Tips for your domestic cleaning by djsgjg0045


									Dust Dust comprises 80% of the trouble which you will have to deal with every time
you are doing your domestic cleaning. This is because people are always moving in
and out of the house and they carry a lot of dust in their legs. For areas which
experience high traffic, you can use walk off mats which are usually made of nylon or
olefin to protect your carpets. These are easy to shake off whenever they get full of
dust and that protects your carpet from having to be cleaned every time you are doing
your domestic cleaning. You should also make sure that your windows seal tightly so
as to block any dust from getting into the house. You could get a utility inspector to
inspect the availability of any cracks in your house for free.
  Odor You should always try to determine the source of any odor in the home before
embarking on its removal during your domestic cleaning. Heavy duty cleaners or
degreasers can help you to remove smoke from surfaces which can withstand washing.
With the help of a water soluble deodorizer, you would be able to deal with such
odors effectively during domestic cleaning. One part of isopropyl alcohol added to
five parts of window cleaner will deal with any oily films on the windows. During
your domestic cleaning, wet or dry clean upholsteries, carpets and draperies after
vacuuming them thoroughly. Water soluble deodorizers can be used to cut off any
smoke odor or any odors which may be making them to smell foul. Other than just
dealing with odors during domestic cleaning, you should always ensure that the house
is adequately aerated. Allow some sunshine into the house and put out anything you
suspect to be emitting the odor outside. Activated charcoal, vinegar or vanilla can also
be placed in small open dishes to help eat out any odors in the house which can not
wait until the next domestic cleaning.
  Floors Different floor types require different forms of domestic cleaning treatment.
For ceramic tiled floors, you will just need to mop them in small portions. Use clean
water with little soap which you should keep changing as the water clouds so as to
give the floors a shiny and glossy look by the end of the domestic cleaning. Wooden
floors also need to be moped regularly so as to prevent build up of dirt on them. Some
apple cider vinegar in a gallon of warm water makes a good domestic cleaning
solution. Take caution not to make the wood too wet by drying it portion by portion
and also do not leave them to get dry naturally.

 There are so many domestic cleaning tips which any house keeper can use to make
her job to be interesting and easy. If you take proper caution in the house, you will
never have any more reason to hate domestic cleaning chores.
know all necessary ways to handle any house cleaning.

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