; Traffic Siphon Pre-Launch - Interview With Mark Bernard_
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Traffic Siphon Pre-Launch - Interview With Mark Bernard_


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									Mark Bernard! Hey Guys, The 2nd pre launch video for Traffic Siphon is finally out.
The interview with super affiliate mark Bernard. This guy averages about $120K per
month selling simple clickbank products. He has never done a product launch or
developed an IM product of his own. Which in my opinion makes him is a true super
affiliate, unlike most guru 鈥檚 out there! Now before I go into the details of the
interview, I 鈥檇 just like to say this guy, Mark Bernard is a very down to Earth kind
of guy and knows what he is talking about. Marks story is a little different to most
affiliates, there is no sob story on how he was poor and living on tinned baked beans
ets, he was living a normal life earning a decent income while taking a 2 week holiday
with his family every year. He was living a normal life but he wanted more, and who
can blame him? When Mark got serious about internet marketing he took 2 weeks off
work and locked himself in his home office. He spend all that time trying come up
with different ways to generate traffic and an online income. At the end of that 2
weeks he accidently stumbled accross a method no one was using. Before Mark
divulges into what this methods involve he goes onto say that what the guru 鈥檚 are
preaching simply does not work and the logic behind his reasoning is very sound. It 鈥
檚 simple, the 鈥済 urus 鈥?find a way to make money using a single method, they
then virtually milk it dry and only then do they create a product on how to do it. Now
you have 5000+ people trying to do the same thing and as a result there is too much
competition and noone gets anywhere. In my personal opinion all they then do is rinse
SIPHON SYSTEM Back to the interview 鈥? Mark then logs into one of his
Clickbank master accounts (You have to be in the top 1oo clickbank affiliates to get a
master account) and shows proof that he is in fact earning a nice chunch of change
from these traffic siphon methods. He shows both good and bad days (his worst day is
$572) in this particulatr account. I won 鈥檛 fluff this post out but Mark shows a
couple other accounts of his that are using his free traffic siphon methods and they are
all doing phenomonely well. After Mark goes through a few accounts George asks if
he can elaborate on how makes money online and this is what he had to say: For sure
George, I do have a piece of software (buyers of Traffic Siphon will get this software)
that I use to automate the entire process, but essentially is involves expoloiting a
bunch of different loopholes, by loopholes I mean free traffic secrets, and funneling
that traffic to a review site. For example you could use all these loopholes and drive
traffic to a Clickbank product review site and then funnel that traffic to the product
page. What it comes down to is expoliting all these loopholes for as much traffic as
you can. The beauty of all these traffic loopholes is that it can be completely
outsourced. For example there is the Yahoo funnel, this is to be mistaken Yahoo PPC,
this is actually a service that Yahoo provides that can funnel free traffic to your site.
There is also the Blog Alert method that can drive hundred of vistors within minutes.
There is also a competitor siphon, that as the name suggests, siphons traffic from your
competitor without them even knowing. I won 鈥檛 go into all the methods as I don
鈥檛 want to spoil the surprize for people who buy Traffic Siphon but they are all
completely white hat methods. The good news is that these methods apply to every
niche out there. These methods will never get saturated as they can be used for every
niche you can think of. George: So why did you decide to create this course? To be
honest I 鈥檓 tired of all the stuff the gurus are peddling out there, 99% of what they
are selling doesn 鈥檛 work. If it were as easy as all those misleading sales letters
promise wouldn 鈥檛 every man and his dog be successful doing it. Let 鈥檚 face it
it 鈥檚 very hard to make those methods work, I 鈥檝 e tried it, i 鈥檝 e been there
done that it just didn 鈥檛 work for me. To sum it up I just want to give real people
real mothods that really work. Forget all the garbage out there, these siphon methods
work period! OK, I 鈥檓 going to end this post here as there is just soooo much
content in the interview, i 鈥檒 l be here forever typing it all out. Besides, I 鈥檓
SIPHON SYSTEM Enjoy! P.S 鈥?I 鈥檓 relieved the content in this video is top
notch, the first prelaunch video was very uninformative, and in my opinion seemed a
bit unprofessional.

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