Tips to Have A Safe and Comfortable Travel by djsgjg0045


									It is a fact that many people are fond of traveling and it has been part of our way of
life. When you decide to travel to another country, there are precautions you should
mind. Safety in all areas must be considered. Even before you get on that trip, the
safety measures start already.
  Initially, do a search online on some basic information about the country you are
planning to visit. Learn its culture and traditions, especially its taboo practices. Look
for its present news status. This will let you know whether there are security problems
in the country. You shold consider the political and rebel situation. Inquire from others
who have been to these places and learn from their experiences. Aside from these
views, here are some tips on traveling safely to another country:
  1. Have the necessary vaccination prior to your travel. Also, contact your health
insurance agent regarding their international coverage in case you need to be admitted
in the hospital while abroad.
  2. Make sure you have at least 3 photocopies of important documents like IDs,
driver's license, passport, medical records, birth certificate, plane tickets, insurance
documents, and any papers relevant to your travel. Have these in your bag or
  3. Leave some copies to a friend or relative and the second copies keep it in your
hotel room or safe.
  4. Contact travel insurance and have their services in case of lost or stolen items
while you are traveling.
  5. See to it that you have copies of important family, emergency, and other contact
numbers like your national embassy, family doctor, hotel, and others. Don't forget to
save it on your cell phone, laptop, notepad or organizer.
  6. Select a hotel with a transportation service, which can transport you from and to
the airport.
  7. In choosing your hotel room, pick one in the middle part of the building such as
one in the fourth or the seventh floor. This is farther from any possible threats. Ask
information from the hotel desk for the location of fire escapes in the building.
  8. Make sure you e-mail your contacts your itinerary for the day. Doing this will
make sure that someone has an info of your whereabouts.
  9. When doing your tour, do not attempt to haphazardly tote your laptop or use a
transparent bag with cellular phones and wallets inside visible.
  10. If you see beggars abound, avoid giving them money, as others will surely crowd
on you for their share. There may be a local law banning the giving of alms in public.
  These tips will be a great help in traveling safely to other countries. If you follow
these, you will surely enjoy your vacation.
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