Tips for Salary negotiation

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					Whenever any employer or a recruitment agency thinks of hiring a candidate, one of
the most difficult things they cater is salary negotiation. Now, one certainly do not
want to loose a potential candidate however, offering a huge salary at the very first go
might prove to be risky at times. So, what to do? An employer and the respective
manpower consultants should know the tactics of negotiating on the salary part from
the candidates. Before we move on to the tips of salary negotiation, being an
employer you need to understand the factors on which it depends: 鈥?Designation or
job level within your organization. 鈥?Skills and experience required for the job.
鈥?How versatile the aspiring candidate is. 鈥?Professional growth of the candidate.
鈥?Market value of the relevant job. 鈥?Salary range of that position in the market.
鈥?Expected salary of the candidates should match with their skills as per your
convenience. 鈥?Company specific rules and your HR practices. Besides, you should
consider that how urgent do you need to fill in that position. If the requirement is too
urgent, you can always give a chance to the potential candidate within a salary
package near to the expected one. If you want to take time and choose an expert
professional then you may go ahead with the negotiation. See, ultimately it is the
employees who work for you thus, no point making them dissatisfied. Now, that you
have understood the factors let us move on to the negotiation tips. 鈥?Negotiation is
not winning over someone. It is joining hands and coming to a satisfied mount from
the company's prospective and employee standards. Look at the expertise one needs to
have to fit in the particular vacant job. Ultimately it is about gaining something out of
the other party by offering your relevant services. So, understand this fact and move
accordingly. 鈥?Make a crosscheck or reference check of the candidate's previous
experience and job responsibility and how well the given job was executed from his
or her part. 鈥?Do give a certain hike to the potential candidate. However, if you feel
that the candidate needs to learn a lot then clarify this at the very first stage. 鈥?Be
frank with the candidate to know his or her lighter side. This makes the manpower
consultants understand their interpersonal skills and adaptability within the
organization. So, from next interview keep these tips of salary negotiation in mind
and gain max out of it.