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The medical world at your fingertips by dfsdf224s


									050705_BSMSnewsletter11     8/7/05    10:54 am     Page 3

                                                                                                    July 2005                        issue 11

      The medical                                   Many current awareness services are
                                                    available to medical school students;
                                                    for instance, the British Medical
      world at your                                 Journal offers a free service that lets
                                                    handheld device users download the
      fingertips                                    weekly table of contents, together with
                                                    abstracts and full text editor's choice
                                                    articles, editorials, news, clinical
      “Today I wrote up my case                     reviews, letters, etc. In a later phase
      study notes whilst travelling in              of the project, direct internet access
      the back of the car – I think                 will enable students to benefit from a
      people will find (the handhelds)              whole host of additional free online
      really useful!”                               services.
      Mohammed Choudhury,
      second year student, BSMS                     The opportunities are boundless!
                                                    Once established BSMS intends to
      BSMS is the first UK medical school           develop the project further and
      to pioneer the use of handheld                integrate PDAs into the learning
      computers or personal digital                 environment. PDAs will eventually
      assistants (PDA) as an integral               be used in the lecture theatre for
      component of its ground-breaking              real-time tests and quizzes, and
      undergraduate education programme.            off-campus for submitting course
      By combining handheld technology              evaluations and responding to
                                                                                              A typical screen from a handheld (or PDA)
      with appropriate electronic reference         questionnaires. It is planned that the    featuring Dr Companion software. Students will
      materials BSMS believes that PDAs             PDA will also interface with library      be able to search databases such as Clinical
                                                    services, helping students to identify    Evidence as well as take notes
      can provide students with a convenient
      and instantly-accessible source of            and locate publications, make
      the most important medical resources.         reservations and extend loans.            major challenge, in which the PDA will
      Handhelds also have the potential to                                                    play a valuable part.
                                                    BSMS medical students, like qualified
      improve administrative communication          practitioners, are on the move a great    It’s no wonder that the medical
      with students when they undertake             deal of the time, not only between        profession has already embraced
      placements in hospitals and clinics           lectures and seminars, but also           handheld computers with open arms.
      off-campus and increase student               between laboratories and clinics,         Prof Jonathan Cohen added, “BSMS
      interaction and participation in lectures.    or on ward-based attachments at local     attaches great importance to the role
      A volunteer group of 20 first and             hospitals, at GPs’ surgeries, and on      played by information technology in
      second year students have each been           a series of clinical placements in        modern medicine. We believe that, if
      lent a Palm E2 handheld computer,             hospitals throughout the south-east       truly integrated into the core of our
      preloaded with Dr Companion*                  of England. By 2007, BSMS will have       education programme, PDAs will
      software which includes anatomy               over 400 students off-campus,                        significantly enhance the
      study aids, the BNF (British National         temporarily based in                                          learning experience
      Formulary, an essential drug                  a large number                                                         of students.
      reference), medical calculators and           of external
      databanks of reference values,                locations,
      evidence-based medicine databases,            each
      medical dictionaries and e-books.             completing
      The project is being led and evaluated        as many as
      by a project team including Mark              40 different
      Packer (ICT Project Manager), Tom             clinical rotations
      Roper (Information Resources                  over a three-year
      Development Coordinator), Dr Inam             period. Maintaining
      Haq (Senior Lecturer Rheumatology             good information
      and Medical Education) and Karen              exchange with this
      Walker-Bone (Senior Lecturer                  constantly-shifting population
      Rheumatology).                                on a person-by-person basis is a
                                                                                                                      continued overleaf
050705_BSMSnewsletter11    8/7/05   10:54 am     Page 4

      continued from page 1

      Routine administrative communication        were overwhelmingly positive about        my portfolio write-ups so that I can add
      between students and faculty                the project. Reshad Malik, second year    notes to them as and when I have time
      members will be conducted more              student in the trial group said, “The     without having to look for the nearest
      efficiently and, perhaps more               most useful thing I have used so far is   computer.”
      importantly, students will acquire a        Dr Companion. I am really impressed
                                                                                            * Dr Companion software was
      deep familiarity with a tool they are       with what I have seen of this and there
                                                                                            produced by Medhand Software,
      likely to use throughout their              is still plenty to explore. I used the
                                                                                            Medhand International AB who have
                                                  Concise Oxford handbooks to read up
      professional lives.”                                                                  been collaborating with the project
                                                  on topics before a lecture and I found
                                                                                            team at BSMS in bringing the project
      Several current students have recently      it made the lecture itself much more
      been pilot-testing the new PDAs and         accessible. I have also added a few of

      The body
      and medicine
      Marshall Pearce, first year student
      Dr Satinder Kumar, Senior Lecturer
      Primary Care
      How is the human body represented in
      medicine and Western culture at
      large? That was the broad remit given
      to us, a group of first year medical
      students (Marshall Pearce, Kelly
      Thomson, Anna Cave, Katie Glennon
      and Celine Inglis) by our academic
      tutor, Dr Kumar, as part of an extra-
      curricular project to develop critical
      thinking. To date, our most powerful
      objective experience of the body in
      medicine has been shaped by                 Kelly, Marshall, Anna and Dr Kumar
      anatomy dissection classes. In order
      to develop a broader understanding of       head. I found this quite shocking and     people, not just to bodies. When you
      the body in medicine and in culture,        wondered what provoked this               see a man’s head dissected you
      we turned to the arts for help.             response in me. I think it was due to     realise there was a level of existence
                                                  the fact that hair colour and style are   within him that he could not himself
      Our field trip began in the Museum of
                                                  ways in which we recognise one            observe – and in this sense,
      Anatomy and Pathology at the Royal
                                                  another and a way in which we             something intimately his own was
      College of Surgeons. For anyone
                                                  express ourselves. Think of any           invisible to and unknown to him. Can
      unfamiliar with this, the museum is in
                                                  description you’ve read; hair colour      we ever know our bodies? Does death
      a large room packed with specimens,
                                                  and style usually feature prominently.    turn us from subject to object? We
      some bizarre, some mundane,
                                                                                            came to the anatomy museum to
      gathered over the last 200 years. The       There were other thought-provoking
                                                                                            analyse specimens but we found they
      specimens are presented as scientific       exhibits, among them preserved
                                                                                            had a way of analysing us back. They
      representations of the body as an           human brains. The fact that the brain
                                                                                            did so through the unsettling questions
      organism, and this is how we initially      could be preserved separately struck
                                                                                            they raised; questions about the
      understood and responded to them.           me as odd: everything this person ever
                                                                                            meaning, relationship and ownership
      On closer inspection, however, some         thought, dreamt, desired and felt had
                                                                                            of bodies, living and dead, subjective
      ‘specimens’ retained individual features    occurred in the blob of grey matter
                                                                                            and objective, individual and generic.
      such as facial character and hair style.    suspended in a jar. The essence of
      An example that sticks in my mind was       a person (for the non-religious) was      Questions about ownership and control
      a ventral section of a man’s head,          captured in a disembodied exhibit.        of bodies and minds continued to
      dissected to expose the brain, nerves,      All of this led me to ask, what does      challenge us when we watched
      blood vessels and bone. The flip side,      anatomy reveal and what does it           ‘Whose Life is it Anyway?’. The story
      however, revealed a normal face – a         conceal? It seems to me that              centred on a young woman, Claire
      man with a moustache and hair on his        dissection is something we do to          Harrison, an artist, left paralysed from
050705_BSMSnewsletter11    8/7/05   10:54 am     Page 5

      the neck down following a car               therefore I am’. In Claire’s case, she      observe and record her responses to
      accident. She was fighting for her right    thought that she should no longer be.       the chemotherapy. Ironically, it is in
      to die against the mission of her                                                       approaching death that Professor
                                                  The heroine of ‘Wit’, a film starring
      doctors, and ultimately the law, to                                                     Bearing experiences her body
      preserve her life. The idea of what         Emma Thompson as an English-                intensely, and as her own. This is
      defines the self is complex, but in         literature professor dying of ovarian       coupled with a discourse of the
      order to be a fully functioning member      cancer, suffers from a related, but         humanising effect of illness and
      of society, a degree of autonomy is         perhaps reverse, dilemma. She, too, is      suffering, as she recalls regretfully,
      necessary. In the play Claire has little    struck down physically in the middle of     scenes of her own harshness towards
      autonomy and has lost even that             life and lives to witness, with intellect   students, and finds peacefulness in the
      power of life and death which the           intact, the deterioration of her body.      bedside visit of her now aged, former
      able-bodied possess over themselves.        However, her predicament is one of an       tutor who reads to her, not from Donne
      Nonetheless, she retains a high             impending death that even the               now, but from a children’s story.
      degree of self-determination and            aggressive chemotherapy she agrees
                                                  to trial cannot forestall. With poignant    The museum, the play and the film
      dignity. She is also clever and uses
                                                  soliloquies to camera in which she tells    link our medical studies of the body to
      her body to force her doctor to
                                                  her life story and weaves in the            how we experience bodies, living and
      acknowledge her as something more
                                                  metaphysical poetry of John Donne           dead. They connect our knowledge of
      than an object. The play made us
                                                  (itself an exploration of the boundary      biological systems (that objectify
      reflect not just on current themes in
                                                  and meaning of life and death),             the body) to personal dilemmas and
      medicine, such as the rights of the
                                                  Professor Bearing offers up her body        tragedies (in which the body is a site
      disabled and the legality of euthanasia,
                                                  to the trial as if her life’s work found    of subjective experience). In
      but also resonated with our recent
                                                  a fitting end as data for medical           concluding, it is probably better to
      reading of the 17th-century
                                                  research. Her ability to detach from        allow the relationships between
      philosopher Descartes. Claire’s mental
                                                  her own body is not complete                bodies, objectified, medically
      alertness and physical paralysis spoke
                                                  however: when suffering overtakes her       appropriated, personally owned,
      of the Cartesian duality of mind and
                                                                                              subjectively experienced, living,
      body. Claire’s wish to take her own life    she is forced to opt for a DNR code
                                                                                              suffering and dying to remain open-
      in the absence of any physical              (do not resuscitate) to end her pain,
                                                                                              ended and a subject for on-going
      capacity to achieve this plays with         even though the doctors would prefer
                                                                                              reflection and thought.
      Descartes’ maxim that ‘I think,             to keep her alive and so continue to

                                                  Our early experiment in so-called real      way like someone about to
      Blood                                       medicine took place at the Royal
                                                  Sussex County Hospital the following
                                                                                              demonstrate a wrestling move.
                                                                                              She showed us how to put on the

      diary                                       Wednesday. We met in the
                                                  haematology library, a small room
                                                  on the sixth floor of a tower block.
                                                                                              tourniquet and tighten it before getting
                                                                                              the patient to clench their fist. She held
                                                                                              up one finger of her gloved hand.
      Sophie Harrison,                            The room contained a long conference        “Choose a finger to be your feeling
      second year student                         table, neatly laid with lecture notes       finger, and stick with it, because it’s
                                                  and brightly-coloured tourniquets.          that one that’s going to develop the
      The first time I took blood from
                                                  Two phlebotomy nurses and a lecturer        sensitivity.”
      someone it came as a surprise to both
      of us. All medical students learn to        were waiting to teach us. One of the        We went off to the hospital’s new blood
      take blood – but like other skills          nurses, who was wearing a spotless          department to try taking blood for
      featuring sharp instruments,                old-fashioned white uniform with            ourselves. It was a small room
      phlebotomy usually waits until the third    buttons down the front, gave us a talk      furnished with three big leatherette
      year. But a supplementary class I           on Health and Safety. Used needles          chairs for people having blood
      picked at the very beginning of the         were to be put in the sharps bin, she       transfusions to sit in. Toy vampire bats
      course turned out to include a surprise     said: “but don’t ram your needle in on      hung from the curtain rail. We decided
                                                  top of an overflowing stack, like junior    not to bother - in our impatience and
      practical lesson in blood-taking. Our
                                                  doctors do. And don’t walk about with       usual misplaced conviction that we
      class was thrilled. Putting needles into
                                                  unsheathed needles, or – worse –            already knew what we were doing -
      people’s veins definitely fell into the
                                                  syringes full of blood, like junior         with the dummy ‘arm’, a pinkish
      category of what was invariably
                                                  doctors do”, said the nurse, again          beanbag taped to the arm of a chair.
      described round medical school as
                                                  waving her demonstration syringe            Always pink: in the world of medical
      ‘real medicine’. As in, “I’ve had enough
                                                  around like a dangerous junior doctor.      models, patients always seem to be
      of learning about communication skills
      now” – the phrase ‘communication            The second phlebotomist showed us           Caucasian, with band-aid coloured
      skills’ is often accessorised,              how to take blood, using her colleague      skin.
      regrettably, with the expression “blah      as a model. “First, you need to clear       Instead, I sat in the beanbag’s chair
      blah blah – when do we get to do            your area…” explained the trainer,          so that another student could take my
      some real medicine?”.                       moving desks and chairs out of the          blood. I felt the needle go in, that hard
050705_BSMSnewsletter11      8/7/05    10:54 am   Page 6

      pinch that makes you tighten up in           hole in the end, a distinct black gap in         Crikey, her lungs, what would it do in
      anticipation of worse, then the                 its slanting face.                            your lungs? Or – what if I’ve gone right
      pleasant feeling of relaxation as                                                             through and out the other side of her
                                                           I lined myself up with my friend’s
      you realise that it isn’t going to get                                                        vein? Or like the Far Side cartoon, with
                                                             textbook vein and brought the
      worse. There was some needle                                                                  the mosquito swelling up like a balloon
                                                              needle down towards her. My
      waggling and a discussion about                                                               while the other mosquito screams at it:
                                                              hand started shaking like a
      collection tubes. Time began to                                                               Pull out! Pull out! You’ve hit an artery!
                                                              cartoon depiction of fear. I
      stretch. My upper arm was solid                                                               “Oh no, I’m so sorry, I must be killing
                                                              pushed the wobbling needle at
      with cramp but I was so happy to                                                              you, sorry, sorry” I gabbled, “- that’s
                                                              her skin. It gave way easier
      be, as doctors say, ‘well in myself’                                                          alright, you’re doing fine, really
                                                              than cloth, parting like a tissue
      that I didn’t mind. Then suddenly I                                                           brilliantly,” said my friend, “… although
                                                              – Oh, it’s easy – but keeping
      wasn’t well in myself any more.                                                               you could maybe just move along a
                                                              hold of the needle was hard,
      There was cold sweat on the back                                                              tiny bit with the bottle there.”
                                                              with my hand dancing on my
      of my neck, and pins and needles
                                                              guinea pig’s arm. “That’s okay,       A thousand years later there was at
      in my lips. “Oh boy. I’m sorry – I
                                                              you’re doing brilliantly, that’s      last a sucking click – “that’s it! Now pull
      think you have to take it out now –
                                                              fine” she said. I looked to see if    the needle back gently, just a little”
      I think I’m going to faint”. I didn’t,
                                                              she was gritting her teeth. She       said the phlebotomist, while I fought
      but I still had to retire into one of
                                                               looked at me back with her           the instinct to snatch it straight back
      the big chairs. A nurse gave me a
                                                                mouth closed in a determined        out - and the glass tube started to fill,
      cup of antiseptic-tasting water but
                                                                smile so I couldn’t see if she      magically, under its own steam, dark
      there was nothing for my shame.
                                                                was gritting her teeth or not.      blood easing its way in.
      After five shaming minutes, I got
                                                               I picked up the glass                A longer version of this article
      to stick my friend back. She sat
                                                               collecting tube and tried to         appears in the current issue of the
      nicely in the chair, her arm
                                                               push it onto the needle              London Review of Books,
      turned up towards me. I
                                                                  without moving the needle
      pulled the trolley round
                                                                   about. But there was
      next to her so that the
                                                                   nothing to brace against,
      cardboard dish and the
                                                                   the bracing end being
      collecting tubes and the
                                                                   buried in the patient’s
      tape and the cotton wool                                                                        Congratulations to...
                                                                   arm. The phlebotomist put
      were easy to reach. I put
                                                                   her hand over mine. “You           • Professor Rajkumar,
      on gloves and fastened
                                                                   really need to push,” she            The Charles Hunnisett
      the tourniquet round her
                                                                   explained, and pushed. I             Foundation Chair in Elderly Care
      bare arm and felt with my
                                                                   couldn’t take my eyes off            and Stroke Medicine, for his
      ‘learning finger’ for her
                                                                   the needle sticking out of           recent appointment as Associate
      vein. It was a perfect
                                                                   my friend’s arm. It looked           Editor of Age and Ageing, the
      warm hillock, almost
                                                                   very wrong, in the way               official journal of the British
      bouncing out of her arm:
                                                                   that a person lying under            Geriatrics Society. Age and
      not the blue vein I could
                                                                   a car with only their feet           Ageing is an international
      see, but located just
                                                                   visible looks wrong. And             journal publishing original
      above it.
                                                                   each struggle with the               articles and commissioned
      I opened the needle                                          bottle pushed the needle             reviews on geriatric medicine
      packet. The needle is                                        further in, it seemed                and gerontology. Its range
      bigger than you expect:                                      eager to escape, it                  includes research on ageing
      I had imagined it to be                                      wanted to go in. I had a             and clinical, epidemiological
      little more than a                                             momentary vision of it             and psychological aspects of
      wisp of                                                             breaking free from            later life.
      stiffened                                                              its plastic collar
      thread, but –                                                            and shooting off        Professor Rajkumar was invited
      like a wasp                                                                out of reach,         as visiting professor to the Dept
      sting – it was                                                             deep into the         of Geriatrics in the University
      more solid,                                                                 recesses of          of Verona where apart from
      more chunky                                                                my friend’s           planning a joint research project
      than I’d been                                                              circulatory           he also gave a seminar on
      pretending                                                                   system,             arterial stiffness as
      to myself,                                                                   fetching up in      cardiovascular risk factor.
      and, also                                                                    her heart, or      • Dr Melanie Newport,
      like a sting,                                                                no, it would         Senior Lecturer Infection and
      you could                                                                    be her lungs,        International Health, has been
      actually                                                                     would it?            elected a Fellow of the Royal
      see the                                                                                           College of Physicians.
050705_BSMSnewsletter11            8/7/05      10:54 am        Page 7


      Arterial stiffness seminar
      Associate Professor James D. Cameron of La Trobe
      University and Departments of Vascular Medicine and
      Cardiology, Monash Medical Centre, Victoria, Australia
      dropped in at the school on 26 April on his way to
      presenting at an international conference organised by the
      Cardiovascular section of the British Geriatrics Society in
      Professor Rajkumar had collaborated previously with
      Professor Cameron in Australia and together they
      developed new techniques for measuring arterial stiffness
      in the brain. Consequently, this visit has helped to ensure
      that these techniques are now available at the new clinical
      research laboratories of the Royal Sussex County                                    Professor Cameron and Professor Rajkumar
                                                                                          Professor Cameron ended the day with an informal public
      We hope to enhance links with Monash University in                                  lecture where he presented his latest research findings on
      Melbourne with a view to facilitating student visits in the                         arterial stiffness as a new cardiovascular risk factor. The
      future, either to further their research careers or to provide                      seminar was attended by a number of clinicians from local
      a venue for their clinical electives.                                               hospitals as well as BSMS faculty.


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050705_BSMSnewsletter11    8/7/05   10:54 am    Page 8


      Welcome to:
                                                 clinical research at BSMS, which links     Paul Richardson
                                                 advances in the basic sciences to the      Research Administrator
                                                 study of the causes, treatment and
                                                 prevention of diseases in our patients.
      Professor Michael Levin                    The new medical school provides an
      RM Phillips Chair in                       exciting opportunity to contribute to
      Experimental Medicine                      clinical research and it has already
                                                 attracted some outstanding clinical
                                                 scientists. My initial aim will be to
                                                 establish a research programme in the
                                                 fields of paediatric infectious diseases
                                                 and international child health and to
                                                 support the development of the
                                                 research programme of the other new
                                                 appointees within BSMS.”
                                                 Dr Inam Haq
                                                 Senior Lecturer in
                                                 Rheumatology and Medical
      Professor Michael Levin took up the
      post of RM Phillips Chair in                                                          During his third year at Nottingham
      Experimental Medicine and Director                                                    Trent University, whilst studying for a
      of Research for BSMS in early May.                                                    degree in English and French, Paul
      Professor Levin comes to us from                                                      taught English as a foreign language.
      Imperial College, London where he                                                     This experience put him off teaching
      was Professor of Paediatrics and                                                      for life! However, happily for us, it did
      Consultant in Intensive Care and                                                      trigger an interest in the associated
      Infectious Diseases at St. Mary’s                                                     issues relevant to education and
      Hospital.                                                                             training.
      He received his medical training in                                                   Paul joined us in March 2005 as
      South Africa at the University of                                                     Research Administrator, providing
      Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and                                                       administrative support for the research
      underwent paediatric training in the                                                  activities of the School and our partner
      UK, working in London and Oxford.          Dr Haq joins the school fresh from the     NHS Trusts. Having previously worked
                                                 North Thames Specialist Registrar          as a Science Programme Officer at the
      Between 1978 and 1985 he worked
                                                 Training Programme in Rheumatology.        Wellcome Trust, processing
      at The Hospital for Sick Children,
                                                 He studied and did his SHO training at     applications for funding and working
      Great Ormond Street in paediatric
                                                 Guy's Hospital.                            closely with funding committees to
      nephrology and intensive care and
                                                                                            assess and award grants, Paul is well-
      completed his PhD.                         Inam joined BSMS in March 2005 as
                                                                                            qualified for the post. He also worked
                                                 a senior lecturer in medical education
      He was then awarded a Wellcome                                                        with GPs in the North West Thames
                                                 and rheumatology with a primary focus
      Lectureship in Infectious Diseases,                                                   Deanery to support education and
                                                 on developing the Year 5 curriculum as
      working at the MRC Infectious                                                         training in Primary Care.
                                                 well as looking at assessment
      Diseases unit in The Gambia, and the
                                                 strategies. He noted the energy            His initial tasks will include: the
      University of Colorado before taking
                                                 surrounding BSMS and listed this as        development of research databases
      up the post as Consultant in Infectious
                                                 a key attraction, “…the challenges of      and collation of research
      Diseases at Great Ormond Street,
                                                 the new school and opportunity to          documentation; supporting research
      which he held until being appointed to
                                                 work with other people passionate to       governance; servicing research
      the Chair of Paediatrics at Imperial
                                                 develop a centre of excellence in          meetings; administrative support for
      College in 1990.
                                                 medical training.” He added that the       CIRU (Clinical Investigation Research
      His research is focused on infectious      city of Brighton also played a key part,   Unit); and providing assistance with
      diseases and critical illness in           “…the great balance between the city       grant applications and Ethics
      childhood. His research group has          and countryside was something I could      Committee applications.
      worked in the pathophysiology,             not resist!”
                                                                                            He enjoys reading, swimming, cinema,
      immunology, genetics and treatment
                                                 Currently finishing his MD thesis          pubs and restaurants and was
      of meningococcal diseases. More
                                                 looking at Primary Care education in       extremely happy to be working for the
      recently he has worked on
                                                 rheumatology, Inam’s limited free time     school as he will be based just around
      tuberculosis, malaria and dengue in
                                                 is spent cooking (does a mean Thai         the corner from where he lives and the
      collaboration with colleagues in South
                                                 Mussaman curry!), cycling, reading,        role reinforces his interest in research.
      Africa, Kenya and Vietnam.
                                                 going to the cinema and looking after
      Professor Levin said, “I hope to           two Lakeland Terriers, Chevy and
      contribute to the development of           Jessica.
050705_BSMSnewsletter11     8/7/05    10:54 am     Page 9

      Victoria Paine                                She recently studied for a Masters in         will need to get used to having a little
      School Office Assistant                       Cultural and Critical Theory                  more free time and hope to savour
                                                    (continental philosophy) at SHACS             really simple things like walking by the
                                                    (University of Brighton), before which        sea over the summer.”
                                                    she was a full-time parent to two boys
                                                                                                  She has managed to fit in a few other
                                                    (Phineas, 9 and Ferdinand, 6).
                                                                                                  interests though; having obtained her
                                                    For Emily, one of the key attractions of      Advanced Diving certificate she enjoys
                                                    the post was the fact that she gets to        travelling to exotic locations and, when
                                                    become a member of both university            at home, dabbles with DIY.
                                                    libraries - allowing her to hide away
                                                    while her boyfriend does the
                                                    housework - which, she is quick to
                                                    point out, he is better at anyway.
                                                                                                     BSMS hosts
                                                    She publishes the Hollingdean News,
                                                    a monthly community newsletter and
                                                                                                     ecumenical service
      Vicky’s broad experience of university                                                         of thanksgiving
                                                    lists a number of other interests, “I love
      life has helped her to fit into the school
                                                    climbing mountains, though I have only           BSMS anatomists and students
      office seamlessly. Before her
                                                    climbed three so far, and one of them            represented London and South East
      appointment to BSMS in April she
                                                    looked just like a big hill. I am trying to      Medical Schools this year in giving
      worked at the University of Sussex
                                                    learn Capoeira (a kind of martial art            thanks to those who donated their
      library for three years in Subject
                                                    from Brazil) which is really hard but            bodies for use in medical education.
      Support. And before that, she was a
                                                    fantastic, and also love dancing, live
      student at the University doing English                                                        The Ecumenical Service of
                                                    music, philosophy and vegan cookery.”
      and Philosophy. She is currently                                                               Thanksgiving is a memorial that
      coming to an end of an MA in the              Carrie Llewellyn                                 takes place every year at Southwark
      History of Art. Obviously, all this           Research Fellow                                  cathedral.
      experience has helped her to hit the                                                           Although
      ground running when it comes to               Carrie joined
                                                    us in May and                                    primarily a
      answering student enquiries, “…you                                                             time for the
      could say that I'm quite at home on           will be running
                                                    a study in                                       families of
      campus! My new role is in the school                                                           the deceased
      office and I'm really enjoying working        collaboration
                                                    with BSUH                                        to remember
      with Clare and Wilf on a wide variety                                                          their loved
      of tasks, from collating SSC choices          NHS Trust
                                                    looking at                                       ones, the service also provides an
      and OSCE examiners to ordering the                                                             opportunity for anatomists and
      all-important stationery.”                    ‘Home testing
                                                    for sexually                                     medical school students to show
      In her spare time Vicky takes endless         transmitted                                      their respect and gratitude.
      creative writing classes and looks after      infections in asymptomatic men who               Professor Watt, Chair of Human
      her baby rabbit, Margot.                      have sex with men’.                              Anatomy, was keen to express her
      Emily Humphreys                               A chartered psychologist, Carrie                 thanks, saying, “All the Medical
      Divisional Assistant Emerton                  worked at the Institute of Psychiatry,           Schools are so very grateful to those
      Building                                      King's College London for three years            who donate their bodies thereby
                                                    where she started her PhD in Health              allowing the medical students in
                                                    Psychology, looking specifically at              training to learn clinically significant
                                                    head and neck cancers. Before this               and functional anatomy. Working in
                                                    she was a Fellow in the Department of            the anatomy suite not only teaches
                                                    Oral Medicine & Pathology at KCL.                students the anatomical knowledge
                                                    She is looking forward to working at             that will underpin their future
                                                    BSMS saying, “The role provides an               medical careers but also teaches
                                                    excellent opportunity to tie in public           them respect for the donors they
                                                    health research with a health                    are working with.”
                                                    psychology perspective.”                         In London and the South East all
                                                    Carrie had been commuting to London              donations are centralised through
                                                    from Brighton every day, so being                the London Anatomy Office.
                                                    based here (and with her PhD almost              Further information in relation to
                                                    finished) she is keen to start a new             donations can be received from the
      In her role as PA to Professor                lease of life. “I haven’t had time for           Donations Officer, Louise Evans
      Rajkumar and Professor Mike Peters,           hobbies lately – I’ve been too busy              (tel 0208-846-1216) who will
      Emily is based at the Royal Sussex            working! I can be a bit of a workaholic          sympathetically answer all queries
      County site and will soon be immersed         too and I would usually get home at              related to donations.
      in organising the imminent move into          around 10pm so there wasn’t much
      new offices in the Emerton building.          energy left for anything else. I think I
050705_BSMSnewsletter11        8/7/05     10:54 am      Page 10


      Professor Kevin Davies’                             Professor Ken Miles’ Lecture                         He illustrated how size is no longer the
      Lecture                                                                                                  only parameter to look at when
                                                          Prof Miles’ enlightening lecture showed
                                                                                                               determining and treating cancer and
      Over 100 guests tiptoed around                      how developments in imaging
                                                                                                               showed how CT scans and PET scans
      building work at Westlain House in                  techniques allow doctors to identify
                                                                                                               can be used together to consider the
      April to hear Prof Davies’ inaugural                and categorise tumours in more detail
                                                                                                               texture and biology of tumours.
      lecture. Professor Davies detailed his              than ever before possible.
      latest research on lupus (SLE)
      focussing specifically on defects in
      the clearance of antigen-antibody
      (‘immune’) complexes.
      If you missed the lecture and want
      more information on lupus, visit:

                                                          Professor Alasdair Smith, VC University of Sussex, Professor Jon Cohen, Dean BSMS,
                                                          Professor Ken Miles, Professor Sir David Watson, VC University of Brighton

                                                           Next inaugural lecture will take place at BSMS Teaching Building, University
                                                           of Sussex on 16 November 2005, featuring a presentation by Professor
                                                           Helen Smith, Chair of Primary Care. See our website nearer the time.

        Date for your diary...
                                                          SIREN Research Day
                                                          BSMS Division of Primary Care and
        Sir Crispin Tickell to present                    Public Health hosted The Surrey
        Annual Discourse                                  and Sussex Integrated Primary
                                                          Care Research Network (SIREN).
        2 November 2005                                   Over sixty people attended our
        Leading campaigner on                             annual research day on Thursday 9
                                                          June 2005, held in the tranquil
        environmental issues and                          setting of Denbies Wine Estate in
        ex-United Nations                                 Dorking.
        representative, Sir Crispin
                                                          Our guest speaker was the
        Tickell, has agreed to speak                      evidence-based medicine
        at our next annual discourse,                     researcher and writer,
        jointly organised with South                      Dr Trish Greenhalgh. Her theme was the integration of quality improvement,
        Downs Healthcare NHS Trust                        service delivery and education in 'the impact zone'. The remainder of the day was
        and the University of Sussex.                     filled with workshops, poster sessions and oral presentations on topics as diverse
                                                          as the relationships cancer patients have with their health care professionals,
        More details will be available
                                                          home-testing kits for sexually-transmitted infections and attitudes towards the
        soon - visit                       health benefits of 'probiotics' such as Yakult.
                                                          Participants particularly valued the interactive nature of the meeting and the
                                                          opportunity to comment on projects early in their development. Planning has
                                                          already started for next year's event.

       Editorial The BSMS newsletter is issued quarterly. If you have any comments or would like to amend your mailing details please contact Joan North,

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