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TITLE: Colon Cleanse: Make it a habit


What is a colon cleanse? A colon cleanse is the gentle removal of any harmful waste products or toxins
that may be lurking in your colon. The movement of food through the intestines is accomplished
through a process called peristalsis. This is an automatic and important process that moves food
through the digestive system. Regular bowel movements reflect that your intestines are working
properly and should occur on a daily basis to ensure that the harmful byproduct of the digested and
absorbed food you consume will be excreted and thus prevent any potential harmful effects from the
waste related toxins.

So what can happen when you don’t experience regular bowel movements? Constipation. Constipation
is one of the most common reasons people undergo a colon cleanse. People who experience
constipation have infrequent bowel movements, may pass hard stools or strain during bowel
movements. This happens when the movement of the bowel or colon has become very slow. As a
result, the longer the un-excreted toxins stay in the intestines, the more potential harm exists to your
body and health. Some common symptoms of constipation may include headaches and gastric

In addition to having a colon cleanse performed, there are other things you can do to help ensure the
health of your bowel through modification of diet and exercise. The best way to start making a positive
change is to start by eating more foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber rich foods such as whole grains, raw
fruits and vegetables help cleanse the colon by passing through undigested bulk that assists in the
elimination of harmful wastes and toxins. A person who consumes a diet that is rich in fiber holds only 3
meals worth of undigested food and waste material within their colon compared to a person who does
not include fiber in his or her diet and holds 8 meals worth of waste in his or her body. Imagine how
toxic your body would be if you do not excrete that large amount of waste. This could lead to a more
serious situation.

In addition to eating a fiber rich diet, physical activity is recommended because along with many other
benefits, it can lead to a reduction in the risk of colon cancer.

Why is having a colon cleanse so important? If you are experiencing constipation or other digestive
issues, the colon may become impacted with dry waste and the shape and function of the colon may be
jeopardized. Diverticulitis may occur due to constipation. Diverticulitis is defined as having one or more
inflamed diverticula. If you have recurrent bouts of inflammation, there will be a formation of scar tissue
which in turn can narrow and obstruct the lumen or opening of the colon. If this occurs, it will decrease
the ability of the intestines to absorb nutrients and excrete waste properly thus leading to an increase of
body intoxication.
Among the cleansing therapies available to promote the health of your body, a colon cleanse is at the
top of the list. Colon cleanses are performed before you start detoxifying your liver, blood or lymph
system so that when you ready to start cleansing those organs or systems, the toxins or impurities will
surely be reduced or eliminated since there is no blockage present in the colon.

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