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					                           RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT

This lease Agreement is made on this _____ day of ____________ between Orawan Amartayakul
Lim (hereinafter called the "OWNER") and ____________________________________hereinafter
called the "TENANT").

       A. The OWNER agrees to let and the TENANT agrees to rent the apartment situated at
          Room No. 9/112, Centric Scene, 9, Phaholyothin Road, Soi 9, Bangkok 10400 (hereinafter
          called the "PREMISES"), at a monthly rental of
          Baht ___________ (_____________________________________________ Only)
          From _________________ to ____________________

       A. To pay a deposit sum of Baht ____________(___________________________ Only)
          (hereinafter called the "Deposit") upon signing of this Agreement. This deposit will be
          refunded to the TENANT at the end of the term of this Agreement subject to the TENANT
          yielding up the PREMISES in good and tenable condition (ordinary wear and tear is
          allowed) and when the TENANT has settled all his electrical, water and telephone bills.

       B. To pay the rent for each month in advance not later than 3 days from the date that the
          TENANT move in, in this respect the date is set on the 2nd of every month commencing
          from the month of ______________,         payment made after 3 days specified in this
          Agreement will be charged the late charge of 10% p.a.

       C. To care for and preserve the PREMISES as a normal person would do to his own
          property and to maintain the upkeep and also attend to minor repairs of the PREMISES.
          Usual wear and tear is excluded and damages caused by acts of God, fire, insurrection,
          war, etc., also excepted (except as Hereinafter provided). Minor repair is indicated to
          mean small repairs not exceeding Baht 1,000 (One Thousand Baht Only) each time.

       D. The TENANT agrees to promptly repair at his own expenses any damage to the
          PREMISES including but not limited to fixtures and furniture which may occur by reason
          of the TENANT’s negligence, including his family, his servants, invitees or guests.

       E. To use the PREMISES for dwelling purposes only.
     F. To pay all bills for electricity, telephone, internet and water consumed at the PREMISES
          during the tenure of this lease.

     G. To permit the OWNER or its agent to enter upon PREMISES for inspection at all
          reasonable times agreed to between the OWNER and TENANT.

     H. Not to make any change or addition to the PREMISES and its furniture, fixtures and
          fittings except with the written consent of the OWNER. If changes or additions are made
          with the written consent of the OWNER, the TENANT shall allow them to remain as they
          are and shall not cause them to be removed when vacating the PREMISES.

     I.   It is expressly understood by the OWNER that any item belonging to the TENANT which
          is installed in the PREMISES may be removed by the TENANT at the termination of this
          lease. However such installation will not cause permanent damage to the PREMISES,
          TENANT will restore PREMISES to its original condition upon removal of such items.

     J. To exercise caution and to be responsible for his/her own person, his/her dependants or
          guests in the use of the swimming pool, fitness center and its surroundings, and all other
          facilities and common areas.

     K. The TENANT agrees also not to do nor permit to be done by his/her dependants or
          servants, on the PREMISES and its compound, anything that may become a nuisance or
          an interference with the quiet enjoyment of the neighboring PREMISES or other
          neighboring occupants during his/her tenancy and any renewal thereof.

     L. To be responsible for replacement of electric bulbs at the TENANT'S own expenses.

     M. The TENANT agrees to not subject part or whole of this PREMISES to another party
          without prior written consent of the OWNER.

     A. To provide a monthly receipt of payment.

     B. To pay all land taxes, as well an any other form of tax levied against the PREMISES or
          the rental thereof, and to pay any insurance the OWNER deems necessary on the
          PREMISES. (The TENANT is to insure his/her own properties).
     C. To undertake repairs to the structure of the PREMISES, which may become necessary
        and any repair which cost more than Baht 1,000 (One Thousand Baht only) each time.
        Such repair will be made within a reasonable period of time upon notification.

     A. That in the event of the PREMISES being destroyed or made untenable by acts of God,
        fire, insurrection, civil war, etc. this lease shall immediately become null and void and the
        TENANT, has no financial responsibility for any and all losses thereof, provided that such
        damages were not created deliberately or through the TENANT, his/her dependants or
        guests negligence. In such case the OWNER, shall promptly refund the TENANT all
        unused portion of rent paid and the deposit.

     B. If TENANT is transferred by Company the lease can be terminated. A letter from
        TENANT's firm will be furnished. If sixty days notice is given prior to vacating
        PREMISES, the OWNER will return a pro-rate amount of the original deposit given. If the
        TENANT does not give 60 days notice, the full amount of the deposit will be forfeited.

     C. The OWNER shall not be liable for any accident which may happen in connection with
        the PREMISES.

     D. That in the event of the termination of this lease, the TENANT along with his/her party or
        belongings will vacate the PREMISES within 2 days after the termination.

     E. Except specifically agreed in this agreement, the general principles laid down in the civil
        and commercial code of Thailand concerning Hire of property shall be applied.

     F. The following addendum outlines the changes, repairs and additions to the aforesaid
This Agreement is made in duplicate with identical wording, both parties having read and fully
understanding its contents, agree to comply with its terms and conditions. therefore, in witness
hereof, both parties have hereunder affixed their signatures in the presence of witnesses on the date
and at the place first above written, the OWNER and the TENANT each to keep one signed copy.
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