change legislation regarding the retail display of a
product that is responsible for the deaths of over 600 Māori mothers, fathers, koroua, kuia, uncles,
aunties, nephews, nieces, sons and daughters each and every year.
(Acknowledging the kaupapa and those carrying it is always a good start – change this to suit your
own kōrero and whakaaro)

Tobacco and therefore the industry that produces, packages and profits from it, is responsible for a
modestly estimated 4,500 deaths in Aotearoa each year. At least 600 of those deaths are whānau

Tobacco retail displays entice young non-smokers to their product. The manipulation of nicotine levels
(the addictive substance) creates self-fulfilling physical addiction and the retail displays serve once
more as an effective visual stimulant to keep smokers, even those who wish to quit, aware of their
presence and ease of access to obtain it.

Tobacco retail displays are especially prevalent in areas of low economic status with high Māori and
Pacific populations. Deliberately!

For those reasons above, and many others shared during the MASC inquiry into the tobacco industry,
this submission fully supports the following amendments to:

       Retail Displays: Prohibit the display of tobacco products in retail and other sales outlets and
        the Committee should consider a shorter transition time to remove tobacco displays. No more
        than 12 months.

       Tobacco Trading Names: Prohibit the display, on the exterior of retail premises, of retailers’
        names that have the effect of advertising the availability of cheap, affordable and discounted
        tobacco. The restrictions regarding trading names should not be limited to stated terms
        including, ‘discount’ ‘cheap smokes’ etc but should be at the discretion of the Director General
        of Health. The enforcement of prohibitions on distribution or supply of tobacco products free
        of charge or at a reduced charge

       Trade Rebates: Prohibit reward, rebate and incentive schemes between retailers/sales
        outlets and the tobacco industry with a robust definition of ‘incentive’ included in the Act. The
        Bill should clarify the definition of ‘incentives’ as part of removing the existing clause that
        allows ‘standard trade rebates’ to remove other forms of benefits for retailers for selling
        tobacco products.

       Infringement scheme: Notices and fines for breaches of the Act should not be limited to
        sales to minors, but must include all breaches of the Smoke-free Environments Act not just
        the provision relating to sales to minors.

       Any other recommendations you have that are not in the bill or recommendations from the
        MASC select committee report.

       A copy of this Smokefree Environment (Controls & Enforcement) Amendments Bill is
        available to view at:

This submission supports the above amendments in recognition they form a first step of the
recommended pathway to a Smokefree Aotearoa, tabled by the Māori Affairs Select Committee
Report and supported by an overwhelming public demand for increased tobacco control.

I wish to appear before the committee (Delete this line if you do not wish to appear in person)

Nāku iti noa nā / Nāku noa nā / Mauri ora / Yours sincerely (end how you would like to end)

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