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									Contracts for Difference (also known as CFD) trading is primarily a stock market
operated trading. In CFD profits are made on the anticipated changing prices of the
stock being traded. In the financial world, CFD is considered to be a contract between
a "buyer" and a "seller." The contract stipulates that the person selling a stock will pay
the buyer the difference between the current stock value and the value during signing
of contract. It is called CFD because the payout is basically the difference of prices
and the same if contracted before executing.
  Where Is CFD Trading Mostly Used?
  These are normally used for commodity trading such as gold, silver, food stuff like
coffee, lumbar, and oil, apart from financials instruments such as shares and bonds.
The aim is to be able to profit in both rising and falling markets. As the range of
trading covers a large number of commodities, the possibilities in the market cut
across a large number of financial instrument segments. This way the investor gets
varied choices of investments and also the chances of making profit.
  Gold Trading
  Gold as a precious metal has fluctuating prices like any other share or like a foreign
exchange. These fluctuating prices are what CFD aims at capitalizing on. There are
various trading platforms specifically designed for trading of precious metals and
other commodities. The CFD capitalizes on the changing demand and supply
scenarios, and therefore the prices are volatile. Singing a contract for the difference
for gold-based trading would mean that the seller and the buyer work out an
agreement on the price. The margin is calculated real time based on the current
markets. This is usually a day trading affair.
  CFD trading is rapidly becoming a favourite way to trade commodities. This system
is used quite a lot for trading gold. There are several online systems which help
investors understand and trade using this method.
  CFD trading offers a flexible way to trade the world's financial instruments.
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