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Tips for Caring for Elderly Seniors


									Here are some important tips for anyone with a Heart Condition: These tips could be
the difference in being able to keep you alive with the best and quickest care possible.
 The first tip is Keep a Copy of your medical history, medications, emergency
contacts. If you are experiencing an emergency, you may not be able to supply the
emergency technicians with the information they need. This list should have all
information that you feel necessary for the emergency team to know. Please include
any Allergies you have!
 Always keep extra medications on hand. You never know when there could be a
natural disaster or emergency so it is wise to keep these extra meds in a safe, easy
location to access in the event of disaster. Going without your medications could be
just as dangerous as the disaster itself. Keep atleast an extra weeks worth.
 Wear an emergency bracelet. If anything were to cause you to not be able to speak,
this bracelet will alert those that are assisting you know what could possibly be wrong
and how to help. This bracelet should not only state your illness, but also allergies!
 Make sure those around you the most often learn CPR Its very important for those
with you to know CPR to assist you in case of emergency. This easy to learn treatment
can be a lifesaver!
 Put 911 on your speed dial. In case of emergency, you may need the most simple
way to contact emergency services. Another great device is a personal alarm ( I had
reviewed these on this site a while back and you can use the link in the right hand
column to access companies that sell these devices) These are great especially if
someone can't always be with your loved one.
 The last tip that I feel is especially important is Always keep some of your heart
meds on you when you leave the house. Taking meds as early as you can during a
heart attack can save tissue which could otherwise be damaged if meds are not given
soon enough. Make sure to label them correctly so those around you will know which
to give in an emergency.
 Have a great day Caregivers!
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