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4620, Quévillon Street
Saint-Hubert, Québec J3Y 2V2                                         residence: (514) 443-5308

Fluently bilingual administrative assistant with extensive experience in office management
acquired in the manufacturing, retail and services industries. Also, experience in the area of
consumer products in sales representation and sales management.
Specific skills
   Capable of organizational analysis in my areas of expertise and of implementing practical
   Excellent organizational skills, good judgment, ability to set priorities and to work
   Knowledge of several organizational functions and areas of economic activities.
   Ability to communicate favouring team work and cooperation.
   Excellent reputation for the respect of confidentiality.
   Windows 98 Environnement: Word 7.0, Excel 7.0, Power Point 7.0, Org Plus, Visio,
    Schedule Plus, Lotus Notes 4.6; Outlook; Novell Groupwise, MS-Mail. Equipment:
   French and English shorthand (Gregg Method).

2000-2002      Les Dames de Parole / Women of Word
                Start-up of my own company
1998-2000.1 Bombardier Transportation, Mass Transit – North America
            Human Resources Department
             Assistant to the Vice President
1997-1998      Panolam Industries
               Finance Department
                Assistant to the Vice President and CFO
1994-1996      Sico inc.
               Marketing and Corporate Development
                Assistant to the Senior Vice President
1993           McMaster Meighen, Attorneys
                Executive and Legal Secretary
1985-1992      QIT - Fer et Titane inc. / Quebec Iron and Titanium inc.
               Human Ressources and Public Affairs
                Secretary to the Vice President
1978-1985      Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada, Ltd. (CAPAC)
                Executive and Legal Secretary to the Assistant General Manager
1977-1978      Selinger & Lengvari, Attorneys
                Executive and Legal Secretary to a senior partner
1976           Crédit Lyonnais Canada ltée
                Secretary to the President
Guylène Lauzon                                                                                    2

 Responsible for the smooth running of the department and for carrying out the usual
  secretarial duties: French and English correspondence, translation, organizing business
  trips, meetings and conventions.
 Following up and updating of the company management’s organization chart and keeping
  the administrative policies manual up-to-date.
 Participating in the preparation and presentation of the annual company budget, the annual
  salary budget of the company’s staff in the sales offices abroad, and documents pertaning to
  meetings of the Board of Directors.
 Taking part in the preparation of annual, quarterly and monthly reports and ensuring their
 Preparing and following up on documents relating to performance, bonus and stock options
  for the company’s first line managers and executives.
 Preparing and updating various lists of contacts.
 Responsible for the accounting and book-keeping of a small private enterprise.


LES DAMES DE PAROLE / WOMEN OF WORD                                               2000-2002
Start-up of my own company. It offers complete secretarial services, correction and translation
of texts, simultaneous translation, preparation of organizational charts, proposals, résumés,
animated or overhead transparencies Power Point presentations, etc.
SICO INC.                                                                         1994-1996
Most important paint and coatings manufacturer in Canada. Owns three plants in Quebec and
two in Ontario.
Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development
   Developed exhaustive lists for the Senior Vice President’s business contacts. This enabled
    him to have their details in his possession at all times.
   Initiated measures contributing to help the Senior Vice President become more accessible
    to employees. This resulted in better interpersonal relationship.
   Change of the type of mailing category of the company’s newspaper to its employees, at my
    suggestion. This resulted in substantial savings.

QIT - FER ET TITANE INC. / QUEBEC IRON AND TITANIUM INC.                          1985-1992
Large international company specializing in the processing of raw titanium for manufacturers of
pigments for paint, paper, rubber and plastic. Employs two thousand people worldwide.
Secretary to the Vice President, Human Ressources and Public Affairs
   Reorganized the Department’s filing system in order to eliminate the duplication of filed
    documents, thus saving time and money.
Guylène Lauzon                                                                                     3


Secretary to the Vice President, Human Ressources and Public Affairs
   Implemented quality control systems for word processing and for following up files related to
    performance evaluations, organizing conventions and conferences, which improved the
    efficiency of services offered.
   Updated the administrative policies manuals so that, much to the satisfaction of the
    departments involved, the consulting of these manuals was less time consuming.
   Prepared more up-to-date organization charts by implementing a follow-up mechanism
    based on establishing contacts in the various departments of the company and its
    subsidiaries around the world in order to obtain the most current information.
   Acted on my own initiative and personally took over the work related to the administration of
    the salary budgets and the preparation of documents concerning the bonus and stock
    ownership systems. This saved time, sped up the process and lightened the Vice
    President’s workload.
   Acted on my own initiative and, as part of a cost-cutting program, took over the preparation
    and distribution of Quarterly Reports. This ensured that the reports were sent out more
    quickly, it saved both time and money (approximately $25,000 annually) and made better
    use of the company’s human resources.
   Initiated steps for emergency assistance to employees having difficulties and during the
    Vice President’s absence.

1982 - 1983           Michèle Lynn Canada
                       District Manager
                       Fashion Coordinator - Beauty products and jewellery
1974 - 1975           Avon
                       Sales Representative - Beauty products and jewellery

1975 - 1976           McGill University (evening course)
                       Business English
1974 - 1975           Collège commercial Élie (evening course)
                       To improve speed in English shorthand
1970 - 1971           Institut Girardin
                       Accelerated general secretarial course
1969 - 1970           École secondaire Marie-Immaculée
                       High School Diploma
Guylène Lauzon                                                                               4

1997                 Informatique MultiHexa Inc.
                      Power Point 7.0 (module 2)
                      Excel 7.0 (module 2 - complements)
                     Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
                      Windows 95
1995                 Sico inc.
                      Windows 3.1
                      Word 6.0
                      Excel 4.0
                      Power Point 4.0
                      Schedule Plus
                      File Manager
                      MS-Mail
1992                 Lotus 1-2-3 (DOS) (private course)
1991                 QIT - Fer et Titane inc. / Quebec Iron and Titanium inc.
                      Word Perfect 5.1 (DOS)
1987                 Administrative techniques for secretaries
                      Developing leadership attitudes
                      Memorization techniques

1996 - 1997          Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
                      Landscaping II (evening course)
                      Initiation to landscaping (evening course)
1991 - 1993          Studio de musique Claude de Bussy
                      Classical piano and musical theory
1970 - 1971          Synchronized swimming club at the Centre Immaculée-Conception
                      Special training to prepare for synchronized swimming shows
                      Shows preparation: choreography, costume making, research
General activities: Perfecting of various computer softwares on my personal computer.
                    Swimming, walking, bicycle riding, skating and skiing. Music, singing,
                    reading and cinema.

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