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					Oman or the Sultanate of Oman is an Arab country inside continent of Asia. It is
bordered by United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen and it is a traveler
destination that is becoming far more and more popular. Vacationers frequent Oman
owing to its interesting landscapes that involve coastal lands and deserts. It has cities
which have been well known holidaymaker destinations and they're Muscat, Salalah,
and Sur.
  Muscat is the capital town on the region endowed by scenic areas a traveler must
never forget to travel to. The city is recognized for its Muscat Gate museum at the
Saidiya Street. The museum has remnants that provide info concerning the
background on the location. Muscat in addition has beaches and the hottest may be
the Bandar Jissah beach in the Al Bustan.
  There are lots of forts based in the Qasr Al Alam Street, that are named Al Jalani and
Al Mirani Forts. The third biggest mosque internationally can be seen in Muscat. This
really is the Sultan Qaboos Mosque that can be located near Wilayat of Bausher. The
most popular attraction in Salalah is the Mughsayl beach, that is very acceptable for
bird watching since it is flocked by different kinds of birds like storks, pelicans, and
  The Salalah museum is another fascinating area because it has a collection old coins
and scriptures. The Salalahis Wadi Darbat natural park provides a wonderful
ambience that's ideal for enjoyment and relaxation. It has several scenic locations like
caves, ponds, waterfalls, and mountains. Sur has a few historic museums, beaches,
and majestic lighthouses that often attract many tourists. Foreigners visiting the land
can take pleasure in various pursuits such as camping, diving, rock climbing, camel
racing, horse racing, bull fighting, and many more. There are also various festivals in
Oman which can be celebrated throughout the year. It is these that are the Muscat
Festival, Kharee festival, Dubai Muscat Offshore Sailing Race, Sinbad Classic, Oman
Adventures, Oman Desert Express, and Oman International Rally.Oman delivers a
mixture of hotels that suits the budget of the invitee. You can find five-star hotels and
budget hotels for the holidaymakers. The nation is indeed a tourist attraction that
continues to fascinate the people who go to it.
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