Theme Finger Buffet Menus by dfsdf224s


									Themed Finger Bu et Menus
         Minimum numbers of 10 guests                                    Menu D—Mexican
                 Menu A—French                                           £15.00 per person
                 £15.00 per person                     Mini Chicken fajitas with red onion salsa, sour cream and
        Boudin noir and dried tomato toasts                                 refried beans
         Mini Baguette with various llings                                 Salmon Ceviche
        French onion soup (serve d in cups)                       Crispy Tortillas with guacamole (v)
                   Moule Mariner                        Poblano chillies stu ed with ground beef & coriander

    Selection of cheese with crackers and grapes                Spiced Pineapple and papaya skewers
                 Mini Crème Brulee                                   Mango & vanilla enchiladas

                 Menu B—Italian
                 £15.00 per person                                         Menu E—USA
         Selection of pizza and Garlic Bread                             £18.00 per person
     Goats Cheese and red onion bruscetta (v)              Mini Burgers with pickles & mustard mayonnaise
         Minestrone Soup (serve d in cups)                Caesar salad with aged parmesan & garlic croutes
        Mini bowls of spaghetti carbonnara                             Kentucky BBQ pork ribs
                                                                Shrimp tempura, sweet and sour sauce
                  Shot of Tiramisu
           Gorganzola and g bruscetta                             Derby pie (Chocolate and pecan)
                                                                     Strawberry and Cherry Jell-o
                  Menu C—Asian
                 £15.00 per person
  Selection of steamed din sum with dipping sauce
               Vegetable tempura (v)
              Salmon Te riyaki skewers
    Chicken & Sweet corn soup (served in a cup)

  Banana Fritters with Vanilla & passion fruit syrup
                 Lychee Pannacotta

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