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									Getting a toned lower abdomen can be an involved process becaus most of the
exercises you see relate to the upper and middle abdominal areas. Finding exercises
that are going to relate to the lower abdominal muscles effectively can be no picnic.
This is because many folk do not realize the types of exercises that target these lower
  For the most part these workouts actually involve the use of your legs. You work
these muscles by dragging your legs up and tilting your pelvic muscles up and out.
These work the harder to reach muscles that are found in the lower pelvic area. You
can even focus on these muscles with more popular abdominal exercises for example
a crunch by lifting your legs at the same time you come up in the crunch.
  This however can be complicated for some individuals. It is considered a more
advanced abdominal exercise. For those looking for less advanced abdominal
exercises that work on the lower abdomen consider simply lifting your legs. It works
best to lift both at the same time curl your pelvis up and in towards your body. This
will help you tone up the muscles on the lower abdomen.
  The muscles of the lower abdomen can be difficult muscles to get too through
traditional styles of exercise. Women may have more difficulty with this area than
men may especially if they have had children or been pregnant since the abdomen
muscles especially the lower ones take the most stretch and weight during the
pregnancy. You can also use an exercise ball in order to assist with providing a low
resistance form of these exercise, to add more resistance consider using resistance
bands or weights. This can help create a more advanced lower abdominal exercise
while still maintaining its simplicity and ease of execution.
  There are a number of ways that you can accomplish providing resistance,
expanding on and making these types of exercises more difficult as your muscles
strengthen and advance. Check with the exercises to see what type of muscles tone
they are going to provide. If you are looking for lean and tone you may want to try
different exercises than if you are looking for the built muscular look that comes from
strength training.
  Before starting any exercise program or routine, it is important to check with your
primary health care provider as well as a fitness expert in order to ensure that you are
doing the exercise properly and it will give you the results you want. Starting any type
of exercise program can be a great thing and finding an exercise or exercise set that is,
going to provide you with what you need to get back into shape should not be fraught
with avoidance. Making sure that you are using an exercise program that is going to
get you results without going outside of your fitness level and is still able to be
adapted as you advance can be difficult but it can also be rewarding and a great way
to start a new lifestyle.
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