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									                 MISS LOUDOUN COUNTY FAIR
                         Sunday, July 25, 2010
                          Location: Show Barn
         P.J. Bramhall & Jessie Bramhall, Pageant Committee

       Miss Loudoun County Fair Pageant – Rules and Duties

1.   Each contestant must be a resident of Loudoun County and enrolled
     in either the 4-H or FFA clubs (includes community clubs as long as
     the clubs are a part of 4-H)
2.   Each contestant must be at least 16 years of age by the date of the
     contest and not over 21 years of age by January 1, 2010 for seniors
     and between the ages of 9 and 15 for juniors; never married, nor had
     any children.
3.   All contestants must be a female who has continuously displayed
     exemplary moral characteristics. The contestant must never been
     convicted of any crime, nor has any criminal charges pending against
     her; one that has never done any act or engaged in any activity which
     is or could be characterized as dishonest, immoral, indecent, or in
     bad taste.
3.   Contestants will be judged in Street Attire, Evening Gown and
4.   The senior winner will compete in January 2011, at the Virginia
     Association of Fairs Pageant.
5.   The winner will be available the entire week of the 2010 Loudoun
     County Fair to award ribbons and trophies, and to be available for
     pictures (unless they are showing or taking care of animals; the care
     of their animals will come before the duty of handing out ribbons as
     we always try to have our animals safe and nicely presented to the
6.   The winner must be available to work with the pageant committee to
     prepare for the Miss Virginia Association of Fairs Pageant.
7.   The winner will be present at the 2011 Miss Loudoun County Fair
     Pageant and dressed nicely in order to present the 2011 Miss
     Loudoun County Fair with the crown and sash.
8.   All contestants will receive prizes. The winner of Miss Loudoun Fair
     and Miss Loudoun Fair Junior will receive $50 visa gift cards, flowers,
     a sash, and a crown; The runners up will receive a manicure gift card
     and flowers; All other contestants will receive gift bags.
                           CONTESTANT APPLICATION
Name: ______________________________________ Age: _____________

Address: _________________________________ Phone: _______________

City: __________________ ZIP:__________ Birth Date: ________________

Parents’ Names: __________________________________________________

Education: High School ____________________ Grade: ______ Yr. Grad.:_____

College _______________________________ Year: Fr/So/Jr/Sr Yr. Grad: ___

Height: ___________ Eye Color: _____________ Hair Color: ______________

List hobbies, clubs, school activities, church activities, contests won, accomplishments, etc.




Current Employment: ______________________________________________

When filling out this form, please keep in mind that some of the information will be used
to introduce you to the audience.

I, ____________________, understand the rules and duties listed above and meet the
requirements to compete in the 2010 Miss Loudoun County Fair Pageant.

Signature of Contestant __________________________________________

Date: _______________

Deadline to enter: July 1, 2010
Contact #: 540-822-9011
Mail Application to:   PJ Bramhall
                       40480 Lovettsville Rd
                       Lovettsville VA 20180

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