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Traffic Siphon from Trafficology by djsgjg0045


									Traffic Siphon is a new program from Trafficology, the traffic specialists associated
with Nitro Marketing... And it's available at a bargain price. Traffic Siphon... as the
name suggests... is about getting traffic. It builds on ideas from the spammers... but it
does NOT mean you become a spammer. Traffic Siphon is a complete step-by-step
system on 19 free traffic-getting tactics using backlinking. Look... here's the bottom
line. Traffic Siphon are going to give you a lot of stuff... just for handing over your
email address in the pre-launch stage. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT
  Here is the first promotional email for affiliates to send out. Subject: blog spam
never tasted so good
  Hey ,
  How did Rob get 162,284 visitors to his homemade website using some really weird
tactics that made me say "Daaaaang Duuuude"
  (oh yeah, he had no contacts, no list, and no experience in this highly competitive
  Hint: It's easier to "siphon" traffic than to drive traffic.
  Check out this video explaining one of these weird "traffic siphon" tactics in detail -
that you can put in motion for yourself right away:

  PS: This gets even weirder -- those 162k visitors came in from 149,241 different
search terms.
  One of them was a 14 word search - talk about long tail :)
  This video details one of the tactics all out for you to duplicate in minutes:
  And the second email promotion for affiliates. Subject: Get a BOATLOAD of web
traffic using this
  Hey ,
  Trafficology, the Internet's leading authority on web traffic generation and
conversion, just released a BOATLOAD of killer video training as part of their new
Traffic Siphon product pre-launch.
  I think it's genius, and highly recommend you grab it before they take it down at
  Really, this is pure genius and it's straight out of their Traffic Siphon product - only
available during pre-launch Grab it now:
  The third affiliate email for just before the launch of Traffic Siphon on 12 noon
Central Time on Thursday January 28th 2010 - that's 6:00 pm here in the UK. Subject:
The no-hype way to get unlimited traffic.
  Hey ,
  Are you getting just a little tired of all the new super fancy traffic-getting courses
coming out?
  Every one claiming to be the "end all-- be all" greatest way to get all this traffic to
your site?
  I am.
  Here's why:
 First, most of these new courses cost over $1,000 bucks. Which is quite a bit of
money to try something new.
 Next, most of the new techniques they're propagating (which really aren't new btw;
they're just new to the IM niche) such as CPA and CPV--cost a lot of money to do.
 Well I'm T.O.A. (Tired of Acronyms!)
 I have friends who have been in the game for a long time, who have lost tens of
thousands of dollars on bad media buys.
 Seriously. You can lose your shirt even if you know what you're doing.
 If you're sick and tired of the latest and greatest bright and shiny thing, I think you're
going to like this.

  Some may call it "old school" but it flat out works.
  If you've ever wondered if there was a no-cost way to siphon a boatload quality
traffic to your site, this is going to put a smile on your face.

 Why drive traffic when you can siphon it?

 PS: Seriously, why would you spend a ton of time and money trying to drive traffic
to your site when you can siphon it for nothing?
 My Thoughts On Traffic Siphon Interesting, sneaky and controversial. Siphoning
Traffic From Blogs The first idea is a shade of grey - shown in the Traffic Siphon
video you can see without swapping your email address. Using Backlink Watch and
making comments will be time consuming... but it can be outsourced... and will get
you links coming in. As a blogger, I hate spam and don't publish many of the
comments linked to keywords... it is an immediate sign of a spammer. I'd be careful
on this technique... partly because if a page has too many links, they get ignored.
Google has also pronounced recently on comment spam and says it can be a risky
policy - see Hard Facts About Comment Spam I'm not totally against it but I don't
think you should be abusing it... try to make relevant comments. As a blogger, I am
amazed other bloggers don't either delete comment spam if comments are
automatically published... or have all comments held for approval... or turn all links
into nofollow. GreyHat Forum Backlink Siphon Video The second free video looks at
how you can bend the rules at forums to get backlinks to your website. I already do
this to help generate some links although there is a twist which I hadn't focused on.
Contest Backlink Video Another video given away free to promote Traffic Siphon is
one that explains how you can incentivise people through contests to create
backlinks... without you having to do any work. Excellent tip and one that I think is
immensely appealing... and especially for digital products where there is no hard cost.
Competitor Siphon Video In this video, you look at the websites linking into your
competitors websites using Yahoo Site Explorer. This is going to be labour intensive
so it is a task to outsource to someone reliable or to automate the digging process. A
suitable tool is Market Samurai which is one of the tools you get when you join
StomperNet. What Others Think About Traffic Siphon Traffic Siphon was featured on
the Warrior Forum as a beta tester /warrior special offer and the comments are very
positive. The WSO offer is closed and Traffic Siphon are giving away a lot of stuff in
the prelaunch so you can see what you are getting yourself into. You need to see the
videos to decide if the Traffic Siphon tactics are too grey hat for you...after all... if
they make you feel queasy... you are not going to do them. CLICK HERE TO

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