Tea INTRO Soda INC of America “Like Partners in freedom” by welcomegong2



Soda INC. of America: “Like Partners in freedom”


(Walking down street with books)

Narrator: “HEY THERE TIMMY! What do you have there?

(startled) “Timmy: Gee golly mister you scared me, I have some white tea, and how
did you know my name?”

Narrator: “Ha Ha Ha Never mind that Timmy, why don’t you have a good old
fashioned American soda pop?

Timmy: “Well, tea is a heaps better for you, isn’t it?”

Narrator: “(chuckle) No Timmy, no its not.”

Timmy: “Really? I heard tea has a heap of benefits, just like this white tea, whitening
my teeth.”

Narrator: “White teeth might be all well and good, but how do expect to get money
from the tooth fairy, Timmy.”

Timmy: Huh?

Narrator: Soda helps get those pesky teeth out of your head and under your pillow,
which means lots more shiny nickels for those picture shows that’s oh so popular
these days.

(Animation of drinking pop and teeth falling out and teeth under pillow, then

Timmy: “Well…. I guess that’s true, but doesn’t tea also boost my immune system so
I don’t get sick as much.”

Narrator: “Keep you healthy? But who doesn’t enjoy sick days. No school, no chores,
and you get to stay home all day.

“Besides Timmy weren’t you getting bad marks in algebra class?”

(Animation of in bed)

Timmy: “Not anymore Mr! Ever since my mom started giving me green tea, my short
term memory has gotten way better.”

3. Narrator: Whiter teeth, better health Improving your memory, You sure think
you know a lot about tea dontcha Timmy but your just a kid, lets hear what an actual
scientist has to say about tea
(cut to scientist) Actually tea is (dub) really bad for you, and a favorite drink
of squares and soda pop comes in five delicious flavors

Narrator: “You heard the scientist you don’t want to be a square do you

Timmy: Gee golly mister, I don’t…….but ever since I’ve drank black tea, its
raised my energy levels helping me play stickball til the sun goes down.”

Narrator: But you know why it does that Timmy? It raises dopamine, your
not a square dope head are you Timmy?

Timmy: Gosh, I really don’t want to be a dope head.

Narrator: Didn’t think so Timmy. Soda Pop gives you that nice sugar
boost…..with a crash, but who doesn’t like a nice nap?

(Animation of cracked out kid with crash)

Anyways lets review on why Soda pop is the cats meow, (list the reasons
along with picture). So Timmy, don’t you feel smarter knowing that soda is
way better than tea?

Timmy: But mister that’s not tr.(cut off.)

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