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                                          Garan Steen
                       1730 New Brighton Blvd NE #131, Minneapolis, MN 55413
               Day#: 612-454-6267 Cell#: 612-275-5777 Email:

All-Inclusive Resume

Software Application Engineer, LAMP Developer, Media Production Automation,
Miscellaneous Technical, and General Small Business Skills

Primarily seeking full-time software engineering position with all areas of application development and
company infrastructure automation and process improvement.
Secondarily accepting contract and contract to hire positions in all technical areas.
Experience includes two corporate engineering positions (5 ½ years), contract and project work (10 years),
U of M.I.T. Computer Science B.S. Degree (3.0 GPA), and a lifetime of programming.
General strengths include:
      Strong technical ability
      Quick adaptability; assimilating new skills/languages/tools
      Creativity (an “ideas person”) tempered with practicality
      Ability to distill competing needs and requirements into effective solutions
      Foresight of future needs/requirements
      Ability to work independently and in tight knit groups
      Conscientious, Professional, and Ethical peer behavior
      Clear communicator
Created and ran a local entertainment partnership (“Boogie Wonderland” and “Wonder Boogie LLC”);
created software audio/photo/video tools, L.A.M.P. website design/deployment/maintenance; developed
technical infrastructure, and performing many small business tasks with a group of nine people.
Areas of Work

 Infrastructure Automation

         Data  Collection: Database Retrieval, Lotus Notes Exports, Log processing
         Data  Preparation (Reports, and Production-ready data)
         Inter-Application Communication (Sockets, Shells, Pipes, Files)
         Web Server: Log monitoring/analysis, Automated Updates, PHP, XHR
         Automation via email: Email Induced Processes, Emailers, Remailer

 Library/Application Development

         Courseware   Management Application (team work at The Roach Organization)
         User Interface Library Creation (From low-level graphics primitives and user events to
           programmer's high-level interface).
         Data Access Interface Library Creation (generalized/homogenized existing processes; made to be
           extensible by non-engineers).
 Website/Web-Page Work

         Design,Standards Based Implementation (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, Apache)
         Graphics/Video (Gimp, Photo Shop, Inkscape, Image Magik Library, Photography)
         Maintenance processes (content updates via email, specialized content creation/standardization,
           media (audio/video/graphics) preparation both manual and automated )
 Tools Development

         Created automated testing tools: spell checker, database validation/creation (at TRO)
         Distributeddata processing tools (at MicroVoice)
         Created Audio/Video processing tools: rapid audio player/editor, rapid video review/annotation

         From   3rd party Educational Softwares to Courseware Management product (at TRO)
         Between   remote systems, local databases and production departments (at MicroVoice)

Computer Science Bachelors Degree from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology
        Major: Computer and Information Science
        Electives: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics
        GPA: 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

Wonder Boogie LLC
Minneapolis, MN      2000 / 05 - present

Wonder Boogie LLC, provides custom Infrastructures for artists focusing on live music productions.
Title: IT Engineer, Small Business Manager

       Tools Development:
             Audio/photo/video data preparation tools for rapid review/annotation/editing/distribution.
             Intelligent light show: sequencing language, performance implementation/deployment.
             Low profile knowledge-base
             Enhanced email distribution, email discussion
             Performance planning tools and processes
             Email-reminder web application
       Developed audition processes including phone audio logging
       L.A.M.P. Web site design, implementation, maintenance with artist-maintainable features.
       Promo material creation; photography, digital image enhancement/alteration/creation.
       Small business tasks with a group of nine people

Micro Voice Applications
Minneapolis, MN        1998 / 05 – 2000 / 04

Micro Voice Applications Incorporated is the leader in interactive personals and AudioText applications.
Provider of customized AudioText and Internet applications including voice classified ads, Internet
classified ads, voice personals and fax servers.
Title: Software Engineer

       Automated processes for fetching, uploading, and updating voice mailbox data for their remote
        systems throughout the world. The system was designed such that extensions were later made by
       Improved and eliminated laborious data processing tasks enabling existing employees to perform
        higher level tasks.
       Developed and implemented trans-department, multi-office, networked processes including a multi-
        user directable artificial intelligence decision making system, and a process for collecting and
        strategically placing ads, all at the heart of their business with full automation. Checking back with
        them one year later, the system was still running with no problems or alteration.
TRO Learning Inc
Edina, MN    1994 / 10 – 1998 / 04

TRO Learning is a leading developer and marketer of microcomputer-based interactive, self-paced
instructional and testing systems used in formal learning environments.
Title: Software Engineer

       Automated processes in testing and code maintenance.
       Analyzed existing processes and implemented programs and methods to save time and increase the
        number of errors found.
       Developed and supported new user interface library; being responsible for the design,
        implementation, and documentation.
       Worked on solo projects integrating 3rd party products with existing courseware.
       Created documentation for the systems department including help files, project notes, systems-test
        documents, design papers, project schedules, and support documents.
       Joined the development team in the systems programming department working on a new Windows-
        based courseware manager.

Anoka Ramsey Community College, Math Tutor

Anoka, MN

Title: Math Tutor
Duties: Tutoring Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus.
Computing Specifics:

C++, C, Python, Perl, Object Pascal, Lex, Yacc, Html, Css, Java Script, MyS, PHP, Prolog, Lotus Notes,
and others (Fortran, Scheme, Lisp, X-Windows, Motif, LaTex,...)

Operating Systems:

Windows, Linux, SCO Unix, MS-DOS

IBM Compatibles, Sun Spark systems

Utilized Software:


Delphi, C++Builder, PHP-Builder, Watcom C/C++, MS C/C++, RoboHelp, Crystal Reports, Visio, Open
Office, MS-Word, VI, VIM, PVCS

Virtual-Dub (video processing), AviSynth (video processing script), Photo Shop, Gimp, Acid Audio,
Reaper (audio)

Yoga, swim, sauna, bike, music performance (keyboards, vocals), programming (since the age of 12, love

References available upon request.

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