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'Hands-on' bishop's vision for our diocese by sdsdfqw21


         ./ 01                                   A publication of the Catholic Church of Johannesburg

                                                                                                                       ! "#            %
                                                                                                                                     $ $                 & ' (           )**+,-+ *

       Good Shepherd
        Retreat Centre
 Retreat Programme for 2004
        “A celebration of life”
       Retreat with Anne Moore
Retreats co-ordinated by the Centre for
          Ignatian Spirituality
3, 5 and 8 day retreats (A 30 day retreat
             also possible)
                   24-26                    Archbishop Buti Tlhagale,                         human rights.
    “That they may share my joy”            Bishop of Johannesburg,                   •       Adoration of the Blessed
             John 17:13                                                                       Sacrament to intercede for
                                            envisages a diocese in which                      the perpetrators and law
     Preached Retreat: Bishop D.                                                                                             HUNDREDS of young people converged on the Cathedral on
                                            clergy, religious and lay                         makers is a way to go.         Sunda y M a y 1 6 for Joha nnes bur g’s annual Vocati ons
           Verstraete, omi
                 OCTOBER                    leaders are part of a consul-             •       We can tap resources of the    Exposition representing 30 different callings. Here Fr Graham
                   15-17                    tative body or forum en-                          various groups in the dio-     Rose, Vicar for Vocations, talks to one of those at the Exposition.
    An introduction to silent retreat       abled through their interac-                      cese to change the destruc-    Anyone interested in pursuing one of the callings is re-
       A weekend for first time                                                               tion of family life which      ferred to a monthly
                                            tion to take ownership of the                     we are seeing.                 gathering. Information is available from Thérèse on weekday
       retreatants—Rev. Trevor              Church.
                Hudson                                                                •       The meeting was told by a      mornings at 011 402 6400
                                            “At present it is only people who
                   15-17                                                                      dean present that the power
                                            talk to me who are part of the deci-
        “Putting down roots”                                                                  of the pulpit was not used
        Meditations on a tree.
                                            sion–making process, but who owns
                                                                                              sufficiently for moral         Pretoria judgement interprets ‘right’ to ter-
                                            the Church? Everybody of faith and
                                                                                              teaching any more.
          Jeremiah 17:7-8
        Rev. Lynne Wyngaard
                                            particularly those who already have
                                                                                      Two interim committees were ap-
                                                                                                                             minate pregnancy to extend to girls under
                                            a platform in acknowledged move-
                 NOVEMBER                   ments in the Church deserve to be
                                                                                      pointed to look into the formation
                                                                                      of a broad consultative body along
                   22-26                    heard,” Archbishop Buti told Dioce-
    “He spoke to them in parables”
              Matt 13:3
                                            san News.
                                            A day after the SACBC statement in
                                                                                      the lines of that meeting.
                                                                                                                             SACBC-“further erosion of the
                                                                                      COLLEGE OF CONSULTORS
          Fr Don Bohe omi
                                            response to a ruling opening the door
                                            for girls’ right to obtain abortions
                                                                                      A College of Consultors for the
                                                                                      Diocese of Johannesburg was ap-
                                                                                                                             unsurpassable value of life”
                    3-11                    without their parents’ knowledge
                                                                                      pointed by the Archbishop during
                                                                                                                             The South African Catholic Bishops’ Conference spokes-
     Directed Retreat: Sr Irene op          (S ee article on this page)               May. These are the members:            man, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, Bishop of Johannesburg,
       Taize Retreat: Fr Chris              Archbishop Buti chaired a meeting
                                            of lay leaders to air the bishops’
                                                                                      Fr Canice Dooley, SDB                  issued a statement on May 31 protesting in the strongest
            Schonenberger                                                             Fr François Dufour, SDB
                                            views and to initiate the formation of                                           terms possible the further erosion of the unsurpassable
                    3-11                                                              Fr Kevin McElhatton, SJ
      Advent Retreat: Bishop D.             a consultative forum in the diocese.                                             value of life as a result of a recent Pretoria Court judgement
                                                                                      Fr Patrick Maselwane
          Verstraete, omi                   Such a forum, once instituted, would                                             which enables girls to procure an abortion without their
                                                                                      Fr Thabo Motshegwa
                                            take issues both inside and outside                                              parents’ knowledge.
                                                                                      Fr Graham Rose
                                            the Church concerning us as Chris-
          BOOKINGS:                         tians, and would be able to give an
                                                                                      Fr Harry Wilkinson.                    The Bishops’ Conference also continues to object strongly against that
 Good Shepherd Retreat Centre:              immediate response and decide on a                                               part of the Constitution that treats life as if it were ‘simple biological
           PO Box 15,                                                                 DEANERIES                              material to be freely disposed of’.
                                            course of action.
      Hartbeespoort, 0216                                                             Deans have been appointed for the      The statement continues: “The Bishops wish to reiterate the position
                                            Archbishop Buti asked people pre-
                                                                                      eight regions of the diocese as fol-
       Tel: (012) 259-1392                  sent to express their views of what
                                                                                                                             of the Catholic Church with regard to abortion. Procured abortion is
     Tel/Fax: (012) 259-0235                action could be taken on the abortion                                            the deliberate and direct killing of a human being at any time between
                                                                                      Central: Fr R Rehbock omi
              e-mail:                       issue.                                                                           conception and birth. The act is totally and absolutely unacceptable.
                                                                                      East: Fr Paul Winters omi             Suggestions that came from people                                                Killing an innocent human being is always gravely immoral.
                                                                                      Far East: Fr Sergio Lorenzini
                                                                                      North: Fr Harry Wilkinson              “The Pretoria High Court judgement represents a further assault on
                                            •       It is not sufficient to be vo-    South: Fr Canice Dooley sdb            the incomparable value of life. We live in a South Africa where God’s
                                                    cal—we need to create ongo-       Soweto: Fr Kevin McElhatton sj         injunction ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is being totally and deliberately ig-
                                                    ing education of young peo-       Vaal: Fr L Bambezela ofm
                                                    ple regarding the effect of                                              nored with regard to abortion. The Pretoria judgement by interpreting
                                                                                      West: Fr S Khamali cp                  the ‘right’ to terminate pregnancy to extend to females under 18 years
                                                    sex before marriage.              The foregoing appointments were
   IN THIS EDITION                          •       70% of South Africans are         made by Archbishop Buti so that        of age, shifts the burden of responsibility to younger women as well.
                                                    nominally Christians. We          the diocese now has a team of con-     This judgement will lead to the weakening of individual consciences,
                                                    need to make a statement          sultors and deans for the regions to   especially of those of young people whose conscience formation is at
 Hands-on Bishop                     1              and enlist other religions, to    make running of the diocese            a critical stage.
 Departmental doings                 2              focus on and provide alterna-     smoother.                              “The judgement will also seriously undermine the moral fibre of soci-
                                                    tives.                            Up to now the Archbishop has           ety. While South Africa speaks of a moral renewal of society, it
 Catholic weddings                   3      •       The initiative to call all to     spent time in endless but necessary    strenuously seeks to exclude sexual morality and private lifestyles of
 Pentecost Rally                     4              share is a wonderful starting     PRO meetings. Now he is shifting       people. Such an approach is doomed to reap the whirlwind. The
                                                    point.                            emphasis and looking at the ques-
 De La Salle 100 years               5                                                                                       judgement, we maintain, is a direct assault on the value of family as
                                            •       If we work together we can        tions—Where is the diocese going?
                                                                                                                             sanctuary of life. We cannot rule out the question of complicity in the
 Finance Report back                 6              be a good voice to persuade       How are we to involve everyone?
                                                                                      What is the role of the Church in      evil of abortion with regard to those who make such laws or those
 Letters to Editor                   7              the government to react and
                                                    offer a strategy for educa-       society?                               who encourage sexual permissiveness and ignore the esteem for moth-
 Media and the family                8                                                “We are getting the various move-      erhood.”
                                            •       Charismatic and prayer            ments with their platforms to help
                                                    groups see it as a violation of       Continued on Page 3

 World Aids Campaign 2004: Women, Girls, HIV and Aids—Joint UN Programme on HIV/Aids (UNAIDS)
 Here is an overview to help inform those planning a campaign this year. It describes how the theme was decided and suggests key partners, messages and sub-themes.
  The document argues that, in the past, the Campaign has sometimes failed to achieve its full potential at a national and local level. This is why UNAIDS now seeks to change that through an increased
  emphasis on the role of civil society—in particular through the stronger leadership and involvement of HIV and Aids-related NGOs at national level. Specific objectives of the campaign include:
  •      Resilience and leadership: promote the role of women and girls in tackling the epidemic
  •      Support: encourage women and girls living with HIV to tell their story

Visit the web site of the Catholic Diocese of Johannesburg at: http;//                                                                                                     1
    A Monthly Update on your Diocesan Departments                                                                              DIOCESAN DEPARTMENTS MAY BE REACHED AT:
                                                                                                                               Cathedral Place, 3 Saratoga Avenue, Private Bag X10,

    DEPARTMENT DOINGS                                                                                                          Doornfontein 2028
                                                                                                                               Telephone: 011 402-6400
                                                                                                                               Fax: 011 402-6406
    The following are highlights of reports from heads of departments discussed at their
    June meeting.                                                                                                                                                             2      "3       "4
                                                                                                                                                                  5     3 2         3
                                                                                                                                                                                   " 6 "    7      6782 7
    Aids                                     issues concerning their becoming
                                                                                                                                                                                  2      9 "
    A second Plenary of the Aids Com-        Public Benefit Organisations.                  DIOCESAN EDUCATIONAL TRUST
                                                                                             Report for period May 2003—April 2004                   Thank you to all who took part, attended, created and helped in any
    mission with representatives from         A meeting will be held in August                                                                       way to make our Festival such a delightful success. One of the main
    sub-committees was held in early         to finalise the decisions made.                                                                         projects at Trinity is feeding the Streetpeople and your support has
                                             The Quarterly Diocesan Principals’       Trustees and meetings during the period were detailed.
    May. Report-back from Treatment,                                                                                                                 helped them especially now that the cold has settled in for winter. We
    Healing, Prevention, Admin and           Meeting dealt with the submission        The financial statements for the year ended December           hope that in some way we were able to feed you spiritually as well.
    Structure sub-committees were            of the Workplace Skills Develop-         31 2003 reflected grants totaling R868 810. Immaculata         Next year the festival will run again from Pentecost to Trinity Sunday
    heard.                                   ment plan for 2004/2005, salary          High School administration office and computer room is         and we invite you to make suggestions and comments and take part
                                             adjustments, the Choir Festival,         nearing completion. It was funded by the De Beers Trust,       again. Talk to Mandy at the Parish on 011 339 2826
    Progress is being made on those
    questionnaires returned to the heal-     Catholic Schools Sunday and a            the School and the DET and managed by Keith Dowie. At
    ing group.                               Technical workshop.                      Holy Cross Primary School the DET funded urgent re-
    A retreat held on May 15 was very        Workshops were held on Integrity         pairs to the roof of the computer room. Roofs of both
    well received. The day included          in Ministry at Holy Cross Primary        schools need refurbishing. St John Berchman-St Martin
    reflection, sharing and prayer and       and Mayfair Mercy Convent and at         de Porres Project , a stand-alone project supported by the
    lunch time was exciting with the         Holy Cross Primary on the Founda-        Diocesan Educational Trust, is developing a new High
    news that SA had won the 2010            tion Phase in the New Revised Cur-       School and the creation of one primary school from the
    World Soccer Cup.                        riculum.                                 two existing primary schools. It has received R45 000 for
                                             Statistics of the number of Catholic     upgrading primary school classrooms and play area from
                                             pupils and teachers in Catholic          the DET. Most of the funds spent on a sports field for St
    Catechetics                                                                       Matthew’s High School were raised by an appeal to UK
    A meeting for co-ordinators of the       Schools as against the number of
                                             non-Catholics compiled over the          schools and DET contributed R12 400 to the project.
    Pretoria Metropolitan area was                                                    John Martin school buildings completed in previous year
    held in Lydenburg in mid-May. The        last two months were circulated.
                                                                                      received funds of R300 000 and a further R87 365 from
    purpose of the meeting was to iden-                                               the DET.
    tify clearly the role of diocesan ani-   Justice & Peace
                                             A monthly meeting of Gauteng BIG         JOCASCO schools raised R3 500 towards unit bur-
    mation and co-ordination at various                                               saries otherwise there has been no concerted effort to
    levels.                                  brought the following sub-
                                             committee reports: Business-A            market the bursaries. Three major donors also contributed
    A policy for catechetics in the dio-                                              and the entire amount of R161 000 was distributed. Since
    cese is being drafted based on the       meeting with a business rep took
                                             place and new contacts were set up.      the Unit Bursary Scheme was begun a total of R480 000
    responses received from parish                                                    has been given. A Mail Appeal costing R19 000 raised
    priests on the questionnaires sent,      Training went through a trial run
                                             took place with about 24 people,         R51 000 in May 2003. The DET participated in Catholic
    reports from regional meetings and                                                Schools Sunday in May and continues to contribute to the
    the vision from the General Direc-       two of whom from Coalition or-
                                             ganizations are to trained in July.      running costs of the Diocesan Fundraising office.
    tory as well as our formal policy.                                                We thank the Diocese for the support it offers the Trust.
    A regional co-ordinators meeting         Gender and unemployment semi-
                                             nar is planned for August 9.             Judy Stockill,
    was held on May 8 at the Cathedral                                                 Chairperson.
    and all regions were represented         Youth - JEP and BIG Coalition are
    except Katorus.                          planning the Third Youth Consulta-
    Workshops took place in all regions      tion. The Social Grant survey was
    on various topics including forma-       completed and evaluated in May.
                                             Fieldworkers are continuing a cam-       from Durban and Cape Town. The
    tion and training for parish co-                                                  theme of the Conference was:
    ordinators, on the General Directory,    paign to make Social Grant accessi-
                                             ble to people                            ’From Christ towards Justice &
    for new catechists, for RCIA, on                                                  Peace for Refugees, Migrants,
    Infant baptism, the involvement of       Pastoral Care for Refugees
                                             Annual IMBISA conference at-             Asylum Seekers and Displaced
    parents and several retreats were                                                 People.
    held.                                    tended at Bronkhorstspruit Four
                                             bishops were present and represen-
                                             tatives from SA—UNHCR, Home              SPRED
    Education                                                                         Final group meetings took place
                                             affairs department, Lawyers for
    Diocesan School Principals and                                                    for winter at beginning of June.        !                " #                                         $      %& #
                                             Human Rights, Black Sash, JRS,
    Board Members met with the                                                        Positive aspects of the work of
                                             SCVR, SACC, Papillon Founda-
    Archbishop, John Mills and the                                                    SPRED during the month included
                                             tion, our Department as well as that
    catholic Schools Office to deal with                                              a well prepared Mass at Eldorado                                                              &          ! '
                                                                                      Park Ext 4 Church. Mrs Nelly                       !                          (                                              )
                                                                                      Ngwane did a presentation at St         #                                          *         #                        %

                    Good Shepherd                                                     Philip Neri, Moletsane and six peo-
                                                                                      ple volunteered for training. An
                                                                                      information evening was held at La
                                                                                                                                                        + ,-           / 01 - 13 -
                                                                                                                                                                      .. - 2 -

                                                                                      Rochelle parish after the whole
                    Retreat Centre                                                    team gave presentations at six
                                                                                      masses there. The staff team is
                               A place to rest                                        training new members in Eldorado
                                                                                      Park and the Emmanuel Parish
                               A place to pray                                        group in Zone 4 Sebokeng is work-
                                                                                      ing well. Sacred Heart Parish, Kat-
                               A place to meet                                        lehong faith community groups
    Just one hour from Johannesburg and 30 minutes from                               have not got off the ground yet.
    Pretoria yet allows you to get miles away from the hus-                           Vocations                                   ST AUGUSTINE COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA
    tle and bustle in the tranquil Magaliesburg overlooking                           Vocations Commission meetings
    the Hartbeespoort Dam.                                                            are taking place six-weekly. They                                 AFRICAN THEOLOGY
                                                                                      are well attended by Brothers, Sis-
    Our facilities include:
                                                                                      ters, Priests and some lay people.                                     A week of lectures
    •      45 double rooms, mostly en suite                                           Different strategies of various con-                                          by
    •      Dormitory facilities for 50 people                                         gregations are being reviewed and                                      Bénézet Bujo
    •      A conference room for 100                                                  work on Vocations publications,
     people                                                                           prayers and the website is proceed-       Professor of Moral Theology and Social Ethics, University of Fribourg,
    •      2 smaller conference rooms                                                 ing. The idea of supplementing                                        Switzerland
                                                                                      Vocations Days with teams visiting
           plus smaller breakaway rooms
                                                                                      Youth Groups, Prayer meetings,
    •      2 chapels                                                                  Confirmation classes and address-
                                                                                                                             Date 05-09 July 2004
    •      TV projector                                                               ing them at their own venue is be-     Time 09h00-17h00
    •      Swimming pool                                                              ing investigated.
    •      Beautiful walks and wonderful bird                                  life                                          Venue 26 Road No. 3, Victory Park, JHB
    We cater for workshops, retreats, conferences, semi-                              At a meeting of the young adult        Tuition R1000 (Attendance only) (with a R500
    nars, encounters, confirmation retreats, individuals                                                                      special concession to Priests and Religious)
                                                                                      groups on May 15 almost all the
    wanting quiet time, as well as our own directed retreats                          regions were represented.               The programme is a module offered to Master of Philosophy students at the
                                                                                      Sr Nomawetu, Fr Paul and three                           College and is being made available to members of the
    throughout the year.                                                              youth representatives attended a                         public on an “Attendance only” basis. R2300 (normal fee
                                                                                      Gauteng Council of Churches Con-                         for Non-Degree purposes)
    Contact: The Manager,                                                             ference in Pretoria at the end of
     PO Box 15 Hartbeespoort 0216                                                     May. Sr Nomawetu was elected as        Accommodation         Available at the College
    Tel/Fax 012 259 0235                                                              a member of the working council        Enquiries Assistant Registrar
    Tel:     012 259 1392 e-mail                       to find a way forward for the GCC.      Tel: (011) 782-4616 / Fax: (011) 782-8729

Weddings, Marriage and the                                                                                                                                             Notices
Sacrament of Matrimony:
Some reflections on the proper place
for a Catholic wedding (Part 1)
In the course of his yearly Address to the Roman Rota ear-
lier this year, the Holy Father said, “It is necessary, in-                                                                                                                        * 4 5
stead, to rediscover the truth, goodness and beauty of the
marriage institution. Since it is the work of God himself,
                                                                                                                                                                           #         %
through human nature and the freedom of consent of the                                                                                                                                             !
engaged couple, marriage remains an indissoluble personal
reality, a bond of justice and love, linked from eternity to                                                                                                                           "
the plan of salvation and raised in the fullness of time to                                                                                                  #
the dignity of a Christian sacrament.” The Pope’s entire                                                                                                                    $
address deserves attention but these few lines underline                                                                                                         %                 &
some essential elements of a Catholic marriage that some                                                                                                                               '
couples in planning their wedding ceremony seem to for- CATECHISTS gather round Archbishop Buti Tlhagale at a Mass given for the
get.                                                          South Region on Saturday April 17 at Robertsham Parish.                                                ! 4%
The idea of rediscovering the “truth, goodness and beauty                                                                                                            #    &
                                                                                                                                                                     $! ' 1
of the marriage institution” and marriage as “the work of
                                                                                                                                                                  !  *      4 -
God himself” should certainly be subjects of prayer and                                                                                                           !         6
consideration for Catholics contemplating marriage. By far                                                                                                         + -     7 .
                                                                                                                                                                          / -/
the best analysis of Catholic marriage is given in par.48 of Cardinal Renato Martino, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice & Peace, said                   -17 1 1--
the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern                                                                                                                          !
World of the Second Vatican Council. The opening words                                                  at a discussion before Good Friday this year                           (
are as follows, “The intimate partnership of life and love
which constitutes the married state has been established by      We celebrate                           that the three threats to family life today
the creator and endowed by him with its own proper                                                      •        The materialist culture which values
laws.” It is wonderful, indeed somewhat miraculous, con-         with our                                        things above persons,                             50 Years Reunion
sidering all the obstacles, to see how many marriages,                                                  •
some of which get off to a very shaky start, mature into         Priests…..
                                                                                                                 The culture of violence which con-
                                                                                                                 siders violence as the only way to                Sancta Maria
true lifelong partnerships of life and love.                    .
                                                                                                                 attain a more just society and                   Convent School,
Paragraph 48 has some other inspiring words for those                                                   •        The culture of permissiveness which                  Vanderbijlpark
                                                                BIRTHDAYS:                                       creates a crisis in sexual rules, inter-
thinking of marriage: “Thus the man and woman, ‘who are July 2-Fr Kevin Cawte
                                                                                                                 personal relationships in the family                  31 July, 2004
no longer two but one’ (Mt.19:6), help and serve each           July 3 -Fr Robert Toland                                                                               FOR FURTHER
other by their marriage partnership; they become con-                                                            and relations of authority.
                                                                July 13-Fr Eamonn O’Reilly                                                                             INFORMATION:
scious of their unity and experience it more deeply from        July 18 -Fr Ignatius Fidgeon                                                                         Phone 016 981 2462
                                                                                                                  Hands-on from Page 1                                  P.O. Box 2567,
day to day. The intimate union of marriage, as a mutual         July 19 -Fr Arnaldo Nyathi
                                                                                                                                                                   Vanderbijlpark 1900
giving of two persons, and the good of the children de-         July 19 -Fr Mambu Blaise Munsiku
                                                                July 19 -Fr Michael Wuestenberg                    us, for example, the Focolare,
mand total fidelity from the spouses and require an un-                                                            Schoenstatt, Charismatic move-
breakable unity between them.” And again, “Christ our           July 20 -Fr Patrick Hogan
                                                                July 20-Fr Abdou Tabet                             ments, who at present only take
Lord has abundantly blessed this love, which is rich in its                                                        care of their members. Can we
                                                                July 21-Fr Jeff Jawaheer
various features, coming as it does from the spring of di-                                                         share the diverse spiritualities? Let
vine love and modeled on Christ’s own union with the                                                               us find a way and see how they           &        8 5 &4
                                                                ORDINATIONS:                                       impact on the Church as a whole,”
Church…” And a word on the family, “The Christian fam- July 1, 1989 -Fr Phillippe Docq
ily springs from marriage, which is an image and a sharing July 1, 1962-Fr Peter Doherty                           says Archbishop Buti.
                                                                                                                   “We must grow in our spirituality                   $
in the partnership of love between Christ and the Church;       July 1, 1951-Fr Francis Middlewick
                                                                                                                   and be a leader in our community.
it will show forth to all ( ) Christ’s living presence in the   July 2, 2001– Fr Bechara Trad                                                                #
                                                                                                                   Given the size and composition of
world and the authentic nature of the Church by the love        July 3, 1960-Fr John Coleman
                                                                                                                   the diocese, we should be a leader
and generous fruitfulness of the spouses, by their unity and July 4, 1970-Fr Michael Austin                        diocese in South Africa.
fidelity, and by the loving way in which all members of         July 4, 1991 -Fr John Cleary                                                                                                        !
the family co-operate with each other.”                         July 4, 1954-Fr John De Nobrega                                                                                     )
                                                                                                                   MEDIA DESK
                                                                July 4, 1992-Fr Raymond McQuarrie
It would be a mistake, indeed very wrong, to dismiss the                                                           “We need to have some sense of
                                                                July 4, 1950-Fr Remigius Scheuber
above or any line of par48 of the document on the Church                                                           where we are going. A media desk
                                                                July 5, 1998-Fr Pierre El-Khoury                                                            +# ,         #0 #
                                                                                                                                                                       15 5
in the Modern World as totally unrealistic, just                                                                   could help us to be relevant by
                                                                July 6, 1963-Fr Gerhardos Groenwegen                                                             9
                                                                                                                                                               , #
“dreamworld stuff” and the musings of a Church obsessed July 7, 1996-Fr Lievin Naniakweti                          sharing with the public our beliefs
                                                                                                                   and standpoints on certain issues.             *            !
with its own idea of holiness! A great mistake. And given       July 9, 1978-Fr Christopher Chatteris                                                              +
                                                                                                                   “We could be on the lookout for
this beautiful ideal, is it any wonder that on the subject on   July 10, 1966-Fr Anthony Bailey                                                             &          #
                                                                                                                   the opportunity to give our views
the place of a wedding, Canon 1118, §1, states, “A              July 11, 1965-Fr William Daniel                                                             ) 4 5    5     : /
                                                                                                                                                                          / -.
                                                                                                                   on crime, rape, housing, water,
marriage between Catholics, or between a Catholic party         July 12, 1975-Fr Brian Connolly
                                                                                                                   electricity issues. For instance, a
and a baptised non-catholic, is to be celebrated in the         July 12, 1973-Fr David Dryden
                                                                                                                   while ago I spent the day in Orange
                                                                July 13, 1958-Fr Ivo Pisacane
parish church. By permission of the local Ordinary or of                                                           Farm and experienced at first hand
                                                                July 16, 1967-Fr Enoch Shomang
the parish priest, it may be celebrated in another church or July 20, 1958-Fr Barnabas Mbatha                      the lack of running water . Here we
oratory.” ie another Catholic church or oratory! (to be                                                            should be the eyes and spokespeo-
                                                                July 27, 1987-Fr Jeffrey Johnson
continued)                                                                                                         ple of the local communities. We
                                                                July 27, 1952-Fr Thomas Barry
                                                                                                                      could join them in their appeal and
                                                                 July 28, 1981-Fr Carlos Gabriel
                                                                                                                      this kind of social ministry can be
                                                                 July 31, 1963-Fr Kevin McElhatton
                                                                                                                      carried forward by a media person.
                                                                                                                      “A media desk could begin to help            ,
                                                                                                                      us shape the public feeling on is-                   -       '
                                                                                                                      sues.”                                              .
                                                                                                                      Archbishop Buti also feels that a     + 5   ,-       1:
                                                                                                                                                                         7- 2
                                                                                                                      Media Office could help to com-              *
                                                                                                                                                            ; ) ,* *
                                                                                                                      municate internally, not only local     , $ ! '3 7
                                                                                                                      issues but also those that come         0 09   1
                                                                                                                      from Rome and concern us all. We
                                                                                                                      could begin to tap into lay organi-
                                                                                                                      zations by giving them space on a
                                                                                                                      rotating basis. Such an office            The Reginald
                                                                                                                      would need to be set up with part-
                                                                                                                      time staff.                            Orsmond Counselling
                                                                                                                                                               Services (ROCS)
                                                                                                                                                            will be running a basic counselling train-
                                                                                                                                                            ing course in the Martindale Training
                                                                                                                                                            Centre, 21 Annadale Street, Martindale,
                                                                                                                                                            on the Saturdays in
                                                                                                                                                            August. There are still a few places
                                                                                                                                                            Applications are welcome.
                                                                                                                                                            Inquiries and for more information: con-
                                                                                                                                                            tact Ms Adelaide Mangena on
                                                                                                                     !               "                      011 673 1473 during normal office
                                                                                                                                 #$ $ $ #                   hours.

                                                                                      Archbishop Buti addresses                                                             Notices
                                                                                      Pentecost Rally held at                                                        BOSCO YOUTH CENTRE
                                                                                                                                                                         Certificate Course in
                                                                                      St Anthony’s Portuguese Com-                                                            Leadership
                                                                                                                                                                              23-25 July 2004
                                                                                                                                                                  Covering: basic leadership skills,
                                                                                      munity Church                                                               working in a youth group, communica-
                                                                                                                                                                  tion, planning and implementing a
                                                                                                                                                                  programme with youth, and ideas for
                                                                                      Archbishop Buti, addressing a                                               parish youth liturgies.
                                                                                                                            for the benefit of the commu-         For bookings and further information
                                                                                      Pentecost Rally held at the St        nity, as the gifts belong to all of   contact Jerry on Tel 011 949 2361 e-
                                                                                      Anthony’s Portuguese Church           us, and are given for the com-        mail:
                                                                                      Hall, called on participants to       mon good and for people’s
                                                                                      use their gifts for the benefit of    needs. He said we have the gift        Catering Supervisor Required
                                                                                      the Church and challenged             to heal each other, and can           Previous experience un catering, in-
                                                                                      them to reconcile differences of      make unity come alive if we           cluding, but not limited to, negotiating
                                                                                      culture, race, rich and poor and      allow ourselves to be con-            for and purchasing supplies, setting
                                                                                      work for the upliftment of all.       verted. Even children can heal        menus, supervising a team of 5 and
    FATHER Terence Bateman led an inspiring spiritually uplifting                                                                                                 providing professional catering facility
                                                                                      Vibrant music greeted partici-        their parents.
    Day of Recollection for EMEs of the Johannesburg Diocese at the                                                                                               to guests.
    Schoenstatt Shrine in Bedfordview on May 8 2004. Here delegates                   pants at the Rally as the Church      Archbishop Buti gave examples
                                                                                      hall echoed with the strains of                                             Previous experience in staff manage-
    are shown in happy singing mood.                                                                                        of how we can make real and           ment essential and preferably in a
                                                                                      the Praise and Worship Music          live the experience of unity. Let     catering environment. Above average
                                                                                      team of the Catholic Charismatic      us not write letters to the editor    communication skills, with ability to
        !"           #                #
                                    $ # %&                                            Renewal on that Pentecost Sun-
                                                                                      day afternoon.
                                                                                                                            of the Southern Cross that
                                                                                                                            threaten the unity of the church.
                                                                                                                                                                  interact well (fluent English, both writ-
                                                                                                                                                                  ten and spoken, is essential).
    The Theme of this year’s World Mission Sunday which will be held                  Fr Barney McAleer, in Johan-          He said that as individuals, we       Flexible attitude to working hours and
    on October 24 is “Eucharist and Mission”, states a message presented              nesburg for three months, ad-         cannot be generous with the           ability to work on weekends.
    by Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, prefect of the Congregation for Evange-              dressed the gathering on the          sacraments of the Church, not         Full valid driving licence and own
    lization of Peoples (Zenit News Service)                                          theme of unity of the body of                                               transport.
                                                                                                                            at the expense of what the
    In his message for the day, John Paul II says that the Church’s mis-              Christ (Eph4:1-5) and called on                                             If you meet our requirements, please
                                                                                                                            Church teaches. He spoke              forward up to date CV to:
    sion commitment is an ‘urgency’ that is inseperable from the Eucha-               the people to be peacemakers in       about the role of the clergy and      Fax: 011 949 2087
    rist.                                                                             their parishes. H e said we must      the laity which needs to be de-       E-mail:
    The mission ‘is still only beginning and we must apply ourselves                  never cause dissent, disputes or      fined, as the two must comple-
    wholeheartedly to its service’. The thist to save souls has always been           anger but create harmony and          ment each other to build up the
    strongly experienced by the saints—It suffices to think for example of            love our brethren of other Chris-     Church. He then challenged the        Confirmation Candidates 2005/6
    St Thérèse of Lisieux, patroness of the Missions, and of Bishop Com-              tian faiths.                          people to reconcile differences           Come and join us for an
    boni, great apostle of Africa.                                                    The highlight of the afternoon        of culture, race, rich and poor,         Evangelization Celebration
    “Yes! It is necessary to relaunch the mission ‘ad gentes’ with courage,           was the address given by              to work for the common good           Date: Saturday 28th Aug 04
    starting with the proclamation of Christ, Redeemer of every human                 Archbishop Buti Tlhagale,             and for the upliftment of all.                        04th Sept 04
    person”.                                                                          Bishop of Johannesburg, who           The afternoon ended with the                 11th Sept 04
                                                                                      told the gathering that it is the     Archbishop blessing the Heal-         Venue: Bosco—Daleside
                                                                                      Holy Spirit who unites us with        ing team, who ministered to the       Time: 9:00 to 4:30
                                         !      "                   ##                the Father and the Son. As the        people, laying hands and pray-        Cost:   R25.00 per person
                                                                                      Father, Son and Holy Spirit form      ing with them for different            (Includes a borewors roll and cool
                                       $                                              a community of the Trinity, so                                              drink)
            #    #%                 & '                                                                                     needs.
                                                                                      the Holy Spirit unites the com-       Contributed by a member of                  The day will end with Mass
           ()) *+ , - (.-
                                                                                      munity of humanity. This uniting      the Catholic Charismatic Re-             BOOKING THROUGH PARISHES
         / () ) *+, ,., *            (*, +*, -0 -1
                                                                                      Spirit helps us to understand the                                              BEFOREHAND BY CATECHISTS
    •       Specialists in Baked Enamel 2k                                                                                  newal.                                  Please note no registration on the
    •                                                                                 teachings of Jesus so that we can
            Chassis straightening                                                                                                                                                  days
                                                                                      see Jesus as he is.
    •       The best service and quality for the best prices, with 22 years experi-
            ence                                                                      The Archbishop challenged each
    •       We do restorations and repair classic and sport cars                      one who has been converted, to
                                                                                      strengthen their brethren, using
                                                                                                                            QUOTE: Pope John Paul II: Given a world that lives as if
    •       We also supply courtesy cars and are open weekdays & weekends                                                   God did not exist, John Paul II says that the Church must re-
                                                                                      the doctrine of ‘aliquando con-
                                                                                      versus’. He said the Holy Spirit      spond with a strong witness of faith, especially through Sunday
                                                                                      helps us to overcome the effects      Mass. (Zenit New Service)
                       ! "#                     !                !                    of sin, creates harmony by
     9$ <$= > ?$; +@A   B+ 6C! B + <
                           =    6    $ $=                                             breaching the gap of division,
      6B @D6 A <
     & +              C
                $= 6! A + 9A A
                         $        +   6B
                             & ?9 B 6" ? +                                            helping us to perceive God as
     6?+ 0 6+   B   +
             @$C 6+ 6 > D                                                             Love and thereby enabling us to
                                                                  !              "    respond to that love. He echoed
         #"            !    #           #"                        !              !    the call of Pope John Paul II to
     !        #         ! !$          !   !#          #"        !
                                                             ! % "%                   holiness, to walk in the footsteps
         & #'          &'
                      ( )*          +
                                    +,                                                of Christ through the power of
                                                                                      the sanctifying Spirit. He said the
        (      . 0 **
              - ./ *0 . 1                  3*3
                                          2 ''                        .4
                                                                    !' *              Pope is now beatifying lay peo-
                                                                                      His Grace spoke about the gifts
                                                                                      given by the Holy Spirit to indi-
                     6                              5 :                               viduals, stressing that they are

                              ;                                                       International Year of
                             Factory Approved Paint                                   the Family
                             & Panel Repair Centre
                                                                                      Marriage Enrichment
                               TEL: 312-1111/8                                        MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER
                                                                                      held at La Verna or
         290 NEW ROAD, GRAND CENTRAL, MIDRAND                                         Koinonia: 23-25 July,
                                                                                      (Koinonia), 29-31 October
                                                                                      2004. (La Verna) Bookings
                                                                                      Phone: Ian and Veronica at (011)
                                                                                      793 1653
                  GIOVANNI VIRGILI or JEFF VAN WYK                                    Marriage Reparation
                                Your specialists in                                   RETROUVAILLE. All at
             HOUSEHOLD REMOVALS, PACKING & STORAGE                                    Koinoinia. Next week-end:
                                                                                      6-8 August, 2004.
                                           at                                         Bookings contact lbretro@intekom.
                  AFRICA WIDE VAN LINES                                     
              TEL (011)818-5815/6/7 FAX 818—1638                                      or,
                                                                                      Phone: Paddy at (011) 787 5515

6      ?+
      A = <$& A                      BA         . -.
                                               - E3 -
                                                                                                                      The Ignatian Spirituality Centre
                                                   %               #             !
                                                                                 %              ' " Retreats in daily life for busy
“As ambassadors and ministers of Jesus Christ, the Brothers participate in the Church’s mission by conse-
crating their lives to God in order to bring the Gospel to the educational world” (Rule of the Brothers)
                                                                                                                      A growing hunger on the part of lay people for ways of deepening their rela-
Brother Thomas Sheehy FSC                                                                                             tionship with God in prayer in the midst of busy lives, led to the establishment
                                         the Diocese of Rustenburg moved        functions and activities are being    of The Centre for Ignatian Spirituality five years ago. A partnership of Jesuits
writes…..                                to Bophuthatswana. The Brothers        planned and will culminate in a       and lay colleagues, the Centre enables collaboration between laity, religious
In early October 1904 the ocean          in collaboration with two Sisters of   special Centenary Mass in St          and priests, as well as collaboration between churches of different denomina-
liner Galician docked in Cape Town       the Christian Schools joined the       Charles’ Church, Victory Park,        tions.
from Southampton. Among those            staff of Bafokeng High School near     Johannesburg on Saturday 30 Oc-       As it has grown, the center has established a distinctly South African way of
who disembarked were five Irish De       Phokeng. Today their Centre at         tober 2004 at 11:30am. All Lasal-     operating. Lay people in South Africa are for the most part unable to afford
La Salle Brothers, the first De La       Phokeng continues to be the hub of     lian associates are cordially in-     either the time or the money top go away on residential retreats. In response
Salle Brothers to set foot in this       much apostolic activity in the Dio-    vited.                                to this need, the center has developed an approach of retreats in daily life.
blessed land. They made their way        cese of Rustenburg.                                                          These are a way of engaging with the dynamic of a retreat in the midst of
to King Williamstown in the Eastern                                             East London celebration               work and home commitments. Opening a way into one of the Church’s great
Cape where they were welcomed by         Dwars Rivier/Limpopo Province          In East London a Centenary Mass       traditions of spirituality that people can experience at depth in their own com-
Rt. Rev. H MacSherry, Bishop of          The most recent venture com-           organized by the Old Boys Com-        munities.
Port Elizabeth who had negotiated        menced in 1986 when Rt Rev             mittee will be celebrated on Satur-   There are many elements to this spirituality; but two that stand out are firstly,
their arrival with the Brothers’ supe-   Bishop Hugh Sl;attery MSC of the       day 16 October in St Patrick’s        learning ‘how to pray’ in different ways, with scripture, with our imagina-
riors in Rome and Ireland.               Diocese of Tzaneen invited the De      Church at 11am. All associated        tions and with our everyday experience. It enables us to become more attuned
                                         La Salle Brothers and Sisters from     with De La Salle College will be      to god’s on-going communication in all the multi-faceted experiences of our
East London                              the Congregation of the Sacred         very welcome.                         lives. Secondly Ignatian spirituality provides ways to explore the question:
Thus began the Lasallian presence        Heart into his diocese. He re-                                               why did God make me, in this time and this place? What is my unique purpose
and mission in South Africa. Due to      quested them to undertake the                                                or personal vocation? How do I choose to follow Christ more closely?
circumstances beyond their control       management of a diocesan co-ed
the Brothers left King Williamstown      boarding High School, St Bren-
in 1946. In 1935, again at the insti-    dan’s, at Dwars River in Limpopo
gation of Bishop MacSherry, the          Province. This school continues to
Brothers moved to East London and        provide quality education for its
established a school on St Mark’s        400 boarders who recently have                                                                                       A PARISHIONER admires a
Road catering for day students and       been joined by 200 day-students.                                                                                     painting of Madonna and
boarders. The Brothers also took         Such, in brief is the history of the
charge of St Anthony’s Primary                                                                                                                                Child by Fr Frans Claerhout
                                         De La Salle presence and ministry
School in 1944. The schools contin-      in South Africa over the last 100                                                                                    on exhibition at Holy Trinity
ued until 1978 when the Brothers         years.                                                                                                               Parish, Braamfontein.
left.                                                                                                                                                         The exhibition of paintings
                                         Centenary celebrations                                                                                               was p art o f th e recen t
Victory Park                             Our Centenary celebration will be                                                                                    week-long F e s ti v a l h e l d
In the early 1950s Fr William Nolan      an opportunity to thank the Lord                                                                                     b e t w e e n Pentecost and
OMI, Parish Priest in Victory Park,      for the good accomplished in our                                                                                     Holy Trinity Sunday at the
Johannesburg and Bishop Hugh             schools over the past one hundred                                                                                    Church.
Boyle, who had known the Brothers        years, for the lives that have been
from his days as Bishop in Port          touched and enriched by associa-
                                                                                                                                                              Cel eb rati on s i n cl ud ed
Elizabeth, began successful negotia-     tion with the Lasallian ministry. It                                                                                 lectures, music, film, sung
tions with the De La Salle Provincial    will also afford us the opportunity                                                                                  Masses, o rg an reci tal s,
in Ireland about the opening of a        to thank the parents, benefactors,                                                                                   concerts, a flower festival
college in Victory Park. The college     past and present students for their                                                                                  and workshops.
opened in January 1958 and the first     generous support and collabora-
Principal was Br Alpheus O’Farrell       tion.
who had served for a number of
years in East London. The Brothers       We also acknowledge and thank all                                                             Annie Dierx and Rennies Travel present:
worked in close collaboration with       the teachers and ancillary staff in                                                           “A PILGRIMAGE OF GRACE”
the Holy Cross Sisters who had           all our centers for their whole-                                                                      Divin e Mer cy, Po lan d
started a college for girls in Victory   hearted support and co-operation
Park in 1954. In 1986 both colleges                                                                                                Oct o b er 2004 f r o m R11 700 p er p er so n
                                         down through the years. Without
amalgamated to become known as           their dedication, commitment and                                                          Med ju g o r je May 2005 f r o m R10 999 p /p
De La Salle Holy Cross College.          professionalism it would have been                                                      * For further enquiries please contact
The Primary School is located on the     a case of ‘mission impossible’.                                                         Lee-Ann / Lucia Marques at
Sisters’ property and the High                                                                                                   Rennies Travel, Alberton,
School on the Brothers’ property.        We will always be grateful to the
Due to its outstanding academic and
                                                                                                                                 Tel 011 867 6606
                                         relevant Bishops for their encour-
sporting achievements the school         agement and support and for the                                                         Fax: 011 867 6987
continues to enjoy an enviable repu-     committed services of the diocesan
tation.                                  clergy in all parishes in which we
                                         have served and continue to serve.
Discovery                                We also remember with gratitude
In 1966 Bishop Boyle and the Supe-       the support of priests of various
rior of the Ursuline Sisters negoti-     religious congregations. Without
ated with the Brothers to take over      this the Christian/Catholic philoso-
the Ursuline Primary School for girls    phy and ethos of our schools would
in Discovery on the West Rand with       be difficult to maintain.                                                                     LA ROCHELLE JOHANNESBURG
a view to establishing a primary and
High School for boys which the           Victory Park celebration
Bishop saw as a pressing need in         During this Jubilee Year many
that area of his diocese. The first
group of boys was admitted to La                                                                                           "
                                                                                                                        6 2 9                 "         9       <               ;            2
Salle College on the 25 January
1966 with Br Alpheus again as
                                                        VOLUNTEERS WANTED
Headmaster. The college continues                                                                                                                        2     #
to meet the needs of the local com-                                                                                      A one-year fulltime program, with residential option, for young adults who
munity successfully and to fulfill the                                                                                      want to become youth leaders with skills in Bible related ministries
hopes and expectations of the late
Bishop Boyle and the founding
                                                                                                                                                         2     #
In 1975 the Brothers were ap-                                                                                          A non-residential, full time one year, or part time three year program,
proached by Fr Vincent Hill, Rector                                                                                    for older students who want to improve their knowledge and skills in
of the Minor Seminary in Ham-                                                                                                                       parish ministry
                                                              !                          !          "
manskraal and the then Archbishop                               Then you may be interested
of Pretoria, Rt. Rev. Bishop J.C.
                                                     to apply for a position as a volunteer member
Garner to take over the management                                                                                            Fifth Street La Rochelle 2190 PO Box 1954 Rosettenville 2130
of the school at St Paul’s Minor                      of the Youth Ministry Team at BOSCO
Seminary. A community of Brothers
                                                                                                                                             Telephone & Fax (011) 435 7997
                                                           for the next intake – Jan-Dec 2005
assisted by two Sisters of St Paul,                                                                                                            e-mail:
                                             For further details and for application forms, contact -                               
began work in 1975. Unfortunately,
                                                                      Bosco House
the political unrest in 1976 forced                                                                                    CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 8 NOVEMBER 2004
the authorities to close the seminary.                            Box 25, Randvaal, 1873
                                                                    Tel. (011) 9492360
                                                                                                                                            This space kindly sponsored by
Phokeng/Rustenburg                                                 Fax. (011) 9491022
                                                                                                                                                    JOHN MOLLETT
The Brothers then, at the invitation                    e.mail:                                                                    La Rochelle
of Rt Rev HLP Hallett C.Ss.R., the                 Applications close end of September 2004
Redemptorist Prefect Apostolic of

    Carmel and its                                                                                =% =%                               3 -((7   #
                                                                                                     #                                    ;> #' ?                                                          =
    Spirituality                                                                         Financial statements of 2003 and
                                                                                         a budget for 2004 were presented
                                                                                         to some 123 people from 63 par-
                                                                                                                                       count: Parish levies are the
                                                                                                                                       greatest source of income and
                                                                                                                                       an amount of R3.7m was real-
                                                                                                                                                                                   operate after July 1 2004
                                                                                                                                                                                   (might be extended). Forms to
                                                                                                                                                                                   supply details from parishes of
                                                                                         ishes in the diocese at a report-             ized in 2003 compared to                    ALL ACCOUNTS held have
    A two part report written by                  some vague manner, heralded fu-        back meeting held at Maryvale                 R3.5m in 2002—an increase of                been sent to all parishes. Please
    the Members of the Secular                    ture forms of monastic life.           College at the beginning of May.              7%                                          complete and return to avoid
    Carmel (OCDS)……                               Some ancient Greek inscriptions        There follow highlights from the         •    Sick Priest Maintenance In-                 difficulties for the parish.
    Speaking to the Clergy on Maundy              attest that from the 4th century       meeting which was relatively well-            come: A deficit of R205 000             •      Valuation of properties:
    Thursday at the Chrism Mass, the              onwards Christian pilgrims visited     attended by Pastoral Finance Com-             was recorded for the SPM                    Properties are at present being
    Bishop of Johannesburg, Archbishop            the cave of Elijah on Mt. Carmel in    mittee chairpersons, priests and dele-        Fund. The average cost of                   revalued by a valuator working
    Buti Tlhagale said: “Where a priest           Palestine. While some would vin-       gated persons from those parishes             medical care for a priest is                with Knights Risk Managers. It
    is, there should be a source of               dicate an uninterrupted succession     represented. Early in the meeting the         around R4 500 a year.                       has been found that some of the
    prayer, of support, of spiritual              from Elijah, others do not accept      point was made that if everyone con-     •    Surplus: There was an overall               properties on values and premi-
    strength, an oasis of spiritual peace         such historical continuity from the    cerned with finances in the diocese           diocesan surplus of R119 000                ums have been over or under
    and so, when the Carmelite Sisters            time of the prophets, except that      attended such meetings there would            as opposed to R279 000 in                   valued and the necessary ad-
    gather in their house in Benoni, in           “the sons of the prophets who were     be more feeling that they were in a           2002.                                       justment will be made once a
    their church, the climax of the day           at Jericho” received Elisha            position of strength and in a ‘win-      •    Income: is largely derived                  review is done with the parish
    for them is when they gather for              (2Kings2:15). Elijah, in silence and   win’ situation, thus creating a                                                           and the diocese.
                                                                                                                                       from parish levies and interest.
    prayer. Prayer is the climax of the           prayer, contemplated the face of       stronger Church.                                                                      A question asked and answered at
                                                                                                                                       Interest at one stage was 40%
                                                  God, keeping himself in the pres-
    day, prayer has to punctuate all our                                                 • Income & Expenditure ac-                    of the total income and is now          the meeting was: The levy is justi-
    main activities” (Diocesan News,              ence of God: “As the Lord God                                                                                                fied, but isn’t top-up unfair for
                                                                                                                                       down to 20% with lower rates.
    Johannesburg, May 2004). The Car-             lives, before Whom I stand”. The       World Aids Campaign                                                                   small parishes particularly when
                                                                                                                                       Interest budgeted to be re-
    melites all over the world celebrate          Carmelites look to the prophet         Continued from page 1                                                                 high insurance is paid during the
                                                                                                                                       ceived in 2004 year is expected
    the feast of their Patroness and              Elijah as their leader and model.                                                                                            quarter?        ANSWER: Where
                                                                                                                                       to be down some R500 000 on
    Model, Our Lady of Mount Carmel               Patristic writers like St Jerome,                                                                                            there are difficulties please ap-
                                                                                                                                       the previous year.
    on July 16.                                   Cassian and others did not hesitate                        Continued on                                                      proach the Diocesan Finance
                                                  to consider Elijah and Elisha as the   page 6                                   •    Bosco Centre: ‘business’ has
    Among the many religious Orders                                                                                                                                            office. This can also be done with
                                                                                                                                       been sold and the Salesians will
    and Congregations the Carmelite               founders and models of monasti-        •        Awareness: highlight the                                                     the annual setting of parish lev-
                                                  cism. In his post synodal Apostolic                                                  continue to run it independ-
    Order is an ancient one. However, it                                                          impact HIV and Aids has                                                      ies. Smaller less well-off parishes
                                                  Letter on Consecrated Life, Pope                                                     ently. The diocese will be do-
    does not have a founder or foun-                                                              on women and girls glob-                                                     are rarely levied at the normal
                                                  John Paul II offered the prophet to                                                  nating an amount of R200 000
    dress. The date of its origin is un-                                                          ally, regionally and nation-                                                 20% of income and are not sub-
                                                  be the leader of all religious: “The                                                 towards the building of a hall at
    known. From the Old Testament it is                                                           ally                                                                         ject to top-up levies.
    evident that the Prophet Elijah first         patristic tradition has seen a model   •        Change: challenge gen-          •    Public Benefit Organisation
                                                                                                                                                                               Archbishop Buti Tlhagale address-
    and then Elisha headed the ‘Sons of           of                                              der differences that make                                                    ing the meeting said that he wished
    the Prophets’. Their style of life, in                                                                                             Legislation: The diocese is             to know which parishes did not
                                                                                                  women and girls more vul-
                                                 Continued on Page 7                                                                   now registered as a Public              send someone to the meeting and
                                                                                                  nerable to HIV
                                                                                                                                       Benefit Organisation (PBO).             that if the Parish Priest were busy,
                                                                                         •        National Focus: ensure               Parishes will not be registered         a member of the PFC should be

         Coming soon!                                                                             national policies and re-
                                                                                                  sponses focus on the im-
                                                                                                  pact of Aids on women and
                                                                                                                                       separately but they do have to
                                                                                                                                       SUBMIT RETURNS to enable
                                                                                                                                       the diocese to give accurate
                                                                                                                                       accounting to the Receiver of
                                                                                                                                                                               there. He also needed to know
                                                                                                                                                                               which parishes were not submitting
                                                                                                                                                                               quarterly returns. The diocese
                2               :;                               6:                      •        Confidence: increase the             Revenue.
                                                                                                                                                                               needed to look into parish levies so
                                                                                                                                                                               that there were no complaints next
    A student of the great scholar Raymond Brown at Union Theological                             self-esteem of women, es-       •    Financial Intelligence Centre           year. He said that the diocese was
    Seminary in New York. He has lectured and given retreats in North                             pecially those vulnerable            Legislation: The aim of FICA            moving away from the system of
    America, Africa, Asia and Europe. He is currently director of courses at                      to/or infected with HIV              is to prevent money laundering.         subsidized parishes and into an era
    Hawkstone Hall, an international pastoral center in Shropshire, England.             Key messages of the campaign                  Banks at present have the task          of self-sufficiency. There are par-
                                                                                         include:                                      of verifying all bank accounts.         ishes that need assistance and if
                                                                                         •     Many women and girls are                Parish accounts will have to be         funds are available they will be
                 0           27=                             =     7=                             vulnerable to HIV because            authenticated by the diocese            helped. Parishes receiving grants
    Who are the teachers the evangelists put before us as people who can                          of the high-risk behaviour           under its registered PBO                should expect these to be stopped.
    speak to us about Jesus? Those who speak about Jesus speak out of the                         of others                       •    number. Without this verifica-
    authority of their experience of him; it is this unique experience that              •        Women hold families and              tion no account will be able to
    underlines their authority. Discipleship starts with identity, direction and out-             communities together and
    look. We look at two different Gospel traditions: people who follow                           are a source of great
    Jesus because he calls them and the people who follow Jesus because he                        strength in the face of HIV
                                                                                                  and Aids
    attracts them. How do you stay attracted to what first attracted you?
                                                                                         •        Women leaders should
                                                                                                                                                      :6 % E / 5 #) 3 --.
                                                                                                  speak out about HIV and
    VENUE: 2        3 2                      %2 #%4          5          4 5                       Aids                                                       10 5#
    DATES: 2 ,46     74 %2 0                 898                                         •        Men, boys and wider com-                                 +@= 96<
    TIME:  ).:,(;-):,(                                                                            munities have a vital role                          $= C69<$&+  @A A96
    COST:   .( 3 %                                      ,(                                        to play and will also bene-                                       /$ %               0
                                                                                                  fit from a focus on women                                         $" 6             A
                                <2       : ()) * (, ) --.                                         and girls
                                                                                         •        Women can within various        WEEK DATE TIME                             TOPIC                  SPEAKER
                                                                                                  organizations fight HIV-             1     Sun      6pm           INTRODUCTION                    Fr Nadim
              >7 2                    7
                                     " .           8     "2 < ? @
                                                           3                                      related stigma and dis-                    8 Aug    Mass                 (St Faustina)            Abou Zeid
                                         $    2                                                   crimination
                                             A                                           •        HIV-positive women have a            2     Thurs    7pm            ABBA FATHER                    Fr Sergius
                                                                                                  unique and valuable role to                12Aug               Return to the Merciful Father
                    0          27=                           =   7=                                                                                                                                 Wrobleuski
                                                                                                  play, both in society and in
                        6               4 %2             4                                                                             3     Thurs    7pm            JESUS CHRIST                   Fr Alan
                                                                                                  fighting HIV and Aids.                     19Aug
                                                                                         •        Women friendly health ser-
                                                                                                                                                                    Ocean of Divine Mercy           Peter
    VENUE: Catholic Bible College, 13 Fifth Street La                                             vices improve access to                    Thurs    7pm
                                                                                                                                       4                           THE HOLY SPIRIT                  Fr Gerhard
      Rochelle (parking off Johannesburg Rd)                                                      care for women and chil-                   26Aug                  Receiving God’s Mercy           Hattingh
    DATES: Mon 2, Tue 3, Wed 4, Thu 5, Fri 6 AUGUST                                               dren
    TIME:    9:30-12:00                                                                  •        Protecting property rights           5     Thurs    7pm        MOTHER OF MERCY                    Fr Ronald
                                                                                                                                             2 Sept                 Vessel of God’s Mercy
    COST: R120 for five sessions or R30 per session                                               of women keeps families                                                                           Cairns
                                                                                                                                       6     Thurs    7pm          RECONCILIATION                   Fr Pierre
                                                                                         •        Education of young girls                   9 Sept              Coming home to God’s Mercy         El-Khoury
                                                                                                  reduces their vulnerability
                                                                                                  to HIV                               7      Sun     6pm      THE HOLY EUCHARIST                   Archbishop
                        B8 2            9 '(   )*-C +DD+                                 •        A wider range of preven-                   12Sept   Mass      Feast of God’s Mercy and Love       Buti Tlhagale
                         ,           < $ "2
                                       2     !  " $ "                                             tion options can empower
                                                                                                                                       8     Thurs    7pm             CONCLUSION                    Fr Nadim
                                                                                                  women to protect them-                     16Sept
                                                                                                  selves                                                              Jesus I trust in You          Abou Zeid
                                                                                         •        Violence against women
                                                                                                  can accelerate the spread
                         These lectures are sponsored jointly by the                              of HIV                              # 1        $
                          Catholic Bible Foundation of SA and the                        •        Violence must not be toler-
                                   Catholic Bible College                                         ated                                                 2 '$
                                                                                                                                           4  6 88 9
                                                                                                                                      B ) 3 53 7 3 3 5 8 ?    5 7    85; 8
                                                                                                                                                             :9 7 6 : 45 9
                                                                                         •        Half of all people receiving
                                                                                                                                                    <    5: 5
                                                                                                                                                       *5+ 4 9
                                                                                                  antiretroviral drugs should

SHADES—pupils                                                                          Letters to the Editor                                                                 HEALTH—from
from St Bene-                                                                                                                                                                CATHCA (The Catholic
dict’s College, St                                                                                                                                                           Health Care Association)
Mary’s       School,                                                                   Seeking Fr Luciano                                                                    A CRS Summit held in Sandton at
Waverley        High                                                                   Lucchesi:                                                                             the beginning of June brought to-
                                                                                                                                  Little Eden urgently appeals to the
and girls from St                                                                      Joe Solipa, UK                                                                        gether people from CRS in the USA
                                                                                                                                  public to donate toweling nappies
Dominic’s spent                                                                                                                                                              and South Africa, the Centre for
                                                                                                                                  to the Society.
the     afternoon                                                                      Dear Brothers and Sisters in South                                                    Disease Control in Washington DC,
                                                                                                                                  We wash 2500 nappies every day.
with Little Eden                                                                       Africa, Please assist me in trying to                                                 PEPFAR, CMMB and South Afri-
                                                                                                                                  Currently we have no spare nap-
residents under                                                                        locate a priest called Fr Luciano                                                     can partners.
                                                                                                                                  pies in stock and are unable to re-
decorated pecan                                                                        Lucchesi. He lived in South Africa                                                    After the meeting visits were made
                                                                                                                                  place the worn out ones. With 240
nut trees at Elvira                                                                    for many years. Before he left for                                                    to places in Rustenburg and St
                                                                                                                                  residents wearing nappies, several
Rota Village in                                                                        Luca, Italy, he was at St Patrick’s                                                   Mary’s Hospital in Marianhill which
                                                                                                                                  thousand are required in stock. We
Bapsfontein       on                                                                   Parish in Benoni and it must have                                                     have started the ARV rollout. A
                                                                                                                                  do not use disposable nappies in
Sunday May 16                                                                          been in the first quarter of 1994.                                                    strategic planning session of the
                                                                                                                                  order to protect our environment
for the residents’                                                                     Please help me get a forwarding ad-                                                   SACBC Justice & Peace depart-
                                                                                                                                  and urgently need toweling nappies
second        annual                                                                   dress for this priest. He is a very,                                                  ment was held at St Augustine Col-
                                                                                                                                  (even second hand)
Autumn Shades                                                                          very dear friend of me and my fam-                                                    lege and CATHCA attended.
                                                                                                                                  Statistically, the average age of our
picnic this year.                                                                      ily. I would be deeply grateful to get                                                Eighteen home based caregivers
                                                                                                                                  residents is 20 years, but the aver-
They were enter-                                                                       an address in Italy where I could                                                     were presented with certificates at
                                                                                                                                  age mental age is that of a one-year
tained by Melanie                                                                      enquire. Please help me.                                                              Mercy Clinic in Winterveld for
                                                                                                                                  old and below. Several of the resi-
Lowe, Rudi van                                                                         Barbara Solipa. joe@solipa.                                                           completing a HBC course in Octo-
                                                                                                                                  dents were previously abused or
Niekerk         and                                                                                                                                 ber 2003.
                                                                                                                                  neglected and 219 were abandoned
Priscilla Talbot,                                                                                                                                                            A People’s Health Summit co-
                                                                                                                                  or cane from indigent families.
who ensured an                                                                         A visit to St John Vianney:                                                           hosted by TAC (Treatment Action
                           Many visitors got up on the stage and made                                                             Please contact Hanneli on (011)
afternoon of fun                                                                       Mandundu Masilo,                                                                      Campaign) and several other inter-
                           their ‘debuts’!                                                                                        609 7246 if you can donate thee
with fans dancing                                                                      Johannesburg                                                                          ested bodies was planned for July 2-
                                                                                                                                  nappies, or if you wish to visit the
a nd     s i ngi ng.                                                                                                                                                         4 in East London.
                                                                                                                                  home on appointment.
                                                                                       On March 21 the cluster 1 CWL                                                         A great effect on health in South
Carmel From Page 6                                                                     (Molapo, Mdeni, Moletsane, Mead-                                                      Africa is looked for from the sum-
                                                                                                                                  A reader from Lombardy East
                                                                                       owlands, Sharpville, Palm Springs,                                                    mit as speakers will primarily be
religious life in Elijah, courageous prophet and friend of God. He lived in                                                       requires a lift
                                                                                       Zola and Ireland) visited the semi-                                                   nurses, doctors and public system
God’s presence and contemplated his life passing by in silence; he inter-                                                                                                    users who are regularly in touch
                                                                                       nary St John Vianney in Pretoria.          She writes: Lady urgently requires
ceded for the people and boldly announced God’s will; he defended God’s                                                                                                      with problems and positive signs in
                                                                                       We attended Mass with the semi-            a lift to Cape Town on December
sovereignty and came to the defence of the poor against the powerful of the                                                                                                  the health scene. The purpose of the
                                                                                       narians. The service was simple but        23 2004. Willing to contribute to-
world (cf 1Kg18-19)” Vita Consecrata, 84                                                                                                                                     summit is to mobilize an ongoing
                                                                                       very inspirational. There is a lot of      wards costs. Kindly telephone 011
The Blessed Virgin Mary: The Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel ex-                                                                                                         campaign driven by communities
                                                                                       order and discipline in the way they       882-0718 when convenient.
emplifies the ideal of the Prophet. As he was so is our Mother Mary: She                                                                                                     themselves to address problems of
                                                                                       do things. After the Mass we shared
kept the Lord always before her eyes. “Let it happen to me as you have                                                                                                       health-care in SA
                                                                                       information about the seminary and         International Year of the
said” (Luke1:38) She treasured all these things an d pondered them in her                                                                                                    News from CISA (Catholic Infor-
                                                                                       the history of the League.                 Family
heart” and again “His mother stored up all these things in her heart                                                                                                         mation Service for Africa) is that in
                                                                                       The seminary has a quiet and unique        Toni Rowland, Johannesburg
(Luke2:52). At Cana her attitude was one of surrender: “they have no                                                                                                         Botswana the HIV/Aids pandemic is
                                                                                       atmosphere and a different atmos-
wine” (SC.2:8). St John the Evangelist summarises the life of Mary and says:                                                                                                 causing an acute shortage of mis-
                                                                                       phere on entrance. After lunch we          There is a lot more to IYF than the
“Mary stood at the cross” (19:25)                                                                                                                                            sionaries in that country.
                                                                                       were taken on a tour of the seminary       section usually given in Diocesan
The Rule itself does not mention Mary, many of the Carmelite ancestors                                                                                                       Bishop Frank Nubuasah of the
                                                                                       which is a good place for education        News. The idea came from the
believed that the very purpose for which the Order was established, was the                                                                                                  Catholic Diocese of Francistown
                                                                                       and prayer. We recommend that all          Family Desk of the SACBC. All
honour of Our Lady. “Let us implore the suffrage of the Blessed Virgin                                                                                                       said that priests are forced to con-
                                                                                       Catholics visit these places where         the international movements in-
Mary for whose service the Order of Mt. Carmel was founded” (Montepellier                                                                                                    duct numerous funerals for victims
                                                                                       our priests are learning.                  volved in family life were invited
Constitutions, 1287). Later Pope Clement V confirmed it saying that the Order                                                                                                of Aids in their parishes.He told the
                                                                                       Many of us only get to see priests in      to participate and promote the cho-
was “divinely instituted in honour of the glorious and Blessed Virgin Mary”.                                                                                                 All Africa Conference of Churches
                                                                                       church. The process these young            sen focus for the year. Parenting, A
While the earliest extant documentation addressed them as the “hermit                                                                                                        Summit on Aids in Nairobi that
                                                                                       men go through is more advanced            Labour of Love. The July focus
brothers of Mount Carmel”, by 1227 they were called the “hermit brothers                                                                                                     “Our young people cannot differen-
                                                                                       than that at a tertiary institution. We,   will be grandparenting and August
of St Mary of Mt Carmel”. In 1253 Innocent IV called them the “hermit                                                                                                        tiate between action and reality on
                                                                                       the public, need to pray and support       will focus on women.
brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt Carmel”.                                                                                                                           TV, so they end up copying what
                                                                                       these young men who tomorrow will          Many organizations for marriage
This is Carmel: to stand before the living God or as the Rule puts it: to                                                                                                    they see for the wrong reasons.” He
                                                                                       be our priests and to have good rela-      preparation, couples, mothers’
meditate on the law of the Law and to watch in prayer. To stand before the                                                                                                   said that the negative impression by
                                                                                       tions with our parish priests, we          groups and family renewal are be-
Lord, to watch in prayer, to stand at the cross of Jesus, all these mean to be                                                                                               donors that condoms can save the
                                                                                       should know where they were                ing run by movements such as the
people of prayer and contemplation.                                                                                                                                          situation in Africa has failed, since
                                                                                       formed.                                    Schoenstatt Family Movement,
This is lived out within a defined way of life. Historically and constitution-                                                                                               despite supplying them free to every
                                                                                       The League would like to thank the         Focolare, New Families, Couples
ally this consists, above all, of leading “a life of unceasing prayer in silence                                                                                             country, infection rates have not
                                                                                       Rector, Fr Sepulka and all the priests     for Christ, Mina Nawe, Marriage
and solitude, in accordance with the gospel admonition to watch and pray”.                                                                                                   gone down.
                                                                                       to be, for making the day a success.       Encounter, Catholic Engaged En-
And the Carmelites “Make prayer and contemplation their total commit-                                                                                                        IRIN Plus News reports from Nai-
                                                                                       We will always remember them in            counter and Retrouvaille. Marfam
ment”. The specific goal of a Carmelite is to “live a life of allegiance to Je-                                                                                              robi that African church leaders
                                                                                       our prayers.                               is developing a widowed ministry.
sus Christ, pure in heart and steadfast in conscience”.                                                                                                                      would make treatment available in
Though we take the prophet Elijah as our founder and inspiration and                                                              Every one of us, priests, religious
                                                                                       Bouquet for Radio Veritas                                                             church-supported facilities, drugs
Mother Mary as our model, we don’t know the actual date of the foundation                                                         and single people are all still fam-
                                                                                       Simon Motshaba,                                                                       said to lessen the severity of HIV/
of Carmel. Some Crusaders after their war with the Saracens did not want to                                                       ily people and the wonderful image
                                                                                       Doornkop                                                                              Aids infection and would become
return to Europe and settled on Mount Carmel. These hermits were given the                                                        of the Church as family makes us
                                                                                       I am a regular listener to Radio Veri-                                                more involved in fighting stigmati-
rule by the then Patriarch of Jerusalem. It is regrettable that no copies of the                                                  one big family.
                                                                                       tas and I must say it really is spread-                                               zation of those living with the virus.
original document are extant. When the hermits moved to Europe, the rule                                                                                                     A civil society network of 90 NGOs
                                                                                       ing the Good News for a Change. It
was adapted to new circumstances and later mitigated.                                                                                                                        have teamed up in Durban to roll
                                                                                       is a pity that ICASA refused them a
Right from the beginning of the Order there began the devotion to the                                                                                                        out ARV drugs there.
                                                                                       licence to broadcast to Durban and
Scapular. Though today historians questions its beginning, it is attributed to
                                                                                       Cape Town this time. They would
St Simon Stock. Without depending on its historicity, we prefer to accept it
                                                                                       surely be pleased with the morning
as a symbol of imitation of Mary specially in being a contemplative.
                                                                                       show this time around—it’s always
Bl. John Soreth (+1471), the then Superior General, founded a community
                                                                                       been great, but this time around it
of sisters under the same rule. There are also secular Carmelites both men
                                                                                       was even greater. I want to compli-
and women and a number of religious congregations affiliated to the order
or under the patronage of Carmelite saints, without any juridicial or canoni-
                                                                                       ment Fr Emil on his wonderful team                         FAMILY OF GOD COMMUNITY
                                                                                       and I hope ICASA will give the ra-                                              Presents
cal link. However the Carmelites celebrate the liturgical feasts of all the
                                                                                       dio a permanent licence soon.
saints of the extended Carmelite family.
(to be continued)
                                                                                                                                           HEALING SEMINAR
                                                                                       Who in my life can be called               DATE: Every Tuesday evening, 27th JULY—5th OCTOBER 2004
                                                                                       holy?                                      TIME: 7.30pm—9.30pm
                                                                                       Lebo Majahe, St Peters                     PLACE: St CHARLES’ Parish Hall, Road No 3, VICTORY PARK
                                                                                                                                  Date Topic Speaker
                 St Peter’s Seminary                                                   It is always important to remember
                                                                                       that everyone is being called by
                                                                                                                                  July 27 Introduction to Healing Seminar
                                                                                                                                  Aug 3 Healing through the Eucharist-MASS
                                                                                                                                                                               Val Halley-Wright
                                                                                                                                                                                   Fr Eugene Clarkson
457 Jacqueline Dr, Garsfontein, Pretoria                 Tel: (012) 348 6840           God. Thinking about people in my           Aug 10 Inner healing from past memories, hurts
      Fax:(012) 348 6979                                                               life whom I consider holy, I’d think        resentments, bitterness, etc     Fr Joseph Wilson
                     CONFERENCE FACILITIES                                             of neighbours who reached out to           Aug 17 Healing through Repentance & Forgiveness Fr John Converset
•    St Peter’s Seminary offers its facilities for full                                those in need when it was not con-         Aug 24 Healing from unnecessary Guilt         Fr Victor Kotze
     conferences in January & July of each year                                        venient, or those who were con-            Aug 31 Healing using gifts of the Holy Spirit          Fr Don Bohé
•    For 2004 the rates are R140 per day which includes full board & lodging and use   cerned about the suffering of people       Sept 7 Healing through Prayer (personal & community)
     of conference hall, lounges, smaller conference rooms, white board, OHP.          in poor countries.                          & Word of God (through name of Jesus)       Fr Eugene Clarkson
                                                                                       I also associate holiness with cour-
•    The Chapel is available for church services, but please let the Bursar know in    age in adversity, a courage that
                                                                                                                                  Sept 14 Healing from depression through renewing
     advance whether altar breads and/or wine is needed                                                                            the mind          Dr Gloria Marsay
                                                                                       comes from faith. Holiness is mani-        Sept 21 Healing from grief & bereavement          Georginia Pilkington
•    There are 75 single rooms, extensive grounds and the seminary is close to ma-     fested in selfless love, forgiveness       Sept 28 Healing of addictions linked to deliverance
     jor shopping centers and banks                                                    and service.                                           from oppression       Fr Joseph Wilson
•    In 2004 mini-conferences can be held throughout the year. Accommodation is in     Little Eden needs toweling                 Oct 5 Thanksgiving MASS for Healing                Fr Eugene Clarkson
     one wing with 15 beds, showers, toilet, kitchenette and lounges                   nappies                                      “Come to me all you who are burdened, and I will give you rest”, says the
•     A 30% deposit needs to be made at least one month before the conference. For     Hanneli van Rensburg                                                     Lord (Mt.11:28)
                          all enquiries please contact the Bursar                      Public Relations Officer

       (   ( )
       % ( #                                                  #+ % " ! %
                                                           % "* " # % # '
        (% "%'                                             %" $
    John Paul II appealed to all the                                                         Then the Pope addresses himself to
                                                  Pope uses this term, very important        the parents who “are called to train
    faithful to be conscious of the               in a climate of freedom, and ap-           their offspring in the moderate,
    importance of the catholic media              plies it to the fascinating world of       critical, watchful and prudent use
    in the “cultural atmosphere in                the media of social communication          of the media” against contradictory
    which we all live.”                           in their relationship with the fam-        messages and opposed to the sound
    The Pope encouraged the                       ily. These means of communica-             family values. Since the family is
                                                  tion offer excellent opportunities         often exposed to such challenges,
    Church’s involvement in the me-               for human development “for infor-
    dia when he received in audience                                                         the Message invites them to join
                                                  mation, education, cultural expan-         with other families to study and
    today (May 20) the general as-                sion”, but exactly for these reasons
    sembly of the Italian Bishops’                                                           discuss the problems and opportu-      A DAY OF RECOLLECTION for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy
                                                  it is important an active participa-       nities presented by use of the me-
    Conference which a day earlier                tion of everybody.                                                                Communion of Johannesburg Diocese was held at Schoenstatt
                                                                                             dia.— Christiana D’Aniso               Shrine in May. Shown here during a break are Laurence King-
    approved a directory entitled                 The message addresses the media
    “Communications Mission”.                     “stewards and administrators of an                                                ston, center in white shirt and delegates from Ennerdale Parish.
    “We know well the penetrating                 immense spiritual power that be-
                                                  longs to the patrimony of mankind
    influence that the media exerts
    today on ways of thinking and on
                                                  and is meant to enrich the whole of        Ordination to the Priesthood of Andries Taelo Kimane OMI
                                                  human community”. It addresses
    behaviour, personal and collec-               the family, “community of life and         at St Gabriel’s Catholic Church Khutsong—Carletonville
    tive, orienting towards a view of             love” where the children learn
    life that, unfortunately, often               sound basic values that will accom-        on June 5 2004
    tends to corrode fundamental                  pany them for life. The message is
    ethical values, in particular those           addressed to the professional pro-         A colourful group of friends,
                                                  moters, the public authorities and                                                would then be able to refind the
    of the family,” he said. (Zenit                                                          relatives, fellow Oblates of Mary
                                                  the parents, and the appeal is that                                               Charism of the founding fa-
    News Service)                                                                            Immaculate and parishioners
                                                  they assume their own responsibili-                                               thers.
                                                                                             from Nelspruit and Victory Park
                                                  ties in the construction of society                                               “Behold, you are a prie st
    The Media and the                             and the education of children.
                                                                                             as well as other parts of the
                                                                                                                                    according to the Or der of
                                                  The Pope underlines that that              country joined the congregation
    Family: a risk and a                                                                     of St Gabriel’s in celebrating the
                                                  “communication in any form must
    richness                                      always be inspired by the ethical          ordination to the priesthood of
                                                  criterion of respect for truth and         Fr Andries
                                                                                                                                    Human Rights are being reduced to simple ‘self-
    WORLD COMMUNICATIONS                          the dignity of the human person”.          Kimane by Archbishop Buti              centered demands”
    DAY 2004                                      The decisions of communication                                                    Pope John Paul II expressed this concern when he received bishops of six
    This year the theme chosen by John
                                                                                             Joseph Tlhagale, OMI on June 5.
                                                  professionals, parents and educa-          Addressing the congregation dur-       American States in June this year, reports Zenit News Service.
    Paul II for World Communications              tors greatly affect children and
                                                                                             ing the Mass, Archbishop Buti          “Over the past 40 years, while political attention to human subjectivity has
    Day 2004 is “The Media and the                young people for whom they are
                                                                                             said that in the day’s celebration,    focused on individual rights, in the public domain there has been a growing
    Family” A risk and a richness.                responsible and who are ultimately                                                reluctance to acknowledge that all men and women receive their essential and
    In his message the Pope the Pope              the future of society.”                    God has taken pleasure in ap-          common dignity from God and with it the capacity to move towards truth and
    says the media are welcomed daily,            The Pope reminds the public au-            pointing one among you as a            goodness.”
    as a familiar guest in many homes             thorities that they have the difficult     priest—a priest adopted in             As an example, the Pope mentioned the growth of prostitution and pornogra-
    and families. On this World Com-              task of upholding the family for the       Christ. From the beginning we          phy in the name of adult choice, the acceptance of abortion in the name of
    munications Day, I encourage pro-             sake of society itself “without re-        are told that it pleased God to be     women’s rights, the approval of same sex unions in the name of homosexual
    fessional communicators and fami-             sorting to censorship, it is impera-       glorified in those he has chosen.      rights.
    lies alike to acknowledge this unique         tive that public authorities set in
    privilege and the accountability                                                         “Jesus was guided by the
                                                  place regulatory policies and pro-
    which it entails.”                            cedures to ensure that the media do
                                                                                             Spirit—it is that same Spirit that
    One of the key words of this year’s
    message is ‘responsibility’. The
                                                  not go against the good of the fam-        will be pour ed out on
                                                                                             Andries. We hope that the com-
                                                                                                                                                 St. John Vianney Seminary
                                                  ily”.                                                                             Tel: (012) 460 2039 179 Main St, Waterkloof, Pretoria
                                                                                             munity you serve will be suppor-       Fax: (012) 460 3596
                                                                                             tive and we hope that you will be
                          6          ?        = 2 7           I$                             willing to work with the lay peo-
                 0            :5               > 5                     ;; :                  ple among you. Assign them du-                              CONFERENCE FACILITIES
                                                                                             ties, give them scope, recognize       • # $           %               #
                                    :F 00:                                 ;;                the duties of lay people in the                                $                $
                                     Information talk by                                                                            • &         ''(                         ) ('
                             :2 :8%             8            ::;                                                                                                                          *          *
                                                                                             As a matter of policy in this dio-
               from Cape Town Archdiocese Marriage and Family Life Ministry
                                                                                             cese we are committed to com-                                      *              * + , -*
                    : "   82 3         .8 3        -         J
                                                                                             municate with the lay people in        • .      /                                                  *
                                   6 "  7 2                                                  matters that concern the Church.           ,               0
      Part of a series of programmes for various stages of family life, it can be run in a   “If you’re to serve, you will have
    parish for parents of catechism candidates or school children. It should be supported                                                   1
                                                                                             to understand and appreciate the       • .
     by the parish priest, PPC and catechetical team. It is run by trained volunteers. Are                                                               ''                   * !
                                                                                             fullness of the relationship be-
     you interested in hearing more, in being trained or becoming part of a team? For                                                                                   2
                                                                                             tween the pastors and the laity.
               more information or to book, call Toni 011 789 5449                                                                  • 3 4'5
                                                                                             You are ordained an OMI and
                                                                                             the congregation is ordered to                                    6                                             7
                                                                                             serve all the Church. As presby-        ! &     ''         ( ) *& * + , '         +    %  - %- - .          .       )+ .   '/
                                                 E         8 92                              ters we carry out our ministry in                                                      & ++
                                                                                             the name of Jesus Christ. Now
                                                                                             Christ as teacher and prophet
                                                                                             continues through his ministers.                                                       %               %
                       67 2                         "         5                   ?          To sanctify and teach others we                        All interested in theological enquiry are invited to the
                                                                                             have to teach ourselves and sanc-                     Annual Conference of the Catholic Theological Society.
                                               ;                                             tify ourselves before others.”
                                                                                                                                                   Participate in an exciting discussion on the priesthood
                                                                                                                                                               yesterday, today and tomorrow.
                                                                                             The Archbishop said that during
    Alpha                                                                                    the Ordination Rite the question                               A Future Paradigm for Priesthood
                                                                                             was raised: ‘Are you worthy?’ I
        5        3           ?            6 "7                    6782 7                     wish to say that invariably was
                                                                                                                                                                 by Bishop Fritz Lobinger

            F "7    2 4     %     3                                                          are worthy at the time of ordina-                   The Value of Scriptural and Historical Issues in
                                                                                             tion. What about after five, 10,                    regard to the Debate over Women’s Ordination
      4 23   ":8    3 9" 7      7
                               " "C - =                                                      15 or 20 years, are we still wor-                                 by Fr Rodney Moss
          7          7
              " 9 2" 2 " 9        * 2                                                        thy? Do we bear the scars of time
                                                                                             and then the process of unworthi-               The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church:
                     C .8 3                                                                  ness sets in?                                            A Case Study in Discernment
                                                                                                                                                            by Sr. Sue Rakoczy
                    D 8?8 "                                                                  At this point the Archbishop
                                                                                             asked Fr Peter Galloway, OMI                        from Tuesday, September 21 (3.00pm registration)
                  G : =" < 2                                                                 Provincial, who was present at                            To Thursday, September 23 (midday)
                  -     "< 2                                                                 the Ordination, whether, as an
                                                                                             antidote to the regular experience                   at St. Augustine College, Linden, Johannesburg
                       4   < 2                                                               of un wor t h in ess fel t through
    6          '= 2         H 7     ?=  2                                                    the years, we return to basics and     Limited accommodation available.
                                                                                             put in place an ongoing forma-         All bookings and enquiries concerning costs to:
                                                                                                                                    Mr Arthur Davies (011) 706 4325;
                                                                                             tion and teaching for priests, who


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