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Tourist Attractions in Hyderabad


									Hyderabad, part of our south India tour packages, is the integral component of India
cultural tours. This city of Nizams is soaked in four hundreds years of history and
possesses landscapes and beautiful views that will surely comfort your soul. Created
by the Qutub Shahi kings, Hyderabad is the capital city of Indian state of Andhra
Pradesh. It 鈥檚 the fifth largest city of India and is the hub of all the IT related
activities. It has number of monuments which are part of Indian heritage tours and
features destinations that are a must visit for any tourist. Some of these tourist spots
are mentioned below:
 Charminar - It is one of the must visit landmark in Hyderabad. Charminar means
"Mosque of the Four Minarets and Four Towers". It 鈥檚 is the most sought after
destination on our south india tour packages.
 Golconda Fort - This is the most magnificent monument, situated at 11 kms from
Hyderabad.The meaning of the word 鈥楪 olconda 鈥?comes from two different
words: 鈥淕 olla 鈥?and 鈥淜 onda 鈥?which means 鈥淪 hepherd hill 鈥?
 Mecca Masjid - Located near Charminar, Mecca Masjid is one of the largest and
oldest mosques in India. It 鈥檚 the most sought after meerestone on our indian
heritage tours.
 Hussain Sagar Lake - The lake was built in the year 1562 by Hazrat Hussain Shah
Wali on a tributary of the river Musi. It is the point where the twin cities of Hyderabad
and Secunderabad meet. In the year 1992, a statue of Gautam Buddha was also
erected in the middle of the lake.
 Salar Jung Museum - It 鈥檚 the third largest Museum in India and is located on the
beautiful river of Musi. It houses the antique collection of Meer Usuf Ali Khan,
Salarjung III.

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