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									Lake Thoreau Fishing Rules, Regulations, and Fees

1. Anglers must possess valid Mississippi Fishing License and follow all state
regulations. Please visit for current
Mississippi fishing regulations.

2. Lake usage fees are structured after official state permit fees:

       Daily Fishing/Boat Launching Permits:
       Youth Fishing Permit (under age 16)                     Free
       Fishing Permit (ages 16-64)                             $5.00
       Disabled/Senior Permit (ages 65 and older)              $3.00
       Boat Launching Permit (boats, canoes, kayaks)           $7.00
       Senior Boat Launching Permit                            $6.00

3. No gasoline-powered watercraft allowed in lake. Electric trolling motors are allowed.

4. Anglers/passengers may not exceed labeled weight capacities of their watercraft.

5. All watercraft must contain a floatation device for each passenger.

6. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed on the property.

7. No trotline or any other type of set hooks allowed.

8. Species specific restrictions:

       Minimum Fish Lengths and Daily Creel Limits
       Largemouth Bass         16”                 2 per day
       Crappie                 10”                 7 per day
       Bream (all species)     no minimum          15 per day

9. There shall be no more than 5 watercraft or 15 anglers using the lake at any given time.

10. No swimming or wading allowed.

11. Beware of biting insects, poisonous plants, and venomous snakes. Harming or killing
of venomous snakes is not allowed.

12. Access to the property only allowed during posted hours. See BSC website for
current posted hours:

13. The University of Southern Mississippi and its subsidiary units, including employees,
departments, centers and colleges, are not responsible for any damages, injuries or deaths
that occur during normal and approved use of the Lake Thoreau Center for
Environmental Education and Research.

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