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					Are you tired of buying lots of products advertised for the treatment of acne just to
have the acne return a short time later? Would you be willing to see a dermatologist
for information about acne treatments that work? Even though everyone's skin is
different, dermatologists' can prescribe more than one type of solution for your acne
problem, and there are solutions for every acne problem. Do you know what the top
acne treatments that are available for acne treatment? Do you need the services of a
dermatologist, and the best treatment for acne scars to reduce some acne scars that
you already have? Then take some time reading this article for some insights to
resolving your acne problems.

Pore cleaner's

Acne problems can be solved in many different ways. Treatments for acne can include
products that cleans your pores and products that treat oil and hormone production.
Some very effective over the counter pore cleaners contain salicylic acid, benzyl
peroxide, or a combination of both. They are best used by rotating the products every
few months to prevent a resistance to any one product. The over the counter products
should be able to handle the majority of acne problems, but if your acne is not
responding to the pore cleaners then more aggressive treatment may be necessary.

Positive results

Antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist is one solution when over the counter
products fail to correct the acne problem. Dermatologists' can prescribe antibiotics in
the form of topical creams or oral prescriptions or a combination of both. Antibiotics
work fairly quickly and if you use them with the over the counter products it will
bring quick results to your acne problems. Amoxicillin has been used for antibiotic
use, but new antibiotics such as minocycline and doxycycline are providing more
positive results for acne problems. The minocycline can be mixed with a topical
cream to be applied locally, or in tablet form taken orally. If the control of
inflammation is needed; anti-inflammatory medication is combined with doxycycline
and is a very effective treatment for those that need it.

Isotretinoin and laser treatments

A laser peel, or Dermabrasion, is a preferred method of removing the scars left behind
from acne. If you do not have scars from the acne, but have a severe case; the
dermatologist may recommend Isotretinoin to prevent the acne from causing them.
Isotretinoin, or Accutain, treatment is an aggressive way to stop the production of oil
in your skin. Isotretinoin treatments get to the cause of the acne problem by shutting
down the oil production. The medication is usually administered orally by tablet, and
limits the amount of oil buildup in your pores. The risks involved with Isotretinoin
medication may include birth defects and aggressive behavioral problems. However,
dermatologists will point out that these complications are rare with this treatment.
When you have exhausted all of your options with over the counter products, you may
have to seek the care of a dermatologist for the acne treatments that work. If you do
need the services of a dermatologist to control your acne, you may want to get the
best treatment for acne scars that reduces or removes old scars. What is important is
that there is top acne treatments dermatologist can use to solve any acne problem.

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