Tips And Tricks Of Social Bookmarking by djsgjg0045


									Social bookmarking has become so popular these days that people are even offering
jobs on social bookmarking. Yes, It's true! Now-a-days, social bookmarking has
become a popular job amongst the online freelancers. But there are some tips and
tricks which people don't know about. It's really easy to do social bookmarking but if
you know the secrets of social bookmarking, it will be more easier for you to do
social bookmarking. It helps you to create back links for your website. There are some
popular websites for social bookmarking which are digg, StumbleUpon, delicious etc.
If you use these websites to do social bookmarking and follow these trips and tricks of
social bookmarking, you will get traffic for your site in no time.
  For social bookmarking, you can use social media sites like twitter or facebook.
When social bookmarking contents, try to add some friends before social
bookmarking. If you are social bookmarking something related to health or medical
issues then add some friends who are interested in such things. You will be able to get
them by searching on the sites. But do not try to add too friends as you might grab the
attention of the moderators which will result you to get banned.
  If you get a lot of follower, promoting contents via social bookmarking will become
easier for you. But you have to keep patience as it's not easy to get many followers in
a short time. You can try to use software to add friends and to do social bookmarking
but do not add too many friends in a short time as it will get your account banned and
it's not easy to get your account banned once you lose it with all the added friends.
  There are some social media sites which allow creating fan pages. You can use your
websites name to open it as it will help you to do social bookmarking. The more fan
you get the more your social bookmarking will be seen which will bring a lot of
traffic on your site. There are some sites which supports social bookmarking as many
links as you like. But doing to many social bookmarking might disturb your followers.
So try "social bookmarking" only to sharing useful and nice articles. When you get
too many fans or followers, your advertisers can even start paying you to advertise
their sites via your account to get traffic.
  And the most important tip is; do social bookmarking only for those articles which
grabs the attention of people easily. Therefore, you will get votes from people and it
will help you to get a powerful back link via social bookmarking site. If you are not
sure about giving proper title for your article or writing articles, you can share other
people's articles or references and share them via social bookmarking. If you target to
get to the front page, you have to receive a lot of votes. And once you get to the front
page, you will get a lot of traffic in a really short time! Keep these tips in your mind
when doing social bookmarking and see the result by yourself!
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