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      4 DAY CLINIC! MAY 8-11, 2010
                                                      PETER CAMPBELL has been a
                                                      student of the horse all his life. From
                                                      competitor to judge, buckaroo to show
                                                      jumping, mentoring with Tom Dorrance,
                                                      20 years teaching clinics. He's come a
                                                      long way from leading packhorses
                                                      through wilderness areas alone at the
                                                      age of 12!

                                                      Here's your chance to ride with PETER
                                                      and "Get your horse operating through
                                                      response with respect, not self
                                                      preservation." Let PETER's wealth of
                                                      expertise and experience guide you to a
                                                      deeper understanding of what he means
                                                      when he says, "It's what you put in a
                                                      horse's head, not what you put on it."
                                                      Since PETER keeps classes small,
                                                      space is limited. Sign up soon to reserve
                                                      a spot!

    HORSEMANSHIP: 9:00am - 12:00pm. COST: $500.00
   This class is for all riders wanting to excel and expand their knowledge of true
   horsemanship. Ground work and saddle work may be done, depending on what Mr.
   Campbell believes the horses and riders need.

    COW WORKING/RANCH ROPING: 1:00pm - 4:00pm. COST: $500.00
    Working with cattle the traditional ways of sorting, driving and working on show
    related cutting and penning. Learn the traditional loops and ways of handling
    cattle in real ranch situations. (Cattle fee $40 per rider Please make a check out
    to Robert Chavez separate from the clinic registration fee for Peter Campbell)

    COLT STARTING: 4PM – 7PM COST: $500.00
    This is the perfect class to start your horse or restart a problem horse!

           Organized by:                              Hosted by:
           ROBERT CHAVEZ                              CHAVEZ RANCH
           RCSADDLE@AOL.COM                           23869 Clover Springs Rd.
           661-822-8802                               Tehachapi CA 93561
                         QUESTIONS? CALL TOLL FREE 800-349-7078
Area Motels:

                                                                             Best Western Mountain
                      Holiday Inn Express        Best Western Country Park
La Quinta Inn                                                                Inn
                      901 CAPITAL HILLS PKWY     Hotel
500 Stueber Rd                                                               418 W Tehachapi
                      TEHACHAPI, CA 93561        420 W Tehachapi Boulevard
Tehachapi, CA 93561                                                          Boulevard
                      Hotel Front Desk: 1-661-   Tehachapi, CA93561-1638
Phone: 1-661-823-                                                            Tehachapi, CA 93561-1638
                      8229837                    Phone: 661/823-1800
8000                                                                         Phone: 661/822-5591
                      Hotel Fax: 1-661-8229848   Fax: 661/823-1600
                                                                             Fax: 661/822-6197
LOCATION: 23869 Clover Spring Rd Tehachapi, CA 93561-9569, US
From CA 99 Take CA-58 East
            Merge onto CA-58 E via EXIT 24 toward TEHACHAPI / MOJAVE.

        :   Take the CA-202 exit- EXIT 148- toward TEHACHAPI.

        :   Keep RIGHT at the fork to go on CA-202 / CA-58 BR / W TEHACHAPI BLVD.

        :   Turn RIGHT onto RED APPLE AVE.

        :   Turn RIGHT onto WESTWOOD BLVD.

        :   Turn RIGHT onto WOODFORD TEHACHAPI RD.

        :   Turn LEFT onto Pine Ridge DR (Portions unpaved).

        :   Turn LEFT onto Mariposa Ave (Portions unpaved).

            Turn Left onto CLOVER SPRINGS RD (Portions unpaved).

    No reservations required. COST: $20.00 per day.
    Pipe corrals (no charge)-- Horse owner provides all feed, tubs, buckets and fork; clean each day
    please. Quiet, secure location. Good trailer access. ONE RULE: Please totally clean out your pen at
    the end of the clinic.
    Bring your own lunch….there may be the possibility of a chuckwagon.

       Sign up today for both the Horsemanship and Cow Working and send your FULLPAYMENT by
        March 31st you will ONLY PAY $750 for both classes. SAVE $250!!!! After March 31st
          this deal will be unavailable and pricing will go back to $500 per class! If you sign
                 up and pay the day of the clinic class prices will be $550 per class!
                                 It pays to sign up early with Peter!

                                                     QUESTIONS? CALL TOLL FREE 800-349-7078

YES! Sign me up for the following class(es). I understand I can send in a check for the total amount now, or
a deposit check for each class in the amount of $150.00 to hold my space(s) and then send in the balance by
MARCH 31ST , or I can pay the total amount by credit card by going to

[   ] Horsemanship                      $ _________ Make all class checks out to PETER CAMPBELL
[   ] Cow working/Ranch Roping          $ _________
[   ] Horsemanship                      $ _________
[   ] Cattle Fee                        $ _________
[   ] Corral Space _________
        ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________
        CITY, STATE, ZIP:________________________________________________
        PHONE: ________________________________________________________
                                  Please fill out and send with all checks to:
                                              PETER CAMPBELL
                                   PO BOX 815, WHEATLAND, WY 82201
                    Remember: Classes and stalls reserved only after your checks are received.
                                    ALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE

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