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					                                  Business Technology
                                     Profile of a…

For this assignment you will be creating a poster, filled with information on the business
technology career of your choice.

Choose a career to profile from the lists you generated or pick one from another source
(another student, teacher, research…). Whatever career you choose to profile must have a
direct association with business technology. The association must be strong and clear,
and NO justification should be necessary.

You may want to consider these two powerful sources for research: Career Cruising and
“Career Options”.

Your profile MUST include the following to be considered for full marks:

   □   A well-designed, minimum ½ sheet Bristol Board poster
   □   A clear, neat, and thematic title, legible from 6 feet
   □   A job description for someone typical to the career
   □   Summary of typical working conditions, including hours, vacation, atmosphere,
       benefits, and so on
   □   Skills needed to excel at this career
   □   Education required (minimum of three possible paths)
   □   Different „levels‟ of the job (for example, “Legal Secretary” could exist as a co-op
       position though college or university, entry-level legal secretary, to an
       experienced legal secretary)
   □   A list of at least 5 related careers
   □   Pictures related to the career
   □   A profile of career prospects in the career. For this, go to There you
       can search for the career, which will lead you to a series of statistics and charts.
       You should be looking to find information about wages and to determine if this
       will be a good career to get involved with. Include applicable and appropriate text
       and charts.
   □   Drawbacks or negative aspects to the career (you might look for the interviews on
       Career Cruising for some of this)