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					The market for industrial guillotines is wide ranging 鈥?however some are just plain,
others flimsy and then there are some that do the job well. The variety of Industrial
Guillotines offered by Ideal most definitely fits into the last category.
 If your company or office conducts heavy duty cutting the range of Ideal Industrial
Guillotines are ideal for you;
 Ideal 7228-06LT Guillotine
 This is the top model in the Ideal range of industrial guillotines and does not burn a
whole in your pocket. The superb product features capture the attention of all
consumers, with its programmable power and control module this Ideal guillotine can
hold up to 40 programmes with 36 steps in each programme. This Ideal guillotine is
hydraulically assisted with an electro mechanical blade drive for high speed blade
action, and a hydraulic clamp drive with optical indicator for complete accuracy.
 Ideal 5221-95EP Guillotine
 The Ideal 5221-95 programmable Guillotine is perfect for use in Colleges,
Universities, Copy shops and Printers as it has a fully controlled speed system, along
with a complete safety package. The product features include an electro mechanical
blade drive and automatic clamping system that can be raised and lowered
independently from the blade. This Ideal guillotine has a 10 button keypad for the
pre-setting of measurements, combined with a measurement memory function for
repeat cuts. The Ideal 5221-95 Guillotine has a remarkable self-diagnosis system
where error indication messages are displayed.
 Ideal 6550-95EP Guillotine
 The Ideal 6550-95EP Guillotine is a very fast and accurate machine, with speed
control and a programmable eject button for pushing out cut sheets. This industrial
guillotine has a distinguishable automatic clamping system, combined with an electric
blade drive. The product features also include a 10 button keypad for pre-setting of
measurement and a memory key for repeat cuts. The Ideal Guillotine provides an
extraordinary self-diagnosis system like no other that indicates if there are any errors
with the machine.
 Ideal 5222-08EP Digicut Guillotine
 This Industrial Guillotine model is specifically designed to meet the exact
requirements of digital print, by incorporating a hydraulic clamp and snap in false
clamp plate. The 5222-08 is guaranteed to speed up your cutting time as it is highly
reliable and houses speed control. The Ideal Guillotine is capable of cutting even the
most difficult stock without leaving a mark. The all new programmable keypad has
also been fitted to enable any operator to enter up to 99 programs with 99 steps in
each program. This industrial guillotine has a remarkable repeat cut function and auto
eject system for pushing the paper out once the cut has been completed. The Ideal
Guillotine boasts the new LED cut line indicator feature, along with the self-diagnosis
system with error message indication.
 Ideal 4850-95EP Guillotine
 The Ideal 4850-95EP is one of the best-selling guillotines with its significant product
features such as; electronic blade drive, power clamp and electronic program
backfence for fast and accurate cutting. This industrial guillotine is ideal for usage
anywhere, as it has a variable speed control, self-diagnosis system, and digital display
for measurements. The Ideal 4850-95EP has a 10 button keypad for pre-setting of
measurement, united with a memory key for repeat cuts.
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