Tracking Codes in Affiliate Marketing

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					The merchant has to understand that the tracking codes are the means through which
they are paid. If the tracking codes are ineffective then they will end up with
significant losses on the potential profits. These can be cumbersome to deal with if
they are multiple. However it is important to different the tracking codes because they
deal with various revenue streams. If there is a query on a transaction the merchant
should be able to trace it back to the time that it occurred and all the processes that
went with it. That means that the tracking codes should be differentiated by merchant
and product.
  The tracking codes can also be used within the bonus schemes for affiliate marketing.
Some of the programs specify that a bonus will be payable for sales within a specific
period of time. The tracking code will then be able to capture all the transactions that
happen in the relevant period. The merchant can also request specific tracking codes
for the programs that they are working on. For example they might be required to do a
special promotion that is outside the normal affiliate marketing program. That will
attract special rates and the merchant will need to ensure that the tracking codes
capture them.
  It is important that the merchant is very careful when they are pasting links directly.
The tracking codes are not acceptable to any given websites because they tend to
identify the process of buying. Some people are so concerned about their privacy
when online that they will not tolerate the tracking codes. It is important that the
merchant is able to keep a track on the transactions because they might lead to
commission rates in the future. They can do this by setting up a database of
  The simple tracking codes are the easiest to manage. Some of the affiliate marketing
programs have tracking codes that have many complex additions such that the
merchant will struggle to identify them. This is not the right way of going about
things. The merchant has to ensure that they are prepared to deal with the tracking
codes in the right way. They also have to ensure that they are simple enough to use
within the normal administrative systems that are prevalent at the time. If the tracking
code is far too complex then the merchant can request the program administrator to
simplify it.
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