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					The formation of tonsil stones or tonsilloliths occurs in the tonsil pockets. The debris
that gets trapped calcifies and causes this condition. To find a tonsil stones cure one
will have to have several tests done.
  Your tonsils are comprised of clumps of tissue that are located on the sides of your
throat. They sit in pockets which are located on the sides of the palate. The lower
edges are next to your tongue. The tissue contains lymphocytes which are cells that
are meant to fight and stop infections in your body.
  It is stated that tonsils have a role in your immune system and they are meant to act
like a safety net. They are meant to trap in-coming bacteria as well as the virus
particles that pass through the throat. Most medical professionals state that this job is
not always carried out effectively by these structures. There is evidence to show that
those who have had these removed are no more at risk than those who still have them
and that they will not suffer more viral or bacterial infections.
  They have many small pockets where bacteria as well as mucous and dead cells are
able to be trapped. When this happens, the debris becomes concentrated in the pockets.
The stones are formed when the trapped waste hardens. This will happen mostly to
people who are regular sufferers of inflamed structures. Many people experience the
development of small stones, but it is a rare incidence to have a large stone.
  Most small stones have no symptoms. They may sometimes show up on an x-ray.
However, some of the bigger stones are often accompanied by many symptoms. One
of the main indicators of tonsilloliths is excessive bad breath, or halitosis, which is
normally present with tonsillitis.
  Symptoms include a sore throat. If you experience inflammation and tonsilloliths
together, it is not easy to determine if the pain is caused by the infection or by the
calcified nugget. If there is one, you will feel pain in the area where it is sitting. There
are instances where the stones will be visible in the throat. However, more often than
not they are hidden in the pockets of the tonsils.
  You may have difficulty with swallowing. There are times when ear pain may be
present. Tonsil swelling may also occur. There are those stones which require no
treatment at all, particularly if they are asymptomatic.
  The pain or discomfort you encounter will be the determinant for a tonsil stones cure.
Some sufferers have the ability to remove these growths with the use of a pick or by
using a swab. If you are experiencing inflammation and stones simultaneously, a salty,
warm water gargle may assist with lessening the inflammation and pain. Healthcare
providers will often prescribe anti-biotics for this condition however they do not
tackle the cause of the condition. Depending on the size and symptoms that are
present, surgery for the removal of them may be suggested. If this problem occurs on
a regular basis, the removal of the tonsils will have to be considered.
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