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					Q. I added some songs from a USB drive to my iPod the other day, but when I went to
transfer the files to my iTunes, It’s of no use, iTunes showed an exclamation point
next to the song titles and nothing transferred. What’s wrong? A. The iTunes program
servers as both a media player and a database for the content you’ve added to it. The
program window lists your songs and videos so you can see what you have, but the
actual files themselves are stored elsewhere. In the default location, your files are
nestled inside subfolders within the iTunes program folder on your hard drive. If
you’re like a lot of iPod listeners, one of your favorite things to do is make up new
playlists. You might spend hours each week working on making up new lists for
different occasions. You’ve probably got a list for doing homework or work, a list for
working out, a list for driving in the car, and a list for a romantic date. Having all
these playlists can be a lot of fun, and sometimes making them can be a little
addicting, too. This is why many people love the on-the-go playlist making
application on their iPods. With this application, you can put any song on your iPod
into an impromptu playlist. Maybe you want a brand new list to express your mood
for today. Maybe you’re just on a roll with discovering new music and are making a
fantastic playlist for a friend. Either way, making these lists can be fun and interesting.
The problem, however, is that you can’t save or label on-the-go playlists. If you leave
them on your iPod, they’ll just be named on-the-go and called by the order in which
you made them. You won’t be able to rearrange them or fine tune your playlist
making skills like you can when you’re actually making a list in iTunes. If your iPod
is broken and all you want to do is that transfer all the files to iTunes? How can you to
transfer then? Maybe you are worried about these problems and think that it is hard to
do it because the restrictions by apple. Here I want to say it is easy now as longs as to
use a software to help us and then we can get what we want easily. Here I want to
choose Cucusoft iPod Transfer according to the long-term good test. Before you run
our program, please be sure you have installed iTunes on your computer, and you can
manage your ipod device with no problem. Step 1. First connect your iPod to your
computer via USB cable. Then install and run ipod transfer. After done, the playlist
will be shown on the main interface as below. All the playlists and other files will be
shown on Cucusoft transfer below. Step 2. Copy the playlist and transfer into iTunes
library from iPod. Step 3. Click the "Export" button and start to copy ipod playlist to
itunes library right now. Choose Export to iTunes and OK. Now you have
successfully copied ipod playlist to itunes!

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